There are a lot of strategies and jewelry merchandising solutions which a jewelry store owner could use. We can talk here about ways in which jewelry items are displayed using display cases, lighting, design or even color. As you may already know, lighting and color are two important aspects that everyone in the jewelry selling business should take into consideration. Lighting can be used to make jewelry items more visible. On the other side, color is also important. When we say color we think not only the color(s) of a piece of jewelry, but also the color(s) of display cases, showcases, props and other jewelry fixtures. In order to attract customers and to make your jewelry items more appealing is important to know when and how to use colors. In this article we will try to explain how color can be used as a jewelry merchandising solution.

beautiful-presentation-with-color-jewelry-visual-merchandisingHave you ever thought about colors, the way they make you feel? The same question is the one which every jewelry store owner should ask about possible customers. How potential customers may react to the colors in the design of the jewelry items displayed in your store? Because of the fact that we live in a visual world, color is a very important factor not only in selling things. Color can be considered one of the most satisfying elements in our lives. Color can create visibility or change our moods. Color is often linked to physical and emotional reactions, affecting both mind and body. If we are exposed to certain colors we can discover some interesting physiological changes – we can be excited, stimulated by some colors, others can create a feeling of coolness or warmth or even make us feel depressed.

One of the most important things about the color use in jewelry merchandising refers to the fact that you can create so-called “collections”. For example, we can choose to display some jewelry items by colors from light to dark, thus creating the look of a collection. This can be a very nice jewelry merchandising solution which can attract people to buy their favorite pieces of jewelry. Also, another interesting thing which each jewelry store owner has to keep in mind refers to the way in which most of the people tend to do the shopping when it comes to different products in general and jewelry items in particular. Many visual merchandisers talk about the fact that most of the people tend to have some sort of pattern when they shop. This pattern has three components – the first one refers to the fact that most of the customers usually shop from left to right; the second one refers to the fact that they tend to look at products from light to dark; and last, but not least, people shop by color preferences.

One of the best ways to use color as a jewelry merchandising solution is to follow closely those three components of the shopping pattern presented earlier. Therefore, what a jewelry store owner has to do is display jewelry items from left to right by color, from light to dark. If one does this, then the possible customer will start looking at the light pieces covering all the table or display case to the dark ones. So, the best strategy is to follow the simple principle of the natural progression of the colors from white on the left to the grey or black on the right. Also, an important tip to keep in mind is to leave some space between the color groups in order for the eye to rest. Too many colors grouped in a small place without any visual break can create confusion and tire the eyes of the customers. As we already mentioned, following this pattern you can also create the appearing of a collection of your grouped pieces of jewelry.

beautiful-color-jewelry-visual-merchandisingAnother way to use color as a jewelry merchandising solution is to know how to combine jewelry item colors in order to express feelings. This strategy could also help you to create special collections with interesting stories based on emotions. Emotional stories can usually be used as a marketing strategy. Therefore, if you want that your collection to express loyalty, peace or calmness you should take into consideration displaying blue jewelry items. The design of most of the blue jewelry items has gemstones or Swarovski crystals. These gemstones and crystals, which, by the way, have different tones of blue, tend to produce a calming effect. So, in terms of gemstones for jewelry items you should look for: blue agate, Iolite, Larimar, Sodalite, blue coral, blue Malaysia jade, apatite, sapphire, Angelite, blue chalk turquoise, blue Goldstone, blue sky jasper. On the other side, the best types of Swarovski crystals which can be used for jewelry items are: aquamarine, cobalt, denim blue, sapphire, crystal dark lapis, night blue, air blue opal, Capri blue, Montana, light blue Tahitian.

Green color is the best for a jewelry collection which want to express the feeling of health and healing or perhaps nature. These jewelry items could also be combined with different types of Swarovski crystals and gemstones. So, in terms of creating a jewelry collection based on jewelry with Swarovski crystals, a jewelry store owner should take into consideration the following types: chrysolite, dark moss green, khaki, lime, fern green, pacific opal, crystal iridescent green pearl, light green, neon green, emerald, jade, olivine, powder green or peridot. In terms of gemstones, you can choose from: Green Goldstone, green quartz, green onyx, emerald. Gaspeite, vaiscite, green tourmaline, green marble, green serpentine, green malachite or green chalk turquoise.

For a jewelry collection to express passion and intenseness the best color is red. The red color is part of the warm colors family, which conveys emotions. We also can discuss here about jewelries in terms of gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Best types of red gemstones are: red gate, red Howlite, red tigereye, cinnabar, red marble, ruby or red malachite. For Swarovski crystals we can name the following: Indian red, ruby, Siam, light Siam, Bordeaux, maroon, neon red pearls, burgundy or dark red coral.