Leather, velvet, wood, glass and acrylic are just some of the most popular materials that are used to manufacture jewelry stands. We have created a top of the most absolutely stunning jewelry mannequin stands and jewelry display busts. Let’s take a look.

#1. The Classical Jewelry Mannequin Stands

Simplicity remains the most sophisticated thing. An example that supports this phrase is the classical jewelry mannequins stand, that you can see in the image below, wrapped in black velvet, perfect for displaying necklaces of all sizes.

Black Mannequin Women Lady Girl Black Velvet Necklace Display Stand Show Pedestal Jewelry Chain Holder BustIndustry Science New

#2.  Traditional Jewelry Display Busts

One of the nicest handmade busts, made from a range of materials as paper mache, wood, calico, burlap and others were able to be combined in the most amazing way possible, reaching a final jewelry mannequin that offers traditional flair to the place where you position it.


#3. Rustic Jewelry Mannequin Stands

Rustic style can be still glamorous. This metal jewelry holder molds fine chicken wire into the shape of a fancy jewelry bust to display your accessories. More than that, the open wire provides the perfect place to suspend some earrings and pins.


4. Musical Notes Themed Jewelry Display Busts

If you want to stand out,  you can tilt to choose a great idea of jewelry display bust in vintage style. Giving up the simplicity and uniform color the mannequin can be covered in paper music, giving the feeling of an old object.


#5. Fashionable Dress Shaped Jewelry Mannequin Stands

A creative solution for jewelry  support is this shaped dress made entirely of metal. First time you imagine an iron object,  you may seem it harsh, but this mannequin stand due to the thin and curved wire manages to express the delicacy of putting jewelry on display into value.


#6. Laced Jewelry Display Busts

But if you have inclinations for decorative fabrics character, we can suggest a jewelry display bust wrapped in lace, which contain parts with complex designs of flowers resting on a support made of glass, denotes smoothness and good taste.


#7. Lamp Shaped Jewelry Mannequin Stands

As simple as it is, as outstanding looks. The beauty of this jewelry mannequin stand is that although it has a classic shape symbolizing only part of the bust, the fact that is sitting on a tall metal stand makes particular standing out regardless of decor.


#8. “Flower Power”  Jewelry Display Busts

Vintage appearance is always in vogue. This jewelry display bust is also handmade and is simply marvelous by dozens of roses in shades of pink and cream symbolizing purity and freshness.


#9. Linen Covered Classic Jewelry Mannequin Stand

Made with a durable and trendy linen burlap fabric, this jewelry mannequin stand is very fashionable nowadays.


#10. The Little Details Matter: Spot The Bird

Small details make the difference. See for yourself. A black mannequin jewelry made of ceramics and felt with one drawer and a bird finial. Very creative.