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The Best Display Cases

Finding the best display case that checks all the requirements you have when it comes to displaying your products, collectibles or even art pieces is surprisingly difficult, due to the huge variety in terms of shapes, sizes, materials, locking mechanisms, placement and features. What’s worse, the term display case is broadly used to describe many form factors (especially when it comes to jewelry display) that could be considered boxes, trays or even storage solutions. That’s […]

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The 20 Best Creative Dress Forms

You’d think that dress forms are just the usual pinnable foam body mannequins used by tailors and designers, but in the last few years they’ve become quite popular as decorative and clothing display items, with many people buying them for their wardrobe or for their stores. As such, dress form producers have stepped up their game and started offering more creative dress form options, including all sorts of vintage-looking designs.

Vintage style dress forms have become […]

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The 20 Best Decorative Dress Forms

Decorative dress forms are a novel way of adding a pinch of class & elegance to any room, no matter how they’re placed. Be it standing in a corner, near a dresser, on a counter top, a dress form almost always fits in nicely and, besides its aesthetic function, also helps you organize various accessories and clothing items. Some dress forms are perfectly suited for preparing your next day’s outfit, jewelry included.

When it comes to […]

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The 20 Best Vintage Dress Forms

Renaissance was one of the most interesting and sophisticated periods in human evolution, not only culturally, but also fashion-wise. It seems that more and more people are mesmerized by the femininity promoted by vintage or antique items as they want to embrace the light of human creation by surrounding themselves with such complex artistic self expression. From corsets, velvet dresses, symbolic pendants to, home decorations, mirrors, furniture and many others, vintage style’s elegance seems to […]

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The Best Dress Forms

When it comes to clothing display & organization, dress forms are a more a niche solution and most people think they’re limited to the professional kind used to sewing & garment draping, but there are many styles & types of dress forms that are perfect when it comes to creating window displays, highlighting certain items or just using them as decorative props. We’ve organized and ranked all those forms, in parallel with mannequins, to offer […]

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The 20 Best Mannequin Legs

There are many ways to display socks, stockings, shoes, boots and other footwear related products, but mannequin legs & feet are by far the best solution to organize and display important products, since they’re built to offer your customers the most realistic view of the product. We’ve seen many creative uses of fixtures by footwear & apparel stores, and most of those incorporated mannequin feet many times, which is basically a field-tested solution to say […]

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The 20 Best Ghost Photography Mannequins

Whether you have an online clothing store or you just want to promote your physical clothing store on the internet, you need to be very careful about how your clothes are showcased and photographed. There is a huge difference between photographing clothing laid on a flat surface and photographing clothing to make it look 3D. Everyone knows that people love to see that the clothing looks amazing when it is worn, as the visual appeal […]

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The 20 Best Mannequin Body Forms

Mannequins and body forms are the pinnacle of elegance and pragmatism when it comes to display techniques. By using the right one and in the right setting, a body figure could give your store or home a vibrant, modern look and your fancy clothes could turn into valuable art pieces – since beauty is a complex perception, created with the help of additional, background details.

They could play a major role in building up your brand’s […]

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The 20 Best Sitting Mannequins

In almost every clothing store, you’ll see at least one mannequin. They are completely useful for showcasing clothing, as they attract the attention of every potential customer. Mannequins provide a stylish way for displaying clothes in a store. However, most merchandisers only use standing mannequins. Although they are fabulous and they can showcase any type of clothing, you should also think about using some sitting mannequins as well.

Sitting mannequins are also available in a variety […]

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The 20 Best Clothes Mannequins

Mannequins could be the best way to display clothes since you can exhibit more matching items in the same time, creating a cute outfit which could motivate clients to purchase more in order to achieve the same look. However, close attention should be directed towards the type of mannequins you are using to display your best clothes: they vary in shape, sizes, colours and types. The good news is that you can combine the presentation […]

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