The breadth of jewelry display fixtures is absolutely stunning. With almost a hundred styles & types of jewelry boxes, for example, or tens of styles of jewelry holders & risers, it’s hard to decide what and what not to use when create jewelry displays or when you’re outfitting a new jewelry store. While you can guide yourself with visual merchandising best practices and techniques, it’s still challenging to mix and match the various types of displays, choose the right placement and emphasize the right jewelry items.

From jewelry holders & risers to jewelry display cases, we’ll go through all the best display fixtures for each one of them and we’ll also dive into jewelry-specific selections (rings, necklaces, bracelets and more) so you can outfit your store with the right tools for success.

You can also scroll further to discover extremely useful resources, such as our Jewelry Visual Merchandising Guide, literally thousands of jewelry merchandising & display ideas, jewelry store & window display ideas and much more, in our Retail Design Blog, the Jewelry Merchandising section.

But, for now, let’s discover the best jewelry displays:

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The Best Jewelry Display Fixtures
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Choosing The Right Jewelry Display

How To Display Jewelry Effectively

If you’re still unsure what style or type of jewelry holder is best for you, we invite you to dive into our guide on jewelry holders which cover all the styles, types, materials & form factors of jewelry holders you can use to display, store or organize your jewelry.

The standard jewelry holders might not be the best fit for your jewelry display & storage needs, so you might find some other types of jewelry displays that are a better choice in our in-depth guide on the styles & types of jewelry displays.

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We're constantly looking for more creative jewelry display ideas, jewelry display fixtures and adding more jewelry displays to our store so you can make the most out of your precious items. Be sure to checkout our other website sections dedicated to jewelry merchandising:

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