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The Effect of Musical Style on Restaurant Customers

Music is known for the impact it can have on one’s mood and also on perception. The influence on our perception is the result of the constant comparison our brain does about the information that comes in through our eyes and the expectations we build, based on the information we already have.

We build our expectations not just on experience, but also on our mood. Music as a stimulator comes to improve the way in which […]

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12 Songs You Really Shouldn’t Play in Your Retail Store

The influence that music has on shoppers in a store has been discussed over and over again; still, this topic arouses a lot of interest among sellers, because it is known that music is a stimulus which has one of the most powerful influence on customers’ brain, and it is, by default, one of the most important things to be taken into account when it comes to create an atmosphere.

If the atmosphere that […]

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Hit Songs vs Unknown Music in Retail Stores

One of the first things that a customer encounters when he enters a store is, of course, the background sound. It’s a known fact that music is a stimulus which has a huge influence on people in general, but here, since we’re talking about retailment, we must say it has a big influence on customers – it can increase or even decrease your sales.

There are a lot of music-related articles on the internet, […]

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Effects of Music Tempo on Shoppers & Their Behavior in Retail Stores

Store owners (big or small) must use various marketing strategies to increase sales and make profit. Various types of background music can affect the behavior of shoppers. Yet, it is not that easy to select the appropriate music volume and rhythm for retail shops. The first step is to choose the melody that matches the kind of establishment you operate. It is also necessary to determine how you want people to feel while […]

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How the Right Song Makes Expensive Products Look Better

Are you aware of all the strategies that you can use for capturing the customer’s eye and attention? Well, maybe you will find something new today, maybe not, but let me tell you a thing: you have at your service a lot of stuff (music, colors, odours) that you can use for influencing costumers, but you have to know exactly how to do this to make them buy more than maybe they would’ve […]

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The Subliminal Influence of Ambient Music on Shoppers

Ever wondered what you should do to achieve your goal as a retailer, a.k.a. to make your customers spend as much as possible in your store, no matter what type of store we’re talking about? Well, first of all, you better be aware of this: you must create an ATMOSPHERE! Every little detail of the customer’s experience matters – and we’re talking here about colors that pop in their eyes, different smells they encounter, the […]

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What Christmas Music to Play in Store Depending on Your Type of Business

Everybody knows that music changes our mood and it can make us go through a whole spectrum of feelings without anything outside the song triggering it. An Adele song can make you miss your cheating ex even though you’ve never had a boyfriend and Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ will make you feel, well, happy, all in a matter of minutes.

It’s amazing how much music can influence us both on an emotional and physical level. Some […]

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Music in Your Store


It is said that music is the universal language of mankind. The most subliminal and subtle I might say. We are constantly surrounded by it in various forms and no one can deny its power of conveying a message. It soothes us in times of pain, it stimulates our senses and pierces so deeply that reaches to the bottoms of our hearts. But, we neglect the […]

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The Right Music When it Comes to Retail Music Selection

The impact that music has on people is not only psychological, but also physiological and cognitive. Which is exactly why music is one of the perfect tools for marketers. Whether it is classical or modern, music is used as motivation for the desired emotion and as an impulse for action.

When entering a retail, it is often the stimuli that a consumer is first exposed to. Thus, it is of the utmost importance for the first […]

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Top Most Played Songs in Retail Stores

Music is certainly a very, very important element in your overall store’s atmosphere; you’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again, it’s not rocket science. But I will still mention something in this article, and I hope you are aware of it, but if you’re not, listen: no potential customer is under obligation of becoming a customer of yours – meaning that no one has to stay in your store if they don’t […]

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