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The 15 Best Fiberglass Mannequins

When you have a clothing store, you want to do anything you can in order to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Customers are attracted to visual things first of all. Therefore, you need to choose some of the most beautiful and fashionable clothes and display them in your store, in a nice manner that grabs the attention. For this, you need to use various mannequins. When you choose the mannequins for your […]

The 15 Best Plastic Mannequins

Abstract or realistic, full body or torso, you need to use mannequins to display garments in your store. Mannequins are a great method to use to attract customers to specific pieces of clothing and accessories that you sell. They allow the customers to see how a certain garment looks when worn and this is what usually sells various products. As you probably know, there are plenty of models that differ depending on the material they […]

The 15 Best Iron & Metal Wire Mannequins

Every store has some mannequins for displaying various clothes and accessories. However, most of them use those classic mannequins that resemble a human body. But if you want to be different in the eyes of your potential or existing customers, then you need to dare to appear differently in front of them. This means you need to try to show off your merchandise in a very different and innovative manner. All you need to do […]

The 15 Best Silicone Mannequins

When you sell various accessories, such as jewelry, wigs and even makeup products, you need to attract customers in a unique way. To do this, you need to display your merchandise in a fashionable and appealing manner that grabs the attention of everyone who goes next to your store or visits it. For displaying such items, you need special mannequins that are specially created for the type of merchandise you sell. For example, if you […]

The 15 Best Fabric Mannequins

Choosing the mannequins for your store isn’t an easy thing to do, as there are plenty of different options available. Before choosing a mannequin, it is essential to choose the type, as mannequins are available in various types and materials. So you need to think about what you want to achieve, what impression you want to create for your customers. If you want your customers to feel great, as if they were in a unique […]

The 15 Best Pink Mannequins

Displaying clothing on mannequins is a good method for grabbing the attention of your customers. However, people are already used to seeing the same dull mannequins all over, in every store they visit. So you could try something different, in order to attract the visitors and turn them into customers. For this, you need to use pink mannequins. Not only will they give a wonderful appeal to the clothing you want to expose, but will […]

The 15 Best Silver Mannequins

When you want to impress customers, you need to find an innovative way to display clothing in your store. With the silver mannequins, you can give a fantastic touch to every single piece of clothing that you want to showcase. They look amazing and due to their color, they grab the attention of all the people who get into your store. To come in your help, we have gathered a nice selection of some of […]

The 15 Best Chrome Mannequins

If you want to give an elegant appeal to your clothing store and to attract the attention with a fashionable display, then you need to use chrome mannequins. They are ready to enhance the appearance of any store and any clothing, through the amazing look of the chrome finish they have. These chrome mannequins are available in various colors and styles, in female and male options alike. They are great for displaying clothing and accessories […]

The 15 Best Gold Mannequins

Most of the clothing stores use mannequins for displaying the clothes that they want to sell or to show off. However, most of them use classic, regular mannequins that don’t bring anything different into the store and into the way the clothes are presented to visitors. So if you want to be different and to impress everyone with the amazing way you display your garments, then you need to use gold mannequins. As you can […]

The 15 Best White Mannequins

If you have a clothing store, then you need to display some of the most beautiful and appealing garments in your store, in order to grab the attention of your potential customers. To display the clothes in a really nice manner, you need to use mannequins. Of course, you know there are plenty of mannequin types available on the market, from the most realistic ones to the most abstract ones. But if you want the […]