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Types of Footwear Displays, Stands & Organizers

Footwear display represents a highly valuable and useful manner of displaying all kind of items of footwear. Footwear displays offer a wide range of variety when it comes to the storing, organizing and presenting all your shoes to your clients. There are multiple types of display, from stands to hangers and risers, and even shelves as well. Furthermore, there are also mannequin feet which are a completely indispensable and highly popular method of displaying your […]

How to Maximize Space in Your Jewelry Store

The way in which jewelry is showcased in your store is sometimes as important, if not as important as the jewelry you are selling itself. Placement and lighting are crucial for any retailer that is trying to make the best out of its business potential. Well displayed jewelry can surely make the difference between brisk merchandise sales and not making the sales targets you had hoped for.

However, some retailers have a limited space storage — […]

300+ Jewelry Display Ideas

We’ve handpicked over 300 jewelry display ideas, from display ideas for all sorts of trinkets and handmade jewelry to higher-end display techniques used in stores. We’ve also focused on finding more creative & interesting display solutions and products, from holders, organizers and stands to display cases & complete display sets.

Combining Contemporary Art & Visual Merchandising

The connections that art has with the entire process of visually displaying merchandise are enormous. The way in which we set our store layout in order to optimize the shopping experience has a lot to do with creativeness and authenticity, some of the best strategies that everyone can apply, no matter if they have a big or a small store, no matter the budget.

Visual merchandising is the best way to promote our products even by ourselves, […]

100+ Creative Summer Window Displays

Nowadays it’s very hard to attract attention in the retail world. To bring more traffic and potential customers, you should have creative ideas for your window display designs for all seasons and holidays throughout the year. People love to be astonished by creative imagery & concepts and they will certainly not forget an unexpected but delightful experience.

Bring summer into your store with beautiful and creative summer window displays and express the colorful life this season can bring.

We’ve […]

The Best Signage & Sign Types For Your Store

One of the crucial decisions that retail store owners need to decide on is the appropriate store signage. The primary goal of any enterprise in this industry is to attract the maximum number of customers on any given day. Retail signs must be catchy since these must drive foot traffic inside the establishment. Design, shape and form should capture the eye.

In a very competitive marketplace, business proprietors must be innovative and come up with the […]

Jewelry Display Lighting Best Practices

Every jewelry retailer knows the importance of lighting when showcasing his products. They know that different kinds of lights can affect customers in such a way as to convince them to either buy your product or not. The importance of light lies in the way it enhances a jewel. Jewelry display lighting requires flawless luminance that will accent both the cut of the gemstone and its color.

What is the most common sentence used in a […]

100+ Jewelry Window Displays – Ideas & Designs

We know just how hard creating eye-catching jewelry window displays can be, but the truth is that most jewelry stores rely a lot on foot traffic and capturing passersby’s attention is absolutely vital to your store’s success. Besides that, jewelry window display design is rivaled only by apparel window display design when it comes to creativity and aesthetics.

Fortuntely, we’ve gathered over 100 surprisingly beautiful jewelry window display ideas & designs from around the world, so […]

Achieving Visual Merchandising Harmony & Rhythm For Effective Displays & Window Displays

Nowadays, retailers invest a lot in promoting their products and this is caused primarily by the free market, whose simple existence led to an increase of the importance of strategies that are meant to direct the attention towards the entire imagery that surrounds a product, rather than towards the product as a random item. An article is no longer seen as something that people consume, sometimes it functions as a piece that renders a certain […]

100+ Creative Jewelry Display Props

Creating amazing jewelry window displays or creative display case arrangements and layouts can be a daunting task, but the right jewelry display props can make your life so much easier. It’s really frustrating when you want to apply storytelling concepts to display and present a specific collection for example and you just can’t figure out what props might fit.