Unfortunately for jewelry retailers it’s not enough to just buy the most beautiful, unique and attractive jewelry items and put them in a display case. The key to sell the most profitable items is finding the ideal ways to display them, build a story around them and expose them to your store’s visitors. So the question is what are the most effective jewelry displays that could be used for your shop and what are your options?

If you’ve just started shopping for a jewelry display you may be surprised by the number of options you have. From bracelets and necklace to single pairs of earrings, any item has a wide variety of choices for presentation. That’s why we rounded up this series of types and styles of jewelry displays that could help you to make a decision and choose the best for you and your store.

We’re going to try and focus on the types of displays that can fade into the background while the jewelry itself shines and entices customers to come take a closer look.

The Types of Jewelry Displays

Let’s start with some of the most used types & styles of jewelry display that usually help arouse the interest of customers and help you make them look at exactly what you’ve planned.

#1. Jewelry Display Sets

The most common choice for jewelry stores is the common jewelry display set, simply because it’s easy to find sets that go well with the overall theme and design of your store and most sets look great when put together in display cases or windows. Another advantage is the capacity to display multiple products at one time, most of them being specifically designed to showcase as many jewelry items as possible without making it look crowded.

But there are quite a few differences between them: you can find large display sets that take a whole display case and have lots of components, but you can also find small jewelry display sets that tend to maximize display space. Most display sets them come with earring displays, ring displays, necklace displays, bracelet displays and/or showcase risers.

When using common display sets, one neat trick is to complement them with all kinds of creative props, ideally in theme with the jewelry you’re displaying. Turquoise and aquamarine? Maybe add in some seashells…

#2. Jewelry Display Mannequins

Mannequins are one of the most versatile solutions that you can use. They are basically a visual merchandising tool that presents retailers with the unique opportunity to not only tell a story, but also to project their brand style. When it comes to actual mannequin parts, you will find quite a few specialized options to display jewelry. You can use any of the following items: hand forms, necklace busts or any other body forms to help you achieve a more realistic presentation of your jewelry.

We’ve written an in-depth overview on using jewelry display mannequins, which includes a few galleries and round-ups of the most creative jewelry display heads, busts, hands and feet.

Jewelry Display Mannequins - Jewelry Visual Merchandising

#3. Jewelry Display Cases

Looking for a sophisticated jewelry display for an upscale retail store or boutique? Jewelry display cases are the way to go. Jewelry display cases are pretty much universal and they’re perfect for displaying rings, necklaces, watches, or other valuable pieces. Also they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to ensure that all your needs are met accordingly. This includes regular counter display cases, corner display cases, portable and counter top display cases and many more.

Most jewelry display cases are designed in a modular fashion, so you can buy different modules and arrange them according to your store layout and visual merchandising plan. Of all things, jewelry display cases are most likely the most expensive display solution you’ll have to invest in, so this is not an impulse buy situation. We’ll go soon into more detail on the Zen blog to help you choose the best jewelry display cases.

#4. Jewelry Display Trays

Display trays are some of the best (and practical) counter-top display solutions out there, because of their appealing colors, aesthetics and the fact that they are easy to move around. These are a great solution to showcase necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, charms and even earrings. Nevertheless they are very often used for transport – are crafted with compartments or sections that support jewelry and keep them in place aiming to avoid any damage.

One of the most interesting things when it comes to jewelry display trays is that some of them are now “modular”, with various inserts that can be easily rearranged so that they don’t look bad whenever you take a couple of jewelry items out of them.

#5. Jewelry Display Racks

Jewelry display racks are one of the most versatile display solution and they usually go well with every product you can think of. They also feature a range of benefits, it is multifunctional (i.e. you can display your products by hanging as well as by stacking them) and also they can be used front side as well as back side, so that you can display the optimum amount of jewelry in limited space.

Jewelry display racks are also a great way to fill up space or use for visual balance in various displays and window displays.

#6. T-Bar Jewelry Displays

T-bar displays are a popular and classic way to display bracelets, bangles, and necklaces. This type of display comes in lots of colors and materials and it can have one, two or three tiers. Depending on your preferences and store design, you can choose different materials they are made from, such as: leatherette, wood, acrylic, burlap and even metal.

#7. Jewelry Display Risers

Jewelry risers make the most of limited display space, add depth and dimension and draw attention to jewelry. However, the most useful aspect of the riser is the ability to bring height levels to your display. By having varied heights throughout your display table, your customers’ eyes will naturally browse through your products, making it easier for them to spot the items they’re interested in most.

#8. Rotating Jewelry Displays

Add a twist to your jewelry displays with a rotating stand. You can strategically put any item in the center of attention, from engagement rings and wedding bands to earrings and other accessories. These jewelry displays keep popping up with all sorts of tricks and design improvements lately, from levitating ones (magnets are magical!), to superbly lighted, mirrored ones.

#9. Slat-wall Jewelry Displays

Slat-wall jewelry displays are a great addition to your store’s fixture collection. You can display numerous products on one of the slat-wall jewelry busts, T-bars or in a minimalist fashion on a simple board. A wall filled with jewelry will surely catch the eye, even from outside the store, if implemented and lighted properly.

Slatwall Jewelry Display

#10. Ring Displays

Special only for rings you can find a huge range of options starting with a simple cone, fingers or clip displays and end up with some amazing ring slot trays. It is your choice if you want to use something sophisticated or stick with classic style. However, our selected ring displays (Hyperlink to Zen) might be interesting for you.

#11. Easel Displays

Easel displays are great for on-the-go displays and are an important element for a display table that stands out. Usually, these economical displays fold down for easy storage and transportation. As with many other jewelry display solutions, you can find easels made out all kinds of materials, with all kinds of finishes and colors. Don’t forget: texture counts as well.

Easel displays are a beautiful and modern manner of displaying various kinds of jewelry. They offer a special kind of artistic touch to the environment and they definitely go well with any beautiful and shiny item of jewelry! They are made to display works of art which makes them perfect for presenting pieces of jewelry as well!

Jewelry Display Types By Material

Moving on from the usual jewelry display solutions we see in stores, we have to take into consideration the material out of which is made of so you can research your options and make the right choice.

#1. Burlap Jewelry Displays

Burlap jewelry displays are ideal for creating a timeless display look.  It has a natural look with shades of beige and brown that offers elegance. Burlap covered displays usually include earring displays, necklace displays, t-bars and more. You could basically get everything covered in burlap if you search long enough. But variation is healthy.

Burlap displays are a perfect way of presenting jewelry in an environmentally friendly manner. Burlap displays can be easily integrated into any jewelry stores and they can take up many forms, therefore they are able to display a wide range of jewelry. They offer a simplistic yet stylish way of presenting jewelry.

#2. Wood Jewelry Displays

Wood jewelry displays offer an exotic feel to your jewelry using (ideally) hand carved wood jewelry displays. Add an earthy feel to your featured necklaces and rings.  This category usually contains every type of jewelry display such as earring displays, necklace displays, ring displays, bracelet displays.

Wood displays refer to diverse jewelry display such as wooden boxes, wooden stands or various items of craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of handmade displays and they are always perfect for a more natural and unique touch to any jewelry exhibition set. They provide safe and sturdy storing in a beautiful and one of a kind display.

#3. Acrylic Jewelry Displays

Acrylic jewelry displays offer an economical yet elegant presentation that’s lightweight and durable.  Our selection usually includes body jewelry displays, counter-top acrylic displays, rotating displays, acrylic earring racks and more or less the standard display solutions.

Acrylic displays offer a good way of displaying items of jewelry as they are usually completely transparent and provide a better and clearer picture of the product. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are suitable for all kinds of jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and so on.

#4. Metal Jewelry Displays

Metal jewelry displays are appealing for many different retail environments. You can choose from a wide selection of metal necklace displays, metal earring displays, counter-top metal jewelry displays for rings,  tiered bracelet stands,  pendants,  chains and many other fine jewelry pieces from our store.

Metal displays are very popular and efficient due to their strong and resistant frame. They are ideal for holding and displaying heavier items of jewelry and they will surely not disappoint in displaying them non-stop. They often portray beautiful and intricate metalwork that makes them unique and captivating and will display items of jewelry safely and with stability.

#5. Velvet Jewelry Displays

Add a touch of beauty and class to your store with velvet jewelry displays. You can easily find a wide assortment of economy faux leather and black velvet jewelry displays for rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, bracelets, watches, and other fine jewelry.

Velvet displays offer a special and gentle care that is needed when displaying more fragile items. They are soft and smooth and they add a certain kind of elegance and fine taste to the items of jewelry displayed. Velvet is a classy and stylish material that will always make your jewelry stand out!

#6. Leather/Faux Leather

Leather or faux leather is both elegant and durable; it is usually patterned with diverse motifs and it is a great example of luxury and good taste. Leather/faux leather displays typically refer to handbags or bags that offer many ways of display and storage and they are ideal for both personal use or for the display of jewelry in jewelry stores.

#7. Glass Displays

Glass displays, similar to acrylic displays, are also preferable since they offer a clear and complete see-through look at items of jewelry. In addition to that, glass is a great choice since it creates beautiful rainbow colors whenever light shines upon those displays, therefore presenting their contents in a unique and exquisite manner.

#8. Wire Displays

Wire displays offer a more unconventional and one of a kind way of displaying jewelry. They present interesting and intricate wire patterns that can help storing and displaying jewelry. They are equipped with either hooks, holes and so on and they are amazing at achieving a more steampunk and retro look!

#9. Plastic

Plastic displays are probably the most utilized type of displays. They offer a great variety of size, style, color and pattern and they are able to display all sorts of jewelry. They are useful and they can be easily placed in jewelry stores’ window cases or anywhere around the store.

Unusual & Creative Options to Display Your Jewelry

If you want to stand out and not resort to the classical jewelry displays, we’ve gathered quite a few creative ideas to display jewelry using various props and more or less unusual display solutions:

#1. Tree Stands

Nature has the cleverest jewelry storage and display ideas and the best manifestation is the cute little tree stand. They usually have several branches to hold necklaces and bracelets and some of them a little nest at the bottom for rings and pins.

#2. Antlers

If you believe it or not, trophies have a great alternative use, and that is displaying jewelry. A charming antler is perfect for the naturally chic woman or the manly man. There’s a place for everything on its. So, hang your rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets carefree.

Antlers are the perfect choice for a non-conventional and attractive display of jewelry. They are multifunctional and they are sure to catch a lot of attention, therefore making them ideal for the display of jewelry! They offer enough space to hang items of jewelry and they provide a lovely and unique manner of interior decoration.

#3. Coat Hangers

Some clothing racks can also be used for displaying jewelry. All you need is a little creativity, you can use a gorgeous plaque with decorative knobs or a clothes hanger modified with looped screws. All you need is the courage to try using different elements and most likely it will end up looking quite original. If not, at least you didn’t spend a lot on trying out new display techniques.

Coat hangers reinvented as displays for jewelry items is a definite go for any lover of quirky and fun ideas. They are a cheap and efficient choice and they will be able to accommodate plenty of jewelry items. Coat hangers are easy to use and hang around and by far a really original and progressive way of exhibiting jewelry products.

#4. Picture, Painting & Window Frames

An easy and creative way to display things is to use a frame, but not for paintings or photographs. If you back an empty one with some sort of grid or span the edges with wire, lace, ribbon, etc. it will turn into a nearly perfect jewelry display. Frames for windows and mirrors can be used the same way, especially vintage looking ones.

Picture, painting and window frames are a modern and avant-garde manner of reutilizing old photographs, obsolete windows or paintings that are no longer needed. It is the best way to add a little authenticity to any jewelry exhibition and it can get you rid of objects that you no longer need by employing them in a completely new way!

#5. Door Knobs

Vintage door knobs make beautiful jewelry holders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re attaching them to a plaque or tray or straight to the wall, it will totally change the look of your store. Give them a shot and see how they look with your jewelry.

Modern art is a very unexpected and curious aspect and door knobs used as ways of displaying jewelry undoubtedly falls into that category as well. Displaying items of jewelry on vintage and no longer necessary door knobs is a completely hipster and fun way of hanging your bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry.


You can easily turn your jewelry collection into an artful jewelry display with a driftwood jewelry organizer. Your necklaces and bracelets will love hanging out in one of these holders.

Driftwood displays are an ecological and nature friendly way of displaying items of jewelry. Simply by hooking or hanging various kinds of jewelry into driftwood, you can forget about using countless of plastic displays that can damage the natural environment, thus making this kind of display environmental safe as well.

And there’s more…we’ve gathered more than 40 creative ways to organize jewelry and you can find lots of ideas on what kind of items and props you can use as jewelry displays in that roundup. Hope you’ll find the right mix!

This pretty much wraps up our article on styles and types of jewelry displays. We’re going to publish a few creative roundups on jewelry merchandising and display in the following days, so stay tuned. Last but not least, if you need advice on choosing the right displays for your store, feel free to contact us or comment below.