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Styles & Types of Jewelry Holders

Holders are one of the absolute must-have pieces if you are a jewelry lover but even if you own only a pair of earrings and two necklaces, they are certainly helpful. First of all, a holder keeps your pieces untangled and nicely arranged so you don’t lose anything and maintain them properly. Other than for practical reasons, you can totally use holders for their visual appearance only, as they come in various shapes and sizes. There is […]

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Types of Jewelry Display Sets

A jewelry display set is the best way to show (off) a collection – whether we are talking about precious and valuable items or just about something much simpler and more accessible (talking about the price), if chosen correctly, the right display set will do a perfect job.

One of the great things about a set is that it will offer a multitude of pieces, such as ring, pendant and necklace displays, earring trees, pillows and […]

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Types of Watch Displays & Watch Holders

It is amazing how the human mind has created so many beautiful and creative ways to present jewelry and watches and how much attention people have attributed to something that to some of us, might not seem really valuable. These decorative items are more than just an object – people like wearing watches and other pieces of jewelry for a variety of psychological and emotional reasons.

But what is more, before buying a watch, we first […]

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The Definitive Retail Signs & Signage Guide

Continuing our exploration of the 5 Senses of Retail, we now dive deeper into the visual side of things and focus on retail signs & signage and their impact on consumers and your store’s bottom line.  We’re going to explore best practices, tactics, signs & signage placements and specific point of purchase optimization techniques so that you can get straight to improvising your visual merchandising strategy immediately after reading these resources.

The Impact […]

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Types Of Jewelry Display Stands

Nowadays, a jewelry display stand can be easily considered a work of art. The possibilities are infinite – we have all the materials we can think of to create whatever we have in mind, all we need is time. However, some displays are that good we see them every day in stores – they are ubiquitous because of the advantages they bring to everybody and upon the world, but they are the most important to […]

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5 Tips For Better Retail Signage & Signs

In retail business, it is said that one of the greatest sins one can commit is not using signage for their store, or not use it up to its potential. Signage is great because of several reasons: signs are basically the salespeople that you don’t have to pay at the end of the month, they improve the functionality of your store and they can attract new faces and increase the popularity of your personal brand. […]

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Seasonal Retail Signage Improves Holiday Shopping & Sales

Our main goal is to reach to as many clients as possible and, besides the products that are sold which should always be high quality, we have to use different tricks to stay above our competition. Because of the fact that there are so many retailers out there covering such a great variety of merchandise, it is really difficult to be 100% original when it comes to our products, but no worries, I will give […]

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Strive To Learn The Best Practices In Retail Signage Design

Retail advertising is no longer a brick and mortar approach with the advent of sophisticated marketing technology. Even then, the value of traditional advertising strategies has not diminished completely. For instance, store signs are still essential to retail corporations as well as start-up entrepreneurs. This only shows the retail signage remains a powerful advertising medium despite the emergence of more innovative concepts and tools.

Quality and Simplicity

The key […]

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The Best Signage Content & Wording For Your Store

You are finally here. After tremendous efforts, money invested, time and energy consumed you are now adding the finishing touches to your business. You have the products, the location and the name but what lacks your store is the image, the brand that you want to promote and attract clients with. And how you can do that? Well, you cannot just stand at the entrance and yell at random people to visit your shop, right? […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Signs For Your Retail Business

The design of a retail store isn`t restricted to its colour pattern or its way of organising products on the shelf; one of the most useful and most recommended strategies every retailer should apply to their store is retail signage, which not only has benefits manifold, especially when it comes to communicating with the clients, but it also shapes and fuels the core, the heart of every running business. Here are 6 extremely good reasons […]

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