Jewelry merchandising is always an interesting topic to talk about. The jewelry business became in the last few years one of the most successful and profitable businesses in the world. It is true that the business we are talking about is not accessible to anyone, because the moment you want to start it you have to invest a lot first. This investment refers not only to a lot of pretty expensive things like high-end jewelry items, jewelry display cases, showcases, props, jewelry fixtures, different types of lighting or design, but also to a lot of time and dedication.

colorful-jewelryThat is why if you are a newbie in this domain and you want to be successful you need to pay attention to some important things. Every new or even experienced jewelry store owner should take into consideration and apply different effective merchandising strategies such as: the use of lighting for both the store and jewelry display cases, the way in which jewelry items should be organized, arranged and displayed, different tips you can use to make your display cases and jewelry items look more appealing and last but not least the essential impact that color can have in jewelry merchandising. In this article, we will try to talk about the last thing pointed in the previous paragraph, how important is the color in selling jewelry, what impact does it have, how it can influence customers, so on and so forth.

It is a studied and scientifically demonstrated fact that more than 80 percent of the people who buy different stuff are truly influenced by the color that the chosen items have. Color is a powerful factor that can influence human mood and behavior. Color can not only determine people to buy one jewelry item over another, but even the colors found in the store, the one surrounding the customer can also influence him or her to make a specific purchase. This can be a very helpful tip for jewelry store owners who can choose the right colors for their stores in order to create different emotions that can entice the customer buying jewelry.

Colors can create a calming and comforting atmosphere for customers

As we already mentioned, choosing the right colors for your jewelry store can make your customers feeling calm and comfortable and also influence them to buy your jewelry items. For example, warm colors like yellow or orange are considered to be alluring and uplifting to customers. On the other side, cool colors like blue, violet or green can offer customers a feeling of calmness. Think about how dull, neutral and uninviting a jewelry store would look like with its walls painted in white.

It is true that black and white are usually used to create the impression of simplicity which is always translated in elegance. But in order to attract more clients, a jewelry store owner should think about changing the color of the walls from white to orange or other warm color. The right painting corroborated with the right type of lighting could make your jewelry store really inviting.

colorful-earringsUse color as a storyteller

As the design of different jewelry items can create a specific story, so the colors you choose can make that possible. Choosing the best theme that fits your store and then the right colors for that theme, rather than the colors you like could be a very effective idea. You have to think about selecting a theme and colors that represent a specific concept you have in mind for your store. The theme you choose relies totally on your shoulders.

What you really need to know is that every color can be associated with a specific element or emotion. Let’s talk about some interesting examples of warm and cool colors. For example, red is considered to be the color of fire and blood, usually associated with power, energy, strength, danger or war, but also with love and desire. This color can be used as an accent color which can determine people to make quick decisions. Dark red represents anger, courage, leadership or even rage and wrath.

Pink, for example, denotes love and romance and is usually associated with feminine qualities and passiveness. Orange is usually associated with sunshine, joy and the tropics. Due to its very high visibility, orange is often used to catch customer’s attention and also highlight the most important element in a specific design. A color that is often used in the jewelry business is gold. Gold is used to transmit that feeling of prestige. This color means wisdom and wealth and often symbolizes high quality.

yellow-necklaceIn the cool color category enters green, which is considered to be the perfect color for representing nature. This cold color symbolizes freshness, fertility, growth and harmony. Green can be used for indicating safety, nature, or even money. Another cold color is blue, the color of the sky and sea. This color is usually associated with depth and stability. Blue symbolizes wisdom, confidence, trust, loyalty, intelligence or even faith and truth. It is also considered to be a masculine color and is often used together with warm colors in order to create high-impact designs.

Use color to highlight certain products

The use of colors like red or yellow is a great way to steal customers’ attention. Therefore, these two bright colors can be used to highlight every jewelry item that you think deserves more attention. Why red and yellow and no other warm colors? Well, scientific studies say that people tend to buy more when red is present and in terms of yellow, this color is considered to be the color that is first perceived by the retina.

It is important to keep in mind those wise words of the proverb: “One can have too much of a good thing”, because using too much red or yellow can have the so-called “boomerang effect” and affect customers, tiring their eyes and making them nervous. So, pay attention that these two colors represent no more than a quarter of your store’s overall color scheme.