Clothing stores

#1. AIGLE flagship store (Paris)

Designed to look like a home, organized accordingly: wood flooring, vintage wallpaper, a fireplace, a greenhouse and even a stove. It provides a familiar experience for their customers.

#2. Joyce boutique (Shanghai)

It’s a luxury retail store with a very special, high-end and artistic layout.  The high-quality of the store is rendered inside not only through the products, but also by the existence of a window gallery where new and talented artists have the chance to showcase their works.

Along with exclusive collections, the store organizes from time to time important exhibitions and other artistic events. The combination of art and retail renders a sophisticated atmosphere which increases the prestige of the entire store.

#3. Chloé boutique (Soho, New York)

Chloé boutique impresses through the cozy atmosphere, feminine and Parisian decor. The combination of antique and modern, the store layout and architecture turn this store into a fashionable place for an exquisite shopping experience.

#4. Liu Jo Grand Boutique (Milan)

This store comes with an intriguing and luxurious layout, yet it keeps everything simple and ergonomic. It is a relaxing place for customers, due to armchairs and the soft carpeted flooring that render a home-like feeling. At the same time, the modern high-tech equipment and design provide an appealing atmosphere.

#5. Pepe Jeans London store (Rome)

Another surprising concept store comes from Pepe Jeans, the well-known clothes and accessories retailer. This store impresses through a strong contrast between old and new. The unusual design made up of stone walls, with casual accent details and antiquities creates an interesting contrast with the modern and contemporary clothes displayed.

#6. Folk clothing store (London)

This store comes with an interesting personality, setting mood according to its vision and the products it sells.
The combination of white and wood, and the simple layout of the shelves and of the displaying products renders a warm and inviting atmosphere, in complete harmony to its specifications. Vintage products have here a proper distribution inside a store that enhances their potential.

#7. Tommy Bahama flagship store (New York)

This an impressive store, covering around 13000 square meters and three levels. The presence of a restaurant inside was aimed at providing the best shopping experience any customers seek for. The layout is set to remember a tropical paradise, among the props customers being able to see palm trees or seashell sculptures.

The idea behind it is to create a very appealing shopping experience by approaching the illusion of a tropical paradise, the prototype scenario for the best holidays.

#8. Nudie Jeans concept store (Brisbane)

This is one of the three Nudie Jeans stores that exist in Australia, centered on what we call a concept store, for its intention to reflect the company’s interest in a sustainable environment.

This interest is to be seen in the amount of botanic and organic combination of displays and assemblies. The interiors are made up of white tiled walls, recycled wooden floors, all of these combined with large windows.

Shoes stores

#9. Red Wing Shoes (Amsterdam)

Red Wings was founded at the beginning of the 18th century and it is a store that centers its interest on the tradition of making of shoes, an idea that is brought back from time and showcased inside the store. The shoes are displayed on steel and antique glass showcases filled with coal.

The concrete walls are decorated with workman’s tools that date back to the beginnings of the company. The connection with history is created by an old Amish water tower and other accessories that are also displayed. This is the company’s way of providing originality, by making use of historical landmarks.

#10. Red Wing shoes (Berlin)

The Berlin branch of Red Wings also features historical displays inside the store, dating back at the beginnings of the company. The simple interiors are closely related to tradition, due to the use of antique furniture and original features that provide an appealing decor.

#11. 14 oz. shoe store (Berlin)

This store comes with a simple, yet effective environment in which shoes are displayed. The interiors render a traditional look, by using brick walls showcases made up of wood and brick. The simplicity and the vintage atmosphere is the way in which this store perceives the experience of shopping, providing an original layout for its customers.

#12. De Splenter Shoes (The Netherlands)

This store, unlike the others so far, has a modern layout, with features of minimalism. The white walls and shelves, and the entire monochromatic interiors through which the company wants to attract customers reflect the contemporary direction in retail that of making use of the principles of contemporary art in terms of design.

Home accessories

#13. Hendy’s Home Store (Hastings)

This store portrays a mixture of old and new, rendering also a theatrical atmosphere through the use of many props and fixtures to enhance the visibility of the products inside.

The store aims at providing the chance of making comparisons between new and old products, ensuring that the ones for sale will be perceived at their right potential. The originality comes here also from the existence of a restaurant inside, where, occasionally seafood is served. It could be seen as a possibility to demonstrate on the spot the effectiveness of the products that are for sale.

Perfume stores

#14. The Liquides Perfume Bar (Paris)

This store comes with a refined and luxurious layout, while the combination of black and gold elements renders both a classical and elegant look. The interiors match perfectly the products that are sold, which are either rare personalized perfumes, or classical scents.

#15. Frivole Prestige perfumery (Wrocław, Poland)

This is a store with a highly contemporary aspect whose color scheme consists of black, white and gold, to match the products inside. The contemporary aspect is rendered through the bold geometrical shapes, while the polygonal structures lead to a futuristic aspect.

#16. Lacoste Boutique (Manchester)

Another special store is Lacoste Boutique in Manchester that impresses through the interesting combinations of concrete wall fixtures, metal shelving, and light wood flooring.

#17.  Christian Louboutin store (Toronto)

This is a luxurious store that inspires through its use of diverse props and fixtures from different materials. The combination of red carpet, wooden stands, coffee tables, silver wallpaper seems to create a fairytale atmosphere, really appealing for customers.

#18. Brioni flagship store (Paris)

Brioni is another store that looks astounding by the way in which it resolves creating an environment that defines the collections inside. The interiors are gray, dark, metal and the use of glass helps to create a luxurious atmosphere, to match the products inside.

#19. Sugar Lady Pop-up store (Shanghai)

This store in Shanghai comes with an interesting modular displaying of the products. Clothes are presented in softly illuminated spaces, creating an intriguing and appealing atmosphere. This is a way in which the store can ensure a spacious and balanced architecture.