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Mistakes To Avoid When Displaying & Merchandising Jewelry

One of the most aesthetically pleasing things a jewelry shop has to offer the eyes of a curious customer is the jewelry display. By far, the most attractive elements of a jewelry shop are the exhibited items that lure and fascinate with either intricateness or simplicity. In any kind of shop, displays have the role of capturing the shopper’s eye and directing their attention to what the producer is looking to advertise most. In addition […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry Box

Nowadays, one of the most common questions we hear everywhere is why is jewelry so precious to us? Why do we cherish so much small pieces of jewelry and why are we willing to pay a large percentage of our monthly income just to buy something that can easily be considered a simple accessory? Truth be told, every one of us (especially the millennials) has thought about this at least once in their lifetime – […]

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Using Jewelry Packaging to Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience

Packaging is an essential detail when talking about the marketing plan of every shop, regardless of what they are selling. Besides the product itself, we have to take into consideration the more basic aspect of putting a product on the market such as the presentation, or the looks of the product that later will provide the reputation of the brand. The customer’s first superficial impression of the product may be a crucial point in the […]

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25 Creative & Beautiful Jewelry Pouches

Jewelry is something special, especially for women, but no stranger to men either, right from birth: we receive traditional jewelry or an expensive gift when we are born, then we go into childhood sporting beaded bracelets full of lucky charms, we find what we think is going to be forever our signature piece of jewelry when we are teenagers, afterwards we proceed into discovering what we actually really enjoy wearing in our adult years and […]

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25 Creative & Beautiful Watch Displays

Some of us might still wonder: why do some people still wear watches in this era of smartphones and technology? There is a variety of reasons for still including a watch in our daily outfit.  First of all, watches are truly convenient and  reliable – truth be told, it is easier to check out the watch from your wrist than trying to find you phone in your purse or in your pockets and  unlock it […]

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25 Impressive DIY Jewelry Storage & Display Ideas

There is one particular feeling we all cannot help but experience whenever we make something with our own bare hands. It may be writing a poem for a friend or drawing something lovely as a handmade and heartfelt gift for your mother’s birthday. It may even be the first time you give cooking a try and end up puking after finishing one full plate of your own failed pasta that you, a human […]

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25 Beautiful & Creative Ring Cases & Boxes

We give and receive necklaces or bracelets or even sets of those last mentioned along with a fancy pair of earrings at any given occasion, but when it comes to special occasions, rings are what steals the show – be it an engagement ring, a promise ring or a lovely gift from your parents when you turn eighteen.

Despite the ring being the important element of the gift and what truly remains with the person you […]

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30 Beautiful Vintage, Antique & Faberge Style Jewelry Boxes

When you think about jewels your mind automatically associates the concept with the exquisitely garnished recipients in which they are kept: the jewelry boxes. You might believe they were an exclusive piece designed only for queens and princesses or nobles who found their use into storing their valuable belongings, but, throughout history, they became a must to any respectable middle-class lady. This happened due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution, when it entered the […]

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Types of Jewelry Storage Solutions

Jewelry storage products provide a beautiful and smart manner of storing entire collections of jewelry. They offer a wide range of jewelry storage, from smaller items of jewelry to much larger jewelry pieces. They are meant to securely store all kinds of items of jewelry in a beautiful and elegant way. Jewelry storage items come in various sizes, patterns, shapes; they feature gorgeous and intricate designs and some of them are also created by hand.

They […]

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Styles & Types of Jewelry Organizers

You are running to and fro around the house. Your room is a frightful mess after hours of trying hundreds of outfit combinations. You are already half an hour late to your meet-up, but you need to add the finishing touches to your look, of course. The jewelry pieces. But they are probably lost somewhere between that huge pile of clothes and the closet full of unpaired shoes. Does […]

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