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The Best Jewelry Organizers

When it comes to jewelry organizers, your choices in terms of style, type, shape and size are nearly unlimited! Jewelry organizers are some of the most useful jewelry fixtures since they act in three ways: depending on their design, they can complement window displays and display cases, they can store more jewelry items than other displays and, obviously, they help organize jewelry based on whatever criteria you choose.

With over 20 types of jewelry organizers at […]

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The Best Jewelry Displays

The breadth of jewelry display fixtures is absolutely stunning. With almost a hundred styles & types of jewelry boxes, for example, or tens of styles of jewelry holders & risers, it’s hard to decide what and what not to use when create jewelry displays or when you’re outfitting a new jewelry store. While you can guide yourself with visual merchandising best practices and techniques, it’s still challenging to mix and match the various types of […]

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What Christmas Music to Play in Store Depending on Your Type of Business

Everybody knows that music changes our mood and it can make us go through a whole spectrum of feelings without anything outside the song triggering it. An Adele song can make you miss your cheating ex even though you’ve never had a boyfriend and Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ will make you feel, well, happy, all in a matter of minutes.

It’s amazing how much music can influence us both on an emotional and physical level. Some […]

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Music in Your Store


It is said that music is the universal language of mankind. The most subliminal and subtle I might say. We are constantly surrounded by it in various forms and no one can deny its power of conveying a message. It soothes us in times of pain, it stimulates our senses and pierces so deeply that reaches to the bottoms of our hearts. But, we neglect the […]

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Top Most Played Songs in Retail Stores

Music is certainly a very, very important element in your overall store’s atmosphere; you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again, it’s not rocket science. But I will still mention something in this article, and I hope you are aware of it, but if you’re not, listen: no potential customer is under obligation of becoming a customer of yours – meaning that no one has to stay in your store if they don’t […]

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The 15 Best Tall Mannequins

Whether you sell clothing for tall people or you just want the clothing you display to look amazing, you can use some tall mannequins. As you probably know, mannequins come in a variety of styles, from short to regular and tall, from white to black, female, male, teen, and child, and the list can go on. So if you want your clothes to look fabulous when you showcase them in your store or storefront window, […]

The Best Jewelry Mannequins

Jewelry mannequins are one of the more unusual and original ways of organizing and displaying your jewelry. Either as centerpieces of window display designs, subtle additions to your visual merchandising strategy or just decorative items that double as jewelry organizers in your home, these mannequins are a great choice and we’ve spent the time to find the absolute best jewelry display mannequins you can buy online.

While there are over 50 types of […]

The 15 Best Bedroom Mannequins

If you want to add a special touch to your bedroom and have an impressive method for displaying clothes and accessories, you need to use a bedroom/decorative mannequin. Bedroom or decorative mannequins are created to give a fascinating look to the environment, to your room, bedroom, studio or even store. They allow you to display clothing and accessories on them while giving a fashionable look to the place.

In comparison to other mannequins, which feature quite […]

The 15 Best Female Mannequins

This impressive collection of female mannequin is made out of the most elegant, attractive and finely designed mannequins, especially for your eyes! We have gathered the most fashionable and efficient mannequins in order to allow you to display and arrange various items of jewelry, accessories and so on, in a more efficient and beautiful manner! They come in several body types for a wider range and they are variously colored as well. They all feature […]

The 15 Best Crystal Ring Holders

A truly beautiful and elegant gallery of crystal ring holders, this compilation contains 15 of the most impressive and outstandingly beautiful crystal ring holders and you are welcomed to take a look and pick your favorites!

You can always check the Zen store for many more types of jewelry holders or go straight to our crystal ring holders category in the store if you’re not in the mood for scrolling through our recommendations.

The Best Crystal Ring […]