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Modern Store Fixtures

Innovative Product Display Solutions

Discover modern & innovative store fixtures you can use to showcase your products and offer your customers the best possible in-store experience. We’ve spent thousands of hours curating the best display solutions for jewelry, clothing, accessories, beauty & make up stores etc, so you can create the store design & experience you’ve been dreaming of.

You can also explore our website for hundreds of store design ideas, window display ideas and product merchandising techniques you can replicate to maximize sales and direct customers to the products you want sold.

Store Fixtures

Discover the store fixtures you need to turn your merchandising plan into a profitable strategy.

Display Cases
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You can scroll further for specialty displays that are focused on product types, such as jewelry displays, accessory displays etc. You’ll find all the display solutions you need to effectively merchandise jewelry, accessories, clothing, beauty & makeup products and more, all neatly organised to save you time.

Specialty Store Displays

Look further than the standard store fixtures such as display cases and shelving and discover specialized product display solutions custom tailored to emphasize your products’ qualities and design. We’ve invested a lot of effort in finding all sorts of creative product display solutions (some of which you might not have considered until now), so you can make the most out of your store’s space.

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The Art of Display

It’s our mission to help you find inspiration for your next retail project, be it a new store design, a creative window display or new, effective product-centered display. Whenever possible, we also curate various props and display solutions that make merchandising easier and more effective. Be sure to explore our Best Displays series as well as our Design Galleries to find the best display ideas and fixtures to match.

Store Design Ideas
Window Display Ideas
Product Display Ideas

Jewelry Merchandising Ideas

Displaying and merchandising jewelry can sometimes seem like a such a daunting task, since you’re working with thousands of dollars in merchandise and it can easily feel like the resulting display somehow “cheapens” the look of your jewelry. Luckily, we have you covered with hundreds of ideas on how to display, organize and merchandise your jewelry.

Zen Blogs & Resources

Coming soon: we’re working on three awesome eBooks to help you grow your store – The Modern Marketer’s Toolkit, 100 Visual Merchandising Best Practices & 100 Ways to Increase Your Store’s Sales. In the meantime, feel free to browse our blog for display recommendations, best practices and design inspiration.

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