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Mistakes To Avoid When Displaying & Merchandising Jewelry

One of the most aesthetically pleasing things a jewelry shop has to offer the eyes of a curious customer is the jewelry display. By far, the most attractive elements of a jewelry shop are the exhibited items that lure and fascinate with either intricateness or simplicity. In any kind of shop, displays have the role of capturing the shopper’s eye and directing their attention to what the producer is looking to advertise most. In addition […]

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The Best Signage & Sign Types For Your Store

One of the crucial decisions that retail store owners need to decide on is the appropriate store signage. The primary goal of any enterprise in this industry is to attract the maximum number of customers on any given day. Retail signs must be catchy since these must drive foot traffic inside the establishment. Design, shape and form should capture the eye.

In a very competitive marketplace, business proprietors must be innovative and come up with the […]

How To Choose Paint Colors For A Livelier Store Design

In order to be successful and profitable, a retail store needs to think about a variety of details, for instance: the location, the furniture, the ornaments, the employees and so on. But one of the most important things that must be taken into consideration is the paint color. This substance, that can be made or bought in many colors, has considerable effects upon any kind of business (whether it is a boutique, a department store, […]

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100+ Creative Jewelry Storefront Designs

What’s the #1 factor that drives traffic to your store? A creative window display? Close, but not exactly…storefront design is usually the key towards attracting as much attention as possible and if that first impression is just not right, you’re going to have a really hard time persuading people to come in.


100+ Beautiful Jewelry Store Designs

Some jewelry stores feel like truly magical places and it boggles the mind how much time, money and attention is usually spent to create something even remotely as fascinating as one of the store designs in the gallery below. But, nonetheless, from time to time truly unique jewelry store designs can be found while searching for that special jewelry item. We’re talking about the types of jewelry stores that actually leave you with the impression […]

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Store Displays Around The World: USA vs. Asia vs. Europe

While researching visual merchandising best practices and gathering ideas for creative window displays, we realized that there are very little resources that would help us pinpoint the differences when it comes to visual merchandising in different continents, not to mention countries. So we set out to gather as many examples from around that world and after a grueling search, we’ve come up with some surprising conclusions, listed below. We’re also going to link over 10 […]

Creative Store Design – Fluorescent Magenta for an Innovative Launch

Millington Associates and Nike continued their fruitful collaboration. For the launch of Nike’s Air Zoom Show in 2015, fluorescent magenta was the main theme. Inside the Niketown London store, large windows, bright colors, technology and cracked 3D letter bent to offer the consumer a visual delight.

Fluorescent Magenta Display Window Design - Millington Associates Nike Store Design

Visual merchandising is one of the most important […]

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