Being a retail owner is synonym with having a lot of responsibilities and all that jazz in your hands to handle and the attention to detail is imperious. And I bet the last thing that pops into your head would be “Hmm, how today’s playlist should sound like?” Well, you should think this through, as music is one vital factor that contributes to the success of your business. But worry not, my fellow friend, because I got your back. I know it is no easy job to be in control of everything, so here are a few tips and tricks

Well, you should think this through, as music is one vital factor that contributes to the success of your business. But worry not, my fellow friend, because I got your back. I know it is no easy job to be in control of everything, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the ideal resonance that will make the customers bust through your doors (with the best intentions, of course).

When you decide to choose the musical background for your store you might make the mistake and believe that everything will do as long as there is some buzzing in their ears to keep them entertained while deciding whether to buy something from your store or not. You cannot be more wrong. There are a whole lot of elements that must be put into balance before you finally strike a chord. Let’s see what you need to acknowledge:

#1. Demographic

Although at first, it might seem too abstract and irrelevant, the demographical statistics are crucial to the success of your business. You need to be updated to the latest tendencies and fluctuation in the number of the people that live in the proximity of your shop. If you are situated in a metropolis that is constantly exposed to change and innovation this should be felt in the choices that you make as well.

You need to promote the new and fresh vibes, the energy and dynamism specific to this type of living area. Choose modern music, the latest hits might be a safe choice, but try not to be repetitive. You need to have variety in your repertoire, so do not limit to just one genre, choose something for everyone’s cup of tea either we talk about the overheard rhythm of pop or dance or deeper notes of jazz or even Rock & Roll. On the other hand, if the area is not so flourishing the best choice, in my opinion, is to keep it simple and sweet and go for the classical, consecrated tunes that reach to any heart.

#2. Physical location

Another aspect that you should take into consideration when you choose the music is where the shop is situated because you will attract different categories of people. If your retail shop is part of a larger chain of businesses such as hypermarkets or malls, make sure you keep up with the Joneses and promote your own distinctive image.

Right Type of Music Based on The Type of Your Customers

You can have either busy families with children or even elders, so in this case your music needs to be fun and invigorating to keep them entertained, but at the same time do not forget to keep the volume at a reasonable and decent level as you do not want to make the shopping experience more than memorable.

This applies to any kind of store you have, from furniture shops to clothing boutiques. You want a relaxing atmosphere, not a college party. If you are this exposed you need to have again, variety as anyone can pass through your door, just make sure you choose something that goes along with what you are selling.

#3. Age and gender

The first question that comes to your mind when you decide the music should be Who am I selling to? This changes the game big time. Because people have different tastes in music depending on mood and trends, not to mention the age and gender. So you have to make sure you hit the right spot. If your public is not over the age of adolescence, so if they are under 15-16 years old you should try something dynamic, fun and creative, to go with their young minds and spirits, but watch the language, as well.

For the older siblings, you should choose young artists and their content, as you have a lot of genres at disposal from electro, dance, an alternative to indie, jazz, and even classical music, depending on your brand and what you sell. Adults and oldies are pretty pretentious too, as some may not find very attractive the latest trends, so make sure you have the old 80’s and 90’s vibes at disposal as well. As I do not think gender is a way to differentiate between clients when it comes to music, in the society we are currently living in, feel free to pick anything from any kind of genre, we are no longer in the era where girls wear pink ribbons and listen to opera.

#4. Psychographic

This is the last but certainly not the least aspect that should be tackled when you choose the music for your shop. “What is this gibberish?” you may ask yourself and what has to do with marketing? Right? Well, it is kind of the basic foundation of the economy. It refers to the public’s personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests and of course lifestyle.

And all these influences directly the music people usually listen to and are things that you should definitely add to the list of things you analyze first before you choose the music that will resonate in your shop. It sounds a bit unusual but it is damn efficient. How will find all that? Communicate with your already existing and loyal clients, ask them what they love and cherish, you need a feedback but of course, you need to know how and what questions you should ask.

They can vary from their hobbies to their favorite movie or book, these are subtle indicators to their personality and interests. Or be bold and direct. You choose. Or you can conduct different online surveys and find out what they like and adjust your standards, the options are numerous. Did you find out your customers love fantasy, then what stops you to have a day of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter soundtrack? Points for originality and customer dedication. Do you sell coffee? Then play some traditional Brazilian music. You get my point.

Hoping that I made myself clear and from now on you will think twice before you turn on the radio and put it on speaker so the whole shop can hear. Use your imagination. Be bold. Be original and…blow your own trumpet.