Every successful jewelry store owner knows how important a good marketing strategy is. Nowadays, a good marketing strategy does not sum up only in knowing your customers and promote your products. The best marketing strategy takes into consideration also the types of products you want to sell, how are displayed, so on and so forth.

Also, in this 21st century, we live in, in which information travels very fast, a very important aspect of selling things is visual merchandising. As always, people are very attracted by-products which are eye appealing. There are a lot of strategies of making products attract customers. In the jewelry selling business one of these is lighting. In this article, we will see how can lighting be used as a marketing strategy for selling jewelry and also how can lighting affects not only the salability of products, but also the retail space.

We wonder how many jewelry store owners thought about how lighting impacts their stores? Well, we can tell you that lighting is pretty important in displaying jewelry items and also helping to enhance the store’s design. Nine times often the place and the way one uses lighting can make the difference between success and failure. Let’s see what are the most important things to consider when we want to use lighting as a marketing strategy.

First of all, lighting can help us to highlight our jewelry items and make them more visible and appealing. Then, lighting can also attract customers to enter the store. Customers are attracted by lighting and can be encouraged to buy our products by visual enhancement. Another important thing is that lighting can help the jewelry store gaining a well-defined overall image. Last, but not least, lighting can make the shopping experience more interesting and enjoyable.

Even though we insisted on the importance of lighting in making a jewelry store successful, we have to say that there isn’t any handbook which can teach us how to use lighting correctly. Even so, we can point out some things about what types of lighting you can use and what changes you need to make to create a good marketing strategy.

Ambient lighting

Therefore, the first thing to take into consideration if you want to attract customers is the so-called ambient lighting. I think everyone knows or should know what ambient lighting is. For those who are not so familiar with the term, ambient lighting comprises all the lighting in a jewelry store. Ambient light is not used only as usual (as we use it in our private homes), but also for the customers. This type of lighting can help customers get an idea about what is your store selling and also can attract possible faithful clients. When we talk about ambient lighting we have to think about quality, not quantity. So, the best idea for every store and especially for a jewelry one is to have one big light fixture placed exactly in the center of the store. We do not have to forget the fact that this type of lighting impacts the whole store. Therefore, we have to choose the ambient lighting wisely, for we do not want it to change our jewelry items’ color or to negatively affect their form or shape.

Jewelry case lighting

All jewelry store owners should know how important the jewelry case lighting is. Why we should use jewelry case lighting? Well, we do not want our customers to struggle seeing a jewelry item inside a jewelry case. This is one of the mistakes which every jewelry store owner should avoid. This type of lighting is used not only for making jewelry items visible, but also for making them more appealing. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this type of lighting should be used in a clever way. By this, we mean that jewelry case lighting should be placed in such a way that clients may not lean against it.

Accent lighting

This is a type of lighting should be used depending on what items the store is selling. Accent lighting is usually used in jewelry stores which sell high-end pieces of jewelry. These types of jewelry items can become more visually appealing by using accent lighting. This type of lighting can be used even though the jewelry store does not sell high-end items. New or special jewelry items can benefit from accent lighting, even though they are not expensive. A jewelry store owner should use accent lighting on every jewelry item he wants to make it more noticeable. The main goal of this type of lighting is to advertise some jewelry items more than others. A very important piece of advice for jewelry store owners is to not overuse this type of lighting because in that case all the advantages are gone.

High activity lighting

This type of lighting is a sort of accent lighting, but at a larger scale. A jewelry store owner should identify which display case or category of jewelry items deserves more attention and use this type of lighting to make it more visible and appealing. Even though every piece of jewelry matters, high activity lighting should be focused on specific store areas and not only on a single product or item.

As we have already seen, lighting represents an important part of the marketing strategy of selling jewelry items. What types of lighting and the ways in which these are used depends entirely on the jewelry store owner. The store itself is also very important and should be taken into consideration in order for the lighting to be used properly. Even though people in the jewelry business consider many other things to be more important than lighting, we think that the impact lighting can have on a store has at least the same importance. Lighting should be used wisely and it also should be changed according to the changes of the merchandise or the store plan.