Dress up your store with unique displays to grab customer’s attention. Choose from a wide range of jewelry display heads with makeup, realistic eyelashes and pierced ears. Here you found 10 of most beautiful  in our opinion.

#1. 1920’s Mannequin Head Collection

Handmade is a good choice. Peeking out this collection from 1920 with a series of Boudoir Doll Flapper mannequin head made of vintage fiberglass . Absolutely gorgeous.


#2. One of The Most Creative Jewelry Display Heads

A great idea, all you need is tissue paper, an old mannequin, ribbon, fan folded sheet music and some inspiration. The result: exceptional.

head tissue paper handmade


#3. Abstract Jewelry Forms

Be bold. Try something abstract. This white mannequin head is tall and sleek with a long neck and high shoulders to allow for a wide variety of accessories to be displayed.


34. Vintage Mannequins

Who said that vintage items will ever go out of style? This mannequin was made  in the early 1970’s for boutiques in France and manages to attract attention without any problem due to very big eyes. It is designed in retro style from hard rubber and plastic.

vintage mannequin head big eye

#5. Hand-Painted Mannequin

Each mannequin is a one of a kind. This is made out of a very durable, stable fiberglass type material and completely hand-painted in a whimsical flapper style, perfect for displaying all your jewelry.

Handpainted Flapper Mannequin Head

#6. Pinup Jewelry Mannequin Head

This mannequin is fully hand-painted and her hair is hand-modeled. It’s a unique fabulous art piece that could spread glamour, joy and colour to your boutique.


#7. Vintage Mannequin Head Bust

This is a top mannequin head . A vintage item from the 1980s with ear holes for earrings and a wide bust area for necklace display.


#8. Unique Jewelry Display Head

Something special, that draws attention to any purchaser is this jewelry display head image wich is covered with pearls and old jewelry. An incredible creation.


#9. Pierre Imans Head Mannequins

Old is gold! Made around 1950, this jewelry display head is an amazing creation, very useful for any retailer.


#10. Go French: Tête de Mannequin

Stylish French vintage mannequin head of a woman. Made of a hard rubber, beautiful smooth finish. Looks amazing!