Jewelry storage and organization can be a big problem for some people, especially when all jewelry boxes are full, storage space is limited or even the room doesn’t allow for many organization possibilities.

We come to the aid of such people, offering our expertise and some of the best organizers for jewelry available on the market, ranging from DIY to professional table stands, all of which look impeccable and are extremely practical.

So let’s dive right in…Shall we?

Wall, Closet and Door Jewelry Organizing and Storage Ideas


Your classic hangers can help you with storing and organizing jewelry, they are very practical and you can revamp the ones you already have at home.

You can use hangers on your walls or even in your closet depending on whether you want to display them or not.

Here are two very good examples that you can try out for yourself, they don’t take a lot of time to make or space.

Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Closet jewelry organizer and storage

Here we have a very stylish closet jewelry organizer in the shape of a corset, rather ingenious isn’t it? It is perfect for necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, helping you save up space and will also look stunning in any room or closet.


Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

A beautiful piece of furniture that is mounted on the wall, taking up very little space. This particular piece is eye catching and comes in a variety of colors so you can match it with the rest of the furniture in your room. It can help store and organize basically any type of jewelry.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Over the Door Jewelry Armoire

This armoire is ideal for very limited spaces and the best part about it is that you can also use it to store make-up. It can be crafted from various types of wood so you can match or contrast with the door or other furnishings you have in the room.

Over The Door Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Valet for walls and doors

Perfect for storing, organizing and displaying jewelry both at home and in boutiques.

A classy white finish and a lot of storing space, this valet is one of the best solutions for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even rings.

Jewelry Vallet Door Organizer

Coat hangers

Old coat hangers that you don’t use, such as the one below, are amazing jewelry organizers. If you want, you can take it one step further and add some lace, strings, wire, or chicken wire in diamond shapes (in this particular case) so you can store earrings as well, thus keeping jewelry in one place.

This can be an effective set up for shops as well.

Coat Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Branches and antlers

Branches are perfect for storing jewelry because of all the nooks, crannies and tips. They are natural, resistant and will look beautiful anywhere. You can even spray paint them in your favorite colors to give the room a bit more personality.

Branch Jewelry Organizer

It is absolutely stunning to see how those creepy antlers some people have in their homes, be repurposed as jewelry holders, and with a coat of colorful paint it will become a visual wonder. You can also buy fake antlers and animal heads to use as jewelry organizers.


Antlers can also be used on tables as stands.


Picture and painting frames

Using picture frames and painting frames to showcase, organize or store jewelry is absolutely fantastic. They look very good, especially if you add lace or small hooks .


Window frames

Picture frames aren’t the only ones you can use, old or thin window frames are a good choice as well.

Window Jewelry Organizer

Add lace and chicken wire to ensure stability and durability, and of course ensures that you can organize earrings.


You can use a big lace “canvas” to organize jewelry. You can also improvise and use only strips or pieces cut in specific shapes. The only tricky part is going to be securing it to the wall and the best choice seems to be double sided tape, or something a little thicker.

Lace Jewelry Organizer

Hidden behind paintings

This is by far the most creative wall jewelry organizing system we’ve seen. It is beautiful and practical at the same time. It distracts and keeps valuables hidden, especially if it is fitted in a niche.

Hidden Jewelry Organizer - Behind Painting

Wine crates

There is a lot of buzz around repurposing wine crates, and jewelry storing has tapped into them as well. By painting them, adding small hooks and knobs, you can hang necklaces and stack up bracelets.

Wine Crate Jewelry Organizers

Door Knobs

The more antique, the better looking, a fresh coat of paint or some sandpaper can help with aesthetics and smooth finishes. Otherwise you can just pin door knobs to the wall and hang necklaces and bracelets.



Super simple to make and eye catching. Using a chain to showcase earrings, necklaces and bracelets is a super fun idea to try. It is cheap and will keep everything in its right place.

Chain Earring Organizer

Tennis racket

Old tennis rackets are perfect for jewelry. The wire seems like its specifically made for earrings and you can insert some hooks into the handle for necklaces and bracelets. As in the examples below, color is everything. Paint them with polka dots, or whatever your imagination cooks up, if you like to personalize your things.




Rake heads are interesting to use as jewelry organizers because it already comes with hooks for necklaces. As in the photo below, you can tie a string onto it, or wire or add some chains so you can also store earrings or bracelets.

Rake Head Jewelry Organizer

Cork boards & wine bottle corks

Framed cork boards or already made panels can help you sort out your necklaces and bracelets, by adding pins or small hooks.


You can also fill up a frame with wine bottle corks and find intricate ways to hang your jewelry.


Also, corks have their own essential beauty that makes them great to stick to a wall, add some hooks and voila, you have a necklace organizer.


Towel racks

By using towel racks and S hooks you can store and organize easily all your necklaces. Tangling is avoided and they will be fantastically displayed.

Towel Rack Jewelry Organizer

Painted graters

Both for walls and tables. Use painted old graters to showcase earrings and necklaces (when fastened to the wall). It will give a room a more rustic feeling to it, no matter where it is placed.



You can use smooth pebbles to create a modern looking wall system for storing and organizing necklaces and bracelets.

Pebble Wall Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Table Stand Organizers

DIY stick table stand

It’s very easy to create such a beautiful jewelry display stand / organizer, this tutorial shows you what tools and materials you need to make it a reality.
Simple yet gorgeous and sturdy, this jewelry table stand can be used at home or even in boutiques and accessory stores.

DIY Stick Table Stand Jewelry Organizer

Wood triangles

Effective and eye catching display for necklaces that doesn’t store or organize multiple pieces of jewelry, which makes it a good idea for stores.

DIY Wood Triangles Table Stand Jewelry Organizer

Tree table stand

There is an insane amount of tree table stands designed to store and organize jewelry, or even showcase in a more authentic way.
This particular piece is perfect for necklaces, disposing also of a leaf shaped tray for earrings or rings.

Orchid Table Tree Jewelry Organizer

Make your own tree table stand with a sturdy vase and a branch that you can either spray paint or enjoy its natural, everlasting beauty.

Coral tree jewelry stand

Show off your love for the sea and the underwater life by organizing your jewelry on a coral shaped table stand.

Coral Tree Jewelry Organizer

Animal themed organizers and storage

If you were looking for something absolutely adorable there are jewelry display stands that bring tribute to animals such as owls, geckos, dragonflies, sea horses and so one. Each piece being more creative than the other.

Owl Table Stand Jewelry Organizer

This is a beautiful way to sort and store rings and small earrings. This beautifully crafted and painted peacock jewelry holder will be the perfect centerpiece of any table or shelf.

Peacock Table Stand Ring Organizer


This is a really cute jewelry organizer, simply because of the fact that it has the shape of an open umbrella. with two decorative flowers. It’s perfect for earrings, necklaces and even bracelets.

Umbrella Jewelry Organizer


A very stylish approach to organizing and storing rings and earrings. This black metal fountain display stand has holes on the edge, making it perfect for the earrings while the dishes can hold up many rings.

Fountain Jewelry Organizer

Classic woman silhouette jewelry storage and holder

These classic woman figurines are absolutely charming and can help organize small jewelry like rings, earrings, thin bracelets and small necklaces.

Lady Woman Silhouette Jewelry Organizer

Rotating jewelry holders

This daisy jewelry holder is just to die for! The fact that this stand has different height levels makes it the perfect solution for necklaces of all lengths. The fact that it rotates, only adds to complete the sleek and fetching design.

Rotating Daisy Go Round Jewelry Table Stand


If you have a passion for nature and the sea, then driftwood can be your organizing buddy when it comes to necklaces or bracelets.

Driftwood Table Stand Jewelry Organizer

You can also hang a larger driftwood branch on the wall and insert some small hooks to help you organize your jewelry. It depends mostly on the type of hooks you choose.

Driftwood Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Lamps and chandeliers

You can repurpose old chandeliers and lamps to be your trusty necklace and earring holders. Besides the fact that they don’t cost you anything or close to nothing to make, you have the advantage of displaying jewelry in an original and splendid way.

Jewelry Chandelier Organizer

Lamp Shade Jewelry Organizer

Candle sticks and holders for jewelry storage

This is fantastic! Who would have thought that old candle holders can become nifty jewelry organizers? You can even leave a thin candle stick in to organize rings. They can hold anything, but it mostly depends on what kind of candle holder you have.

Candle Holder Jewelry Organizer

Candle Holder Jewelry ORganizer

Bottles & Vases

You can make anything with bottles, like small improvised vases, chandeliers, art projects and so on. Now you can also use them to organize bracelets and watches

Jewelry Bottle Organizer #1

Jewelry Bottle Organizer #2

Jewelry Bottle Organizer #3

In the same lines that bottles can become your jewelry organizers, so can vases. Perfect for bracelets and watches. You can also add some hooks to the mouth and overlay your necklaces, you just need to find something that fits.

Vase Jewelry Organizer

Candy jars

These cute candy jars can become the best organizers you’ve ever had. The best part about them is that you can personalize them however you feel like. We would recommend them mostly for bracelets and rings.

Candy Jar Jewelry Organizer

Muffin trays and painted egg cartons

Muffin trays are the absolute sweetest way to display and organize your rings, bracelets and maybe even necklaces.

Muffin Tray Jewelry Organizer #1

Muffin Tray Jewelry Organizer #2

Egg cartons function in the same way as trays do, as long as you invest a bit of time in painting them or decorating them with nice stickers. Completely up to you.

Egg Carton Jewelry Organizer

Tea cups and plates

If your tea cup set has been diminished by time and breakage, you can use the beautiful antique or colorful cups to sort and organize your jewelry in drawers, or even create intricate table stands with them.

Tea Cup & Plates Jewelry Organizer #1

Tea Cup & Plates Jewelry Organizer #2

Tea Cup & Plates Jewelry Organizer #3

Jewelry Chests, Armoires & Cabinets


Jewelry armoires are beautiful pieces of furniture that can help you store and organize your valuables. While indeed they are more expensive then DIY or smaller jewelry organizers, they come in various shapes and sizes, with lots of spaces within its drawers to store any kind of jewelry.

Most of the armoires available for purchase have a classic style that is quite fetching.

Armoire Jewelry Organizer


Whether you are crafty enough to build your own, improvise or hack one, or even buy one, jewelry cabinets are perfect for storing and organizing. Cabinets, as in the case of armoires, come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for any type of jewelry.

Cabinet Jewelry Organizer #1

Cabinet Jewelry Organizer #2


Jewelry chests are some of the best organizers. You can either build one or improvise one yourself, like the second photo which depicts one made from painting frames, pretty inventive!

Picture Frame Jewelry Chest Organizer

Chest Jewelry Organizer #1

Chest Jewelry Organizer #2

Chest Jewelry Organizer #3

Jewelry Travel Organizers and Storage

If you want to take your valuables with you, you have to find the appropriate way to transport them. Jewelry travel organizers have different sizes, thus helping you carry any amount of jewelry safely and in a compact manner.

Blanket Jewelry Travel Organizer

We liked this one in particular because it keeps your valuables hidden and safe, in the form of a notebook.

Notebook Jewelry Travel Organizer

Jewelry Travel Organizer