Earlier before we discovered together the diversity of the light bulbs, their advantages and disadvantages, and more importantly how to incorporate them into your retail strategies. Here I am again to help you. But this time we are talking in more specific terms, as I am going to address my fellow jewel sellers and retailers out there.

Having the right lighting adjustments can become your high-end strategy and add the sparkle you need to the already luxurious and stunning accessory pieces you display. Because it would be in vain to have the best products on the market if you keep them shadowed in the corners. Follow my advice and surpass your competitors with a touch of edge and class that only a well-designed lighting fixture can provide you.

Manage your priorities right

When it comes to lighting you must apply the “think before you action principle”. Because your main goal should be to consume as little energy and money as possible while using great products. Do not be cheap with your choices, though. Quality should prevail quantity. Do not accept a cheap deal and never imagine that the brightest light bulb you see would do the trick. Find the right balance and display the jewelry as they deserve. 25% of your total costs will come from lighting, so choose wisely.

What is the right type of lighting?

  • Showcase lighting

This is one of the most important elements when it comes to the manner you display the jewelry. Visibility should always come first on your list. You need to always remember that your products are of a small size so they need to shine brightly from any angle. Before your client makes his choice of preference, they need to see clearly all the others available.

A good lighting fixture means no eventual cast of shadow on your window displays that might impede the customer to see the true value and beauty of your jewels. And this could occur if a potential customer comes closer and leans over in order to examine them. So make sure this fatality never happens. Also, you need to find the balance between the color and the temperature level of the lighting in order to reach the maximum effect and portray the most important qualities of your products.

To achieve the perfect showcase lighting you need to place a source of light at the top and at the back of the case. This way you do not block the view of your clients and provide just the right amount of light.

  • Overhead lighting

Think of it as the vital element of your jewelry store but also as a plan b and the saving element of your selling strategy. If, after all, you cannot afford a good showcase lighting that would bring your jewels to life, at least make sure you raise the game with the best lighting that comes from above. When your clients decide they want to actually try on or examine the jewels, these need to steal the buyers’ eye. So think twice how and where you want to invest the most money.

When you choose to create this kind of lighting fixture you need to take into consideration a series of other practical factors. The light coming from above is basically what we call the natural or the ambient lighting and must be provided in accordance with the other components of the store; for example the size of your shop and the height of its ceiling.

The professionals advise that lights should be placed at a distance of maximum 3 meters above the ground. But if your ceiling is higher and the lights need to be placed at more than 3 meters, the best thing to do is to use suspended overhead lights at about one meter apart from each other.

Like I mentioned before, the level of heat is crucial as well. Measured in Kelvin or K degrees, the light bulbs provide different types of light, so they give you the freedom to choose what suits your shop best:

  • 3,000K lights emit a warm and subtle white and have a slightly yellowish glow
  • – 3400K to 4500K lights provide a neutral kind of white
  • – 4600K and higher is a cool almost blinding white with a bluish glow. (Tip: this type is ideal for sterling silver, steel and diamonds)

Those who emit the lowest and give the idea of warmth accentuate the tones of yellow or orange gems and gold jewelry. Since medium color temperatures are more in the neutral/white range, they’re a good choice for general-purpose lighting.

  • Diamonds are the stars of the show

They rise and shine best under the warm and natural light as they reflect it. And if you provide the right lighting for them, the other gemstones will be fine. Make sure they benefit from both above and below lighting, they need to look perfect in and out of the glass display.

You need to make sure you offer the real image and qualities of your jewelry, especially diamonds, they need to look the same in the window and on the buyer’s finger.

Like I mentioned before, their fine cut is best observed and appreciated under cool white light (6,500 K or more) no matter which of the afore-mentioned methods of lighting you choose. They are the central element of any jewelry shop so they need to be treated accordingly.

  • LED’s are the way to go

I gave you all the tips and tricks you ned to create the ideal lighting fixture for your retail. But what I omitted up until now is the type of light bulb you should use to provide all this. The answer is simple and easy to anticipate. I’ve already pleaded for the advantages and benefits of the LED’s so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are my choice of bulb when it comes to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of jewels and metals while protecting the environment.

They come in different shades and intensities of white, so your diamonds and silver pieces are covered, being at the same strong enough to provide you with the best overhead lighting while consuming less than any other type of light bulb at a decent price. So, what else are you waiting for?

Hoping that I covered all you need to know about the right methods and products that you need to create a magical and over the top atmosphere for your clients, I wish you all the best of luck in your journey of becoming the best jewelry retailers out there.