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How Retail Digital Signage Helps Attract Customers

Digital signage in retail is fast becoming popular. This is welcome news for small and medium store owners who find it hard to compete with big establishments in marketing and merchandising. Cost-effective digital signs can help them in catching the attention of prospective shoppers, drive traffic to their shops and ultimately increase sales.

It is easier to attract customers through digital signage. There are numerous options to choose from.

Reasons to Opt for Digital Signage

Digital Signage in […]

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Smart Mirrors And Their Potential As Customer Facing Retail Technology

We keep bumping into all kinds of interesting display technologies, both interactive and non-interactive and one very promising piece of technology is the newly hyped “smart mirror” – I’ve yet to play with smart mirrors in an actual store and I bet you haven’t either.

I have to start out with a clarification though, because it seems that these days anything that can display the weather or notifications is called “smart”. So, we’re not talking about these cute

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A Deep Dive Into Retail Technology – Future Stores [Series]

Hey there. I’m George Blitzer, the guy running Zen Merchandiser. This article is just an intro to our first series that will be focused on retail technology – trends, software, hardware and practical guides to get your operation up to date. So, if you’re looking for something actionable right now, you came to the wrong article. Check our blog for updates.

You’ve probably been around the site by now and you might be a bit intrigued […]

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