Jewelry armoires don’t just help you store and organize your valuables, they come with a lot of exciting features and options that perfectly suit your specific needs and desires.

We have compiled a list of the most amazing and notable features that you will absolutely love and want for your jewelry armoire.

Mirrored Jewelry Armoires

Mirrored Jewelry ArmoireA mirrored jewelry armoire can mean two things, two main types of mirrors that can adorn it, this being by far one o the most practical features. One is the top lid that opens to reveal a mirror in which you can see how jewelry looks on you, to get a view of how to mix and match earrings with necklaces and even rings and bracelets.

The second is represented by a full-length mirror situated on the exterior, which is even more practical in the case that you want to match jewelry to your outfits. The latter provides a higher sense of security, especially in the case of wall-mounted armoires or floor standing chevals because they are practically disguised as a mirror, barely being able to make the distinction that it, in fact, holds such valuable items.

There is also a third situation in which an armoire can be considered as mirrored. It refers to those that have drawers and doors with mirror applications and the ones who have a polished silver finish. Even though the latter is not exactly a mirror, it does reflect light and objects.

Lockable Jewelry Armoires

Lockable Jewelry ArmoireHinges, hooks and magnets are the main types of closing systems used for jewelry armoires. In order to ensure that your valuables are kept safe, away from prying eyes and hands, a lock and key are required.

Most jewelry armoires offer this option, simply because it is indispensable in some situations. Especially when you have small children in the house, or you leave the armoire unsupervised in your retail store.

The locking mechanism can be placed in individual drawers, as well as on the whole armoire. It depends purely on your personal security needs. If you want to share the jewelry armoire with someone and want to keep what’s yours for yourself, we would recommend one that has individual locking drawers. If it is all yours, one lock for the entire armoire is enough, it is interesting though how one key can open so many doors, is it not?

Jewelry Armoires with Secret Compartments

Some of the jewelry armoire manufacturers take security very seriously so, besides adding a lock and key to secure valuables, they also add secret compartments.

This feature is absolutely amazing. They keep the jewelry that is most valuable completely hidden. Needless to say that in the case of a theft, they will remain safe and sound, locked away in their special compartment. Even more so if the armoire itself is camouflaged in an ordinary piece of furniture, such as a mirror.

Jewelry Armoire with Secret Compartments

Lighted Jewelry Armoires

To create an incredible impression we recommend opting for a lighted jewelry armoire. You can let loved ones sleep at ease because you won’t have to turn the lights on. This feature helps illuminate your face while trying on jewelry and makes it much easier for you to find certain pieces from a collection if each individual compartment has its own light.

The type of lighting used for jewelry armoires is LED simply because they have a very low energy consumption and they don’t overheat. In general, they require batteries to function but if a more intense light is required, you might have to consider one that is plugged in.

Lighted Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoires with a Charging Station

This fantastic looking piece of home décor that not only adds to the beauty of your home it gives you a lot of impressive features that only add to its incredible functionality. Besides keeping jewelry safe and very well organized some armoire manufacturers also include a charging stations inside the top section.

We’ve noticed two types of charging stations. One is simple, meaning that you can put your gadget or device in the top compartment of the jewelry armoire, right under the lid, and insert the cable through the special opening created in the back, and simply plug it in. Cables don’t stick out and your device will be protected from scratches due to the lining, which we will discuss a bit further on.

Jewelry Armoire with Charging Station

The second charging station option is to have a power strip put inside the armoire, underneath the top compartment. This compartment is removable and has multiple dedicated spaces through which you can pull out cables, ensuring that you can charge multiple devices at once. In this case, a jewelry armoire might be absolutely perfect to use as a bedside table or nightstand, although you have to make sure that you can hear your alarms if you close the lid.

Jewelry Armoires with Photo Frames

With jewelry armoires, things just seem to get better and better. Another beautiful option you can consider is that of photo frames. How lovely is it to see your favorite photos each time you want to accessorize?

You don’t have to use duct tape or any other adhesive that might ruin the surface of the armoire, simply because they come with already integrated frames that are covered with glass to ensure that your photos are as safe and organized as your jewelry.

Most of the jewelry armoires that have photo frames are the wall-mounted type, due to the fact that you can see them better when they are at least at the level of the eyes. These designated frames do not necessarily take up all the front door of the armoire so it is easy to combine with a full-length mirror.

Jewelry Armoire with Photo Frames

Tilting Jewelry Armoires

This feature comes exclusively for floor standing jewelry armoires that replicate cheval mirrors. The fact that you can tilt the mirror from front to back is fantastic for when you want to admire only certain details of your outfit.

You can rest assured that none of the jewels inside will rock around, or fall inside because the pads, shelves and hooks are secured, also the armoire tilts only to a certain extent so you don’t have to worry.

Tilting Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoires with Shelves

Some floor standing jewelry armoires with full-length mirrors come with shelves, placed in the back of the armoire. This is perfect for storing make-up and / or toiletries or small decoration items. This helps you save a lot of time by having everything you could possibly need to start your day at hand and look fantastic every single time.

Jewelry Armoire with Shelves

Rotating Base Jewelry Armoires

Some manufacturers decide to go a step further and include the option of a rotating base to floor standing jewelry armoires. This means that the armoire can be rotated 360 degrees so you can admire yourself in any light, from every angle and accessorize perfectly.

You are also able to find this kind of jewelry armoire that also includes shelves and the tilting option as well, combining functionality and  a perfectly designed accent furniture piece into one.

Rotating Base Jewelry Armoire

The Lining & Interior of Jewelry Armoires

Compartments, Holders & Ring Pads

Compartments are crafted according to each individual type of jewelry armoire. For floor standing armoires or free-standing armoires, the drawers can be simple or divided into various smaller compartments, to accommodate jewelry of different sizes to accommodate pins, brooches, bracelet sets, even small toiletries and hair accessories. This is the simplified version.

The more complex version is one that also includes watch and bracelet holders as well as enough ring pads to accommodate a large collection. Necklaces, in both cases, can be kept in the side compartments that are especially crafted to hold them. Another option, since theses types of armoires, have so many divided spaces, is to store individual necklaces.

Jewelry Armoire with Multiple Compartments

Wall-mounted, or vertical jewelry armoires such as chevals can have small interior drawers, designated hooks for necklaces, ring pads, shelves to hold bracelets and watches and even a designated earring storage system, so all your organizing needs are met.

Lining Options & Colors

The compartments of armoires are lined with different types of materials to ensure that your jewelry and any other item you keep in it is safe from scratches. Plush, felt, rayon, velour and velvet are the main materials used to line the inside of any jewelry armoire. There are so many options that these amazing accent furniture pieces have, that you can even choose the color of the lining. You can find any color ranging from black, green, red, ivory, gray, purple, beige to beautiful patterns and color combinations.

Jewelry Armoire Interior Lining Options

Jewlery Armoires with Knobs / Handles / Drawer Pulls

Jewlery Armoire Ornate Drawer PullsThe knobs or drawer pulls of the jewelry armoire will always match the style it is crafted in. There are literally thousands if not tens of thousand knobs and pulls you can choose from. Materials range from bronze, brass, silver and other types of metals to literally any combination. They also present a wide range of finishes, motifs and shapes such simple round drawer pulls, mirrored finger pulls, silvertone handles and even glass and crystal knobs. The amount of details on some of the pulls are absolutely staggering and will only add to this impressive piece of decorative furniture.

As you can see, there is an impressive amount of features & options to consider. Take your time and be sure to browse our product selection, we are absolutely sure you will find what you are looking for.

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