Jewelry display cases can be the key to selling a good amount of high markup pieces of fine jewelry on a constant basis and when used right, in line with your visual merchandising strategy, they are one of the most effective sales tools. From our experience, improper display cases or simply displaying various jewelry items in the wrong kinds of displays (even if those displays look great by themselves) can lead to a big hit to sales.

Let’s not forget that the right display cases will enhance the aesthetics of your products and can be used to move even the less popular items. We all have to deal with stale selections at times, so it helps to be able to push that stock faster, maybe coupled even with a promotion. But that means maximizing visibility and increasing appeal with the right display solutions. With a wide range of types and styles of display cases available on the market it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and considering the prices on some display cases…it’s understandable. That’s why you first need to limit your search to a specific type and style of display case.

That’s also why we wanted to focus on defining the exact types of display cases you can choose from and further down the line we’ll review the best solutions to display specific jewelry items in. But for now, let’s see what are choices are in terms of jewelry display cases, shall we?

The 9 Most Common Types of Jewelry Display Cases

#1. Countertop Display Cases

The most used showcase for any kind of jewelry is this type of glass display case with a wood or metal frame. These counter top cases provide an ideal eye level view and they’re designed to tempt customers to indulge in a last-minute additional purchase. For example, a woman who is buying a necklace may see a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a ring on a counter top display and purchase them because they match each other perfectly, and in the end leave a store with a set on her own taste.

In many cases, if you are looking to purchase a counter top display you will discover that much of them are designed to rotate freely, allowing the retailer to display products on every side. The key to maximize the value of your countertop cases and the merchandise displayed in them is to usually display lower priced items that are more suitable to impulse buying.

#2. Tower Display Cases

Made from glass, wood, metal, or some combination of these, this type of display cases is very flexible and can be used to maximize your retail space. A very important fact is there are ideal for presenting high value jewelry and collectibles whilst maintaining security, high visibility and easy access.

#3. Wall Display Cases

Wall display cases are an excellent way to provide product space or presentation space around the perimeter of any room, while not making the space feel crowded. And when it comes to jewelry display, there are made some custom designs made only from glass, perfect for highlighting the items, giving a premium feeling and catching buyers eyes.

#4. Wall Mounted Display Cases

Wall mounted display cases can exhibit jewelry in these displays at eye level without obstructing the visibility of the products or crowding floor space. Since it’s a popular choices, these are usually available in a variety of finishes and textures with many choices of styles and materials.

#5. Frameless Display Cases

These type of display cases are often constructed with tempered safety glass and come with bases in various wood accents. They look extremely fragile, but they’re quite resilient actually. It’s worth mentioning that these showcases, compared to other models, are designed for maximum visibility of jewelry because they eliminate the visually obstructive framework and thus allow for clear viewing of the items from every angle.

#6. Horizontal Display Cases

In horizontal displays, you can present a wider array of jewelry pieces like watches, earrings, bracelets, rings or you can choose to focus on a single layer of items like a precious set or a collection centered around a specific precious stone. If you are looking to buy one of these you will find them in several design styles: Contemporary, Traditional and Queen Anne.

#7. Corner Display Cases

These three-sided cases are perfect for connecting modular retail units at points where a right angle configuration is required. Corner display units expand the presentation area allowing the shop owners to take advantage of all available space, providing high visibility and easy access for organizing additional volumes of jewelry.

#8. Kiosks & Islands

If you want to stand out, you can choose one of these display cases that can look absolutely fantastic. We are sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Why? Because will attract attention, highlight the products and keep valuable jewelry secure.

So don’t hesitate, check out some comprehensive retail kiosk and islands combinations. Select the most appropriate for your needs based on the room that intended to be your display area.

#9. Pedestals

Pedestals are very flexible showcase easily placed in a variety of spaces such as the center of a room, against a wall or near a window. They’re an ideal addition for a retail store to display the most precious necklaces usually (but not only). These go well with many jewelry display solutions, but jewelry display mannequins are one of the most interesting additions to pedestal, so check them out as well.

Display Cases By Material

#1.Glass Jewelry Display Cases

Glass display cases are the most used popular cases when it comes to displaying jewelry, first of all because of their simplicity and stylish appearance and secondly – from the point of view of the customers – they provide the best view of the items without needing to handle them.

#2. Acrylic Jewelry Display Cases

Acrylic has become a popular alternative to glass jewelry display cases, mostly because of its lower cost and depending on the case, resistance. Though it looks almost identical, there is a significant difference that makes shopkeepers choose this material. Basically, it’s as close as you can get to the glass look, but at a lower price and fewer risks of cracking, shattering and a few other issues that glass presents (some varieties of acrylic cases are harder to leave smudges and prints on).

Weight is another reason why you might want to purchase an acrylic jewelry display case in spite of a glass model, simply because it’s going to be much easier to move around.

#3.Metal Jewelry Display Cases

The metal variety offers a sturdy solution for heavier products and arrangements, being the most durable option. It usually consist of aluminum, steel or various alloys. The modern / slightly industrial appearance that comes with this type of display case in the store is found in neither glass nor acrylic. And that can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your brand, store design and visual merchandising strategy.

3 More Special Jewelry Display Cases

#1. Locking Jewelry Display Cases

Elegant and secure, that’s what most shop owners are looking for. By using locking display cases you can be sure your valuable are safe and you minimize the impact of shoplifting on your bottom line. Just avoid the risk, even you have a big or small business…a loss is still a loss.

#2. Lighted Jewelry Display Cases

Choosing superior-quality display case is highly important and lighting is a crucial factor in displaying jewelry. It’s just not enough to get display cases with pretentious design, they have to be easy to light or ideally already lighted because this way you can bring out the best features of your jewelry on display. It usually doesn’t matter if the display case has either top lights or side lights or both. As long as it’s lighted, it will usually add a striking accent to any product that you place there.

#3. Portable Jewelry Display Cases

Portable jewelry display cases are used by retailers who travel with inventory or sell wares in open-air markets or small stands. As the case usually requires it, it’s very important that these displays be lightweight, easy to assemble (for more complex displays) and feature locking mechanisms.

We hope you’ll make good use of the information on the styles and types of jewelry display cases and if you need more advice on choosing the right one for your store, feel free to contact us or comment below and we’ll get back at you.

Obviously, jewelry display cases aren’t enough to make the most out of your visual merchandising strategy, so be sure to check out Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays article for more types of displays you can use the properly display jewelry items.

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