A Short & Simple Story

Zen Merchandiser was born out of our desire to create something useful for and inspiring for all store owners.

We started working on the concept in December 2015 and as soon as we started drawing wireframes, we realized it’s going to be a challenging undertaking. Having worked on quite a few projects relating to fixtures, display cases, mannequins, dress forms and constantly being in contact with hundreds of big and small store owners, we knew what pain points we want to address with this project.

Widget by widget, page by page, gallery by gallery, we ended up creating something much larger in scope than we initially set our minds to, but it has become a project we are now more than proud of. And we know there’s so much more to do. The Inspiration Nexus, the Retail Technology Blog, the Visual Merchandising Blog…they’re all on-going projects that require our dedication and focus, but they will surely be of use to you.

The Future of Zen

The community. We want to grow beyond an “aggregator” of merchandising solutions, products, recommendations and inspiration sources. We want to build a vibrant community that can contribute valuable knowledge and help its members.

All in due time. With your support, we will get there.

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