Everything you do, every great effort you make and every second you invest in something is worth it when the result is successful and gives you satisfaction. The same thing happens with a jewelry store. Every jewelry store owner invests time and money in his business at the very beginning, hoping that it would be successful. In the jewelry business, success can be translated by branding and profit. A serious jewelry store owner wants not only to make profit, but also to create a brand from the products he or she sells.

Well, some of them get there, others fail. The line between success and failure is a thin one. It all depends on the marketing strategy you choose to apply. It is obvious that things related to what exactly you are going to sell and how you sell it is important too, but a good merchandising strategy is also required. One of these strategies refers to visual merchandising, more precisely to how you can make your jewelry store tell a story by using visual merchandising. In this article, we will try to present you some tips, strategies or whatever you want to call it, which you can use to make your jewelry store tell a story and in this way attract clients and sell your products.

Telling a story, especially for the products of a jewelry store, it is not always an easy job. But using the right design, lighting, as well as jewelry props and fixtures can help you accomplish this task.

Tell your own story with every piece of jewelry…

jewelry-pieces-with-a-storyThe best way in which you can make your jewelry store tell a story is by carefully evaluating your pieces of jewelry. If your jewelry business is at an early stage of development, you have to think about what kind of jewelry you want to sell. You want your store to be exclusive, displaying only high-end pieces or maybe you want to sell jewelry items for every budget. No matter what you choose, you always have to keep in mind the image of your ideal customer, whom your products address to.

There are another two important aspects you need to take into consideration if you want that the story you choose to help you sell. The first aspect refers to the importance of a specific design. A specific design can help the story you tell to have an impact on your customer’s imagination. The second important aspect, which at a first glance seems more practical, refers to right lighting. Therefore, the right design and lighting can be crucial in creating a story that can attract customers and sell the product. Telling a story can be effective even you start a store from scratch or inherit one that already has a history. In the latter case, telling a story is easier because of the history.

You can always refer to its history and try to tell a story by reinventing and innovating things. If the jewelry store you own started from scratch, then is a little bit more complicated, but there are some ideas you can exploit. For example, try to choose some interesting pieces of jewelry with special characteristics that can tell a story, alone or combined. You can always choose items that have vintage or novel designs. All you need is to unleash your imagination, keeping in mind those aspects mentioned before like design and lighting.

Use Window Displays To Help Your Jewelry Store Tell The Story

Storytelling in window display designIt is a well-known fact that every jewelry store has its own high-end or iconic pieces of jewelry. The key to a good visual merchandise is to display these items, thus creating a great image for the window display, an image that can attract people inside the store. Most of the people who pass by a jewelry store usually take a glance at the window display. If you put anything or everything in it, there is a good chance that the passer-by will just pass-by.

But if your window display contains your best, icon pieces of jewelry, then there is a chance that the passer-by would like it. Therefore, he or she will enter the store and see not only that particular piece he or she likes it, but also other jewelry items even though the price is beyond his or her budget. In order to make the passer-by curious, the window display has to have some distinctiveness or uniqueness. It is obvious that this thing cannot happen if you decide to put every jewelry item you got and crowd the display only to prove that your store has a large scale of products.

Keeping smart and simple is the best way. Every jewelry store owner should think about this and take it easy by beginning with deciding which fixture or prop can be used to attract attention and where it can be placed in order to do that. This is a very simple, but great way to start in comparison with bulking the window display with a whole load of merchandise.

Telling A Story Could Easily Be Considered Essential Branding

Every successful jewelry store owner knows that having a profitable business is not enough and that success demands more. Well, the next step is turning the retail business into a brand. This can happen when the right display cases, décor and branding are combined. Transforming a retailer into a brand requires a lot of experience and documentation. A way of branding for a jewelry store can be the creation of jewelry collection or, even better, the creation of areas.

If your store concentrates on more than one type of jewelry, then you can always try to introduce specific areas into your store, such as a bracelet area, a necklace are or a ring one. A good strategy is to always have a new area in which you can display what is new in your store. Placing full-length mirrors, rather than the smaller ones in which the customer can see only his or her face, can be a great branding idea.