A jewelry display set is the best way to show (off) a collection – whether we are talking about precious and valuable items or just about something much simpler and more accessible (talking about the price), if chosen correctly, the right display set will do a perfect job.

One of the great things about a set is that it will offer a multitude of pieces, such as ring, pendant and necklace displays, earring trees, pillows and so on; and what is more, sets come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of a variety of materials (metal, wood, plastic…) and textiles (leather, velvet, cashmere…). However, trying to find a suitable display set can be quite tricky, because there are many things that need to be taken into consideration.

For instance, a person that owns a store that is strictly selling jewelry has to analyze his decisions really well: what kind of jewelry will he sell, how upscale the sets are going to be, how much space do they take, how they will affect the surroundings, the atmosphere, the décor and many other things. Some of these criteria apply to someone who wants to buy sets just for personal use and for their own home, yet is not as simple as it seems to be.

Because purchasing sets can be such a complex task to achieve, there are some basic rules we should keep in mind. But, first of all, we need to know what models are most common, which one will bring the largest number of advantages and how to select the ones that are just appropriate for us. To begin with, the sets are mainly divided into two main categories: by use and by form.

By use

#1. Ring Display Sets

Even that the name makes us think only about a classical red velvet box with one diamond ring in it, there is more to it than just that. A ring display can be a box, a tray (shaped in any existent geometrical shape), a pedestal, a cone and many other ingenious things.

One of the most exceptional things about these sets is that they do not occupy too much space – they are really easy to handle and can be placed literally everywhere, on any shelf and in any drawer.

And because of the fact they are usually very tiny, they are not really expensive, so this brings another advantage to the buyer, especially to someone owning a store that needs to purchase enormous numbers of sets.

It is often considered they are truly chic and will create a cozy atmosphere because there is a large variety to choose from – they can be painted in any color or even have patterns on them (principally the boxes). Let’s say we enter a store that is predominantly decorated in a vintage way (with a lot of white, pastels and eggshell color) – everything is like this, but the ring displays.

The contrast that is created will transform a person who is a possible buyer into a future buyer – it will give the ring a specific uniqueness and it will make people fall in love with it, this is how powerful displays can be. It will do the same thing in a home because it can easily become the eye-catching centerpiece we all wish for.

#2. Necklace Display Busts 

We frequently see the black velvet necklace bust in any store that is selling jewelry – but who says this is the only right way to do it? This simple design will surely imply elegance and it is recommended to be used in more modest stores, in the ones who mainly sell really expensive pieces of jewelry or in antique stores, but people should not stop here.

This uncomplicated bust can come in white and in burlap as well – but why not go any further with this? They can be made out of ceramic, wood, metal; they can be doll heads or even have drops of color or paint on them, just to give an artistic impression.

As they are so diversified, we need to be careful when we need to decorate our room or our store – and in case we are too afraid to experiment a little or just do not feel like making the adequate research regarding the psychology of colors and the art of interior design, then a simple bust can be used.

It is not so often seen in homes, but if you are feeling a little eccentric or you just want to show off your necklaces, and then it is the right choice. It does not take a lot of space due to the fact it is a bust and it is supposed to be standing up – and in addition to this, more than just one necklace can be put on it (depending on the sizes), things that will create an economy of space that will allow us to install more jewelry displays, but an economy of money as well because we will not need to buy one bust for each necklace.

As it can be manufactured from so many textiles and materials, we need to pay attention to the details: how it will affect the décor and people’s perception of the store, how well the colors and the jewelry go along (for instance, we cannot use a striking red bust for a necklace that is green and extremely shiny – we will use something like black or white, to make a contrast and to baffle the color).

#3. Large Jewelry Display Sets

 Such a display includes what a person who collects jewelry or who is just really passionate about this form of art truly needs: (basically) necklace busts, ring displays, bracelet and necklace holders.

As mentioned before, these sets can be made out of any imaginable textile and material, but as they will all be the same, the atmosphere of the room or of the store will be really pleasant and comforting; it will even transmit a feeling of safety.

A thing that can be debated whether it is a downside or not, is the fact that it will take a lot of space, because it is formed out of many pieces and because its price can get quite high.

However, if a store owns such a set, then its owners will not need to waste any more money buying other holders because they do not have enough pieces to exhibit all of their products and they will not have to think about what holders to buy in order for the store and the décor to look wonderful.

This set can be used in a home as well, especially by the people who have collected all of their life pieces of jewelry and now they do not know how to keep them organized anymore.

#4.  Small Jewelry Display Sets

As many people like to call this set, it is the “compact” version of the Large Display Set. It only consists of the elementary holders: one or maximum two of each one of them. Nothing more.

This set is a real economy of space and money: all the holders are fixed on one small tray that is easy to be handled – and because it is so small, the price is accessible for everyone

Nevertheless, it should not be used in the stores who sell pricey jewelry – even if, let’s say, a necklace is truly costly, its holder will not say the same thing. It is principally used in small stores and thrift shops, but it is all right for a house as well. It does not suggest so much refinery as the large one; this is why it should not be put in a place that is decorated fancy.

#5. Complete Jewelry Display Sets

This is the adequate set for a large store that is exclusively selling luxury items and for someone who lives in a mansion and has thousands of jewelry. The basic set consists of 38 pieces, but additional purchases can be made – any item you can think of has a place in here.

It is true that so many pieces will take almost all the space, but it is worth it. Even if the money paid for it is quite a lot, it will bring many benefits – people and clients will remain impressed by such a numerous collection

All we need to be careful about is to have a set that will transmit what we want to transmit, that will fit in in the décor and that will be adequate for the pieces of jewelry – this is why simple or minimalist models are recommended, it is extremely hard to fail using these.

#6. Themed Display Sets

If it is a set, it will present the same advantages and disadvantages concerning money, space and decor as the ones presented before, all depending on their size, material and textile.

The only additional thing that should be specified is that the main themes we will encounter when searching for a set are about places with a unique and different culture, for instance a Hong Kong themed display set – in USA we may see sets that are related to Japan, in Japan we may see sets that are related to India and so on. These models are mostly used in rooms and stores that already have a theme settled or for special jewelry that are themed as well, only to maintain the vibe and the ambiance.

By form

#1. Mannequin Jewelry Display Set

This set consists of a larger bust who usually includes the waist of the mannequin as well – it is preferred for necklaces that are longer or have bigger details/pendants, because they can be seen better like this.

The same pieces of advice should be following when trying to buy a set like this (color, décor, atmosphere – for a store or just for personal use), but we should keep in mind that the price might be a little higher than for the much smaller model because this set is formed out of more than just one piece and more energy and more materials and textiles are used to produce them.

However, because the human mind has always created (and always will) new things, the mannequins can have little dresses or other accessories that will remind us of the female body.

#2. Doll Necklace Display Set

With such a display we can keep organized anything we want – any item can be put on this “hat stand”.It is actually a small display that comes in all colors (even with patterns or motifs), so it will fit in anywhere.

We do not have to spend too much time trying to find a display that will go well with the furniture or with the walls – but as a bonus, it is guaranteed to make a room look prettier, even lovelier because it gives that feminine touch that most places need.

The price and the space it takes are not something to worry about, as they are so common and small. Despite these, these sets are a well-thought acquisition.
And because they are sets it does not necessarily mean that all the dolls will look the same – they can be painted in different colors that will be compatible, destroying the monotony of a dull place.

#3. Jewelry Tree Stand Sets

These are the more minimalist versions of the Doll Stand – it is clean, chic and usually comes in black, with very few components; this is why luxurious jewelry are preferred for this. It will emphasize their details.

Once again, this is a display that is not too pricey and does not seize too much space. As they are principally black, it is recommended to use them in rooms that are already furnished, to not disturb the existent ambiance. It can be a normal tree inspired from nature or a simpler version, but however it is shaped, any pieces of jewelry can be put on it.