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The Best Signage & Sign Types For Your Store

One of the crucial decisions that retail store owners need to decide on is the appropriate store signage. The primary goal of any enterprise in this industry is to attract the maximum number of customers on any given day. Retail signs must be catchy since these must drive foot traffic inside the establishment. Design, shape and form should capture the eye.

In a very competitive marketplace, business proprietors must be innovative and come up with the […]

Jewelry Display Lighting Best Practices

Every jewelry retailer knows the importance of lighting when showcasing his products. They know that different kinds of lights can affect customers in such a way as to convince them to either buy your product or not. The importance of light lies in the way it enhances a jewel. Jewelry display lighting requires flawless luminance that will accent both the cut of the gemstone and its color.

What is the most common sentence used in a […]

The Best Techniques For Perfectly Lighting Small Retail Stores

Small store owners need to find the perfect technique in lighting their establishments. It is an important aspect that will determine the ultimate success of their business ventures.

Unique Environment

Retail shops, no matter how small, thrive in unique settings. It is considered a merchandising showground made more attractive by good illumination, signage, visual displays, and decors. Of the four elements, lighting is essential in building the appropriate image to ensure it gets the maximum […]

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Lighting As A Key Factor In Display Jewelry Effectively

Colorfully Lighted Glass OrnamentsMost of the people involved in the jewelry business know that this kind of business is a very complex one. Every jewelry store owner knows very well that in order to be successful you have to not only invest a serious amount of money, but also a lot of time and dedication.  Investing a lot of money and wait for the jewelry items to […]

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14 Jewelry Lighting Best Practices Worth Following

Interior designers and lightning manufacturers believe that some store owners don’t give so much credit on lightning as an effective strategy to boost sales. Even so, a lot of manufacturers of store fixtures register increases of sales of such products, for which a lot of market research is undergone in order to come up with the best techniques and technologies that can guarantee a flawless displaying of the jewelry.

It has been stated that nowadays jewelry […]

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4 Important Jewelry Lighting Considerations For Jewelry Stores

Most people involved in the jewelry business know that selling jewelry is not as easy as it seems. Besides investing a certain amount of money in jewelry items and other things like props and fixtures, you also have to invest a lot of time and dedication in running the store and in trying to find the best marketing strategy or strategies that fits best. Therefore, one of the things you have to consider when you […]

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How To Create Displays For Diamonds & Gemstones Using Different Types Of Lighting

From ancient times, jewelries had a special status that was given by the inherent value of the material they were made of. Some of the reasons for which people wear these items for personal adornment are connected with some sort of social mentalities. Therefore, people wear jewelry as an indicator of social status (for example the wedding ring), as a marker for a certain affiliation, be it religious, ethnic, political or social, to ensure a […]

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The Different Layers & Styles Of Retail Lighting Design

Up until now we have discussed the importance of lighting in retail. How quality lighting and lighting design can influence you shoppers’ overall experience, how it helps cut down on operational costs, save energy and make employees more productive. We also learned what the main objectives lighting has to fulfill in retail, along with a simple lesson on how light works and types of fixtures for retail stores.

Moving on in our retail lighting series, we […]

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Lighting Objectives To Consider For Retail Stores

To recap, the type of lighting selected and its color has the ability to influence close to 90% of the buying decisions that arise at your point of purchase. It certainly affects the appearance of your merchandise, it influences the mood of shoppers. It helps create different types of perceptions, all beneficial, of course, and an environment in which your customers will feel at ease or why not, at home.


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