As you may already know, jewelry display mannequins can be any of the following items:

  1. Jewelry Mannequins Stands
  2. Jewelry Display Busts
  3. Jewelry Display Heads
  4. Jewelry Display Hands
  5. Jewelry Display Feet

When it comes jewelry mannequin stands and busts, although they might seem like “it’s the same thing”, stands differ in the sense that they don’t have to be anatomically correct and some of them are quite abstract. Also, you may ask yourself “what’s the point in using jewelry display feet”, but the truth is anklets are a popular item in quite a few jewelry stores and you know us…we don’t want to leave anything that might be useful out of our articles.

Best Practices For Using Jewelry Display Mannequins

Creative Jewelry Display Mannequins - Jewelry Display Hands

Jewelry can be a difficult product to sell, so you have to look for different ways to persuade buyers. Mannequins are one of the various solutions we have. They are a basically a visual merchandising tools (and even a display prop!) that presents retailers with the unique opportunity to not only tell a story, but also to project their brand style and values. You can use any of the following items: hand forms, necklace busts or any other body forms to help you achieve a more realistic presentation of your jewelry. Here are some tips for jewelry stores owners and the best practices for using mannequins:

Use different types of mannequin

It is important to stand out. Who said that you have to stick to the old pattern of simple and white mannequins? Today, you can find a wide range of mannequins for sale, you can choose to get some of the full-body mannequins with forms or only certain components. You also need to decide about the material it’s made from (but it’s not a huge concern if you treat them with care) and its color.

Old mannequins – not always a good idea

Using parts of damaged mannequins give a creepy felling to the viewers of your display. Make sure to make the display presentable and professional. Repair, repaint or decorate the damaged mannequin parts which you will be using.

Location is key – make the best use of your mannequin elements

Location is vitally important! Look for high traffic areas in your store that are easily accessible to customers. And why not?! Sometimes, you can surprise and intrigue buyers simply by rearranging where you place your mannequins and displays within the store.

Keep the Story Dynamic

Keep your story exciting and fresh. Change the products displayed in the window or in custom display on a weekly basis. It’s very important to follow the latest trends and style and the more props you have at your disposal, the easier it is to keep things fresh.

Also, don’t forget about:

  • Using proper lighting taking into consideration the colors of the jewelry display mannequins
  • Design a floor plan that will force customers to view the most amount of jewelry possible
  • Choose accent props that match the style of jewelry

Creative display solutions and merchandising techniques

We’ve gathered quite a few resources, some amazing display mannequins and a showcase of creative merchandising techniques using jewelry display mannequins:

10 Absolutely Stunning Jewelry Mannequin Stands & Jewelry Display Busts

Beautiful Jewelry Display Mannequin Stands & Busts


A stylish jewelry bust in the center of your display case can do wonders in terms of improving the presentation of jewelry. You’d think that you’re limited to the usual black, shiny jewelry display bust, but the surprise here is that there’s a whole range of materials, colors and styles you can choose from. Some of the products we’ve found will surely inspire you:

10 Beautiful Jewelry Display Busts

10 Beautiful & Creative Jewelry Mannequin Heads Worth Buying

Beautiful Jewelry Display Mannequin Heads

A mannequin head can make or break your display concept. Use it wisely and it can help put the focus on the right products. Use it randomly and it’s going to seem “off”. We recommend sketching the position of elements and props in any display case or window before buying, though. As with busts, the selection is also quite varied.

10 Beautiful Jewelry Display Heads

10 Beautiful Jewelry Display Hands (and Feet!) You Can Use To Organize Jewelry

Beautiful Mannequin Jewelry Display Hands

Mannequin hands are hand down one of the most underrated jewelry merchandising props / tools you can use. They’re rarely present in jewelry stores, mainly because they’re somewhat hard to incorporate into creative displays, but if you spend a bit of time thinking about it, you’ll surely find the right positioning and design to create something stunning.

10 Beautiful Jewelry Display Hands & Feet

Creative Jewelry Display and Merchandising Using Jewelry Display Mannequins [Gallery]

You’d be surprised how useful a few display mannequins can be when you’re trying to create a window display or anything “different” in terms of a jewelry display. With that in mind, we’ll soon publish a gallery with over 100 creative displays and arrangements using jewelry display mannequins.

Creative Jewelry Display with Display Mannequins

So, let’s start exploring the most beautiful jewelry display mannequins!

For now, let’s jump into it and start exploring the most beautiful jewelry display busts – you might find something that fits perfectly with your needs and creative vision.