When adorned with jewels, the hands display come to life and dazzle potential customers. Didn’t we convince you ? Look here a top display of the most interesting hands and feet that could certainly be useful for you in organizing your jewelry store.

#1. Articulated Jewelry Display Hands

A unique and versatile means to present and display a vast range of smaller products from bracelets, bangles etc. These beautiful, fully articulated display hands can be set and arranged to almost any position.


#2. Natural Fiber Curved Arm Jewelry Displays

This curved hand is a great display, perfect for bangles and bracelets, necklaces and rings. It uses recycled newsprint and cardboard as structures and are covered with various natural finishes e.g. paper kraft thread and abaca fibers. Amazing right?


#3. Hand-Shaped Wall Displays

Catch your customer’s eyes by elegantly displaying your products in this hand-shaped mannequin hanging on the wall.


#4. Hands of Buddha

Another way to organize your jewelry or other small items in the form of three graceful recycled metal hands that are easily mounted on a wall.


#5.  Skeleton hand display jewelry

Showcase your prized jewels with this unique skeleton hand jewelry holder. Creepy and yet beautiful.


#6. Wooden Hand Displays

A new idea for organizing jewelry is these hands made of wood, painted in a whitewashed color that are highlighted through his long fingers.


#7. Feet Jewelry Display

Survivors of time, accessories foot won’t ever go out of style. So you need a mannequin for this too. Here’s our recommendation, a foot display for toe rings, ankle and barefoot sandal jewelry.


8. Golden Display Hands

Bohemian ring holder for your personal use to organize your rings and bracelets. And  the golden hue gives space brightness, warmth and a festive tone.


9. Vintage Display Ideas

Amazing vintage jewelry displays hands made from brass and metal. Nice and slim.


#10. There’s Always An Abstract Choice

Be creative, make a painting with “papier mache” display hands. Here’s a sensational example.