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25 Beautiful Stud Earring Holders

Earring holders for studs refer to the wide range of jewelry organizers aimed at displaying pairs of earrings and ear studs. They generally consist of beautifully crafted boards or jewelry boxes that are specially designed in order to better organize and display your collection of ear studs and earrings.

They come in plenty of shapes and designs, some of them featuring gorgeous and unique looks that will only enhance the beauty of your products! These holders […]

25 Beautiful Bangle Holders

Gorgeously crafted and featuring authentic and unique designs, bangle holders are a truly wonderful and beautiful manner of jewelry display. They are generally manually designed and they come in all shapes, colors and styles. They are highly attractive and they provide an efficient, space-saving and professional display to all sorts of jewelry, especially bracelets, watches, necklaces and any other similar jewelry.

Their bright colors make them even more striking and outstanding and they will surely exhibit […]

25 Beautiful Elephant Ring Holders

We’ve spent countless hours trying to find the most beautiful elephant ring holders you can buy online and we’ve organized them in a neat gallery with all the references you need so you can pick what’s best, based on your needs, budget & preferences. Ring holders are useful for any home and store and in this particular case, we’re looking only at elephant shaped ones. Creative and cute, these should suffice for your ring display, […]

The 50+ Styles & Types of Mannequins

Mannequins are one of the most diverse and varied manner of product display; they can be found in a myriad of styles, poses, designs, colors and so on and so forth. They vary from fancy and chic display mannequins to mannequins intended for scholar and professional purposes. They come in a wide range of body types and skin colors in order to create as much representation as possible. They can be stylish, fashionable and they […]

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100+ Valentine’s Day Window Display, Ideas & Designs

Let’s add a bit of love and glamour to our collections of amazing window displays and explore 100+ Valentine’s Day window display ideas & designs found around the world. We spent the time to get you the best ones in terms of execution, creativity and originality (well, as much as you can still be original when it comes to Valentine’s Day).

If you’re already thinking about what you’re going to create in terms of window displays […]

100+ New Year’s Eve Window Displays, Ideas & Designs

New Year’s Eve is yet another great opportunity to push your products into the spotlight and come up with creative merchandising and window display designs. From playing with themes such as celebration, new beginnings and  to more pop-culture influenced themes, this is a great opportunity to come up (or get inspired by) with creative New Year’s Eve window display ideas.

We’ve gathered more than 100 of the best New Year’s Eve window display designs and storefront […]

100+ Christmas Window Displays, Ideas & Designs

With Christmas just around the corner, we figured it’s time to bring you 100 of the most creative & beautiful Christmas window displays, ideas & designs we’ve found online. From jewelry & gift stores to apparel & accessories stores, you’re sure to find inspiration for your next window display design.

Scroll down to discover what we’ve considered to be the most creative window display ideas for this holiday shopping season and you’ll find something you can […]

The Right Type of Music Based on Types of Customers

Being a retail owner is synonym with having a lot of responsibilities and all that jazz in your hands to handle and the attention to detail is imperious. And I bet the last thing that pops into your head would be “Hmm, how today’s playlist should sound like?” Well, you should think this through, as music is one vital factor that contributes to the success of your business. But worry not, my fellow friend, because […]

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5 Music Tricks to Make Customers Buy

To begin with, I would like you to focus on your inner client for a minute and forget about your job as a retailer. Now, for those who have the common pastime of strolling around shops at the mall and checking out even the tiny hand-made jewelry boutiques, without ever actually buying more than an inexpensive item – for those of you (and you know exactly who you are!), I have one simple question: are […]

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6 Holiday Music Tricks Retailers Use

When the holidays are approaching, getting away from Christmas and winter-themed music can seem impossible, and rightfully so: holiday music is everywhere, from the most crowded buses and trains to the most pretentious office buildings. And, of course, in most stores and restaurants. This happens completely by design. Clever retailers know how to make good use of the holiday season to their advantage, and music proves itself to be a very handy tool in this […]

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