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The Right Type of Music Based on Types of Customers

Being a retail owner is synonym with having a lot of responsibilities and all that jazz in your hands to handle and the attention to detail is imperious. And I bet the last thing that pops into your head would be “Hmm, how today’s playlist should sound like?” Well, you should think this through, as music is one vital factor that contributes to the success of your business. But worry not, my fellow friend, because […]

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5 Music Tricks to Make Customers Buy

To begin with, I would like you to focus on your inner client for a minute and forget about your job as a retailer. Now, for those who have the common pastime of strolling around shops at the mall and checking out even the tiny hand-made jewelry boutiques, without ever actually buying more than an inexpensive item – for those of you (and you know exactly who you are!), I have one simple question: are […]

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6 Holiday Music Tricks Retailers Use

When the holidays are approaching, getting away from Christmas and winter-themed music can seem impossible, and rightfully so: holiday music is everywhere, from the most crowded buses and trains to the most pretentious office buildings. And, of course, in most stores and restaurants. This happens completely by design. Clever retailers know how to make good use of the holiday season to their advantage, and music proves itself to be a very handy tool in this […]

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Classical Music Can Drive The Sale of More Expensive Products

Generally speaking, people are perfectly aware of the benefits of music for their mood, but find it a bit hard to believe that it can also influence their behavior and perception, and also be unconsciously persuaded by it. It is now scientifically proven that music can influence our behavior and that this situation is constantly exploited by retailers who use music so as to improve the way in which customers perceive the store, the products […]

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How to Choose the Right Music for Your Type of Business

When you are a retail store owner and you want to play background music in order to enrich the shopping experience of your customers, you might bump into some obstacles. Maybe you are aware of that, and that is why you are reading this article: to get informed. Well, in this case, you have already taken the first step towards choosing the right type of music, which is doing your fair share of research into […]

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How Music Can Help Small Retail Businesses

Music is a really big part of our lives and it has been shown to affect our moods while listening to it. More than that, a study shows that people think it’s more difficult to live without music than without sports, movies or newspapers and it comes in 3rd place after internet and mobile phones. The right playlist can help us achieve our goals, go through rough times, cope with stress or just have a […]

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How Background Music Influences Shopping Behavior

Visual Merchandising: Retail Psychology in Music

Savvy retailers are now using music in addition to other types of visual merchandising to entice customers to buy more. Alongside scent, lighting and décor, background music can help customers linger more and dwell on products which increase their likelihood of purchasing your products.

Many studies have been conducted to establish the effect of music on customers’ buying behavior. Different types of music can be associated with different types of […]

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How Music Improves the Perception Customers Have of Stores

According to the researchers from the University of Groningen, music hasn’t just an impact on one’s mood, but also on how people perceive the world or the environment that plays certain kind of music. The perception is transfigured when different songs are played because our brain continuously compares the information that comes in through our eyes with what it expects on the basis of what we know about the world.

The brain builds up expectations not […]

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How Music Volume Impacts the Time People Spend in Stores

Music affects people in many ways. These can be psychologically, physiologically and emotionally. Music is an effective tool for retailers. Any kind of melody stimulates emotions and arouses consumer actions. In fact, it is an essential element of retail experience. It can be considered a cornerstone that store owners need to build.  Majority of shoppers look forward to background music even in small stores.

Brands depend on music to convey their image further than the human […]

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Music Genres That Increase In-Store Sales When Played

Music is a powerful medium through which we can self-regulate our emotions and change our moods. Without sounds, visual perception is different: less contrasting, less attention-demanding, and less informative. In retail, music is perceived as a powerful tool due to its ability to influence customers while shopping, many researchers suggesting that there is a strong impact that music has on purchasing behavior. Music affects the time, the speed and even the amount of money spent […]

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