No matter where you are and what sort of business you run, one thing is certain – you want to be successful. Everyone involved in business, especially in the jewelry business wants that his or her jewelry store run smoothly, make a lot of profit and in the end to become a brand that everyone will recognize. Anyway, if you have a jewelry store and all you think about is profit, you should think again. A lot of people who are hungry for profit tend to make stupid mistakes that in the end will be fatal and ruin their business. In the jewelry business, one of the most important things you should try to understand and then make it work or improve is visual merchandising.

As you may already know, visual merchandising refers to the general image of your store, from the exterior window display to every single piece of jewelry you have in the store. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration when we talk about jewelry visual merchandising such as the way in which you use display cases, the importance of using lights in a right way, improving the first appearance of a certain collection of jewelry, so on and so forth. In this article, we will try to present you some of the tips related to visual merchandising that every jewelry store owner should take into consideration and apply accordingly.

Interactive jewelry displays

People often get bored seeing the same things every day. So, if you want to attract their attention you always have to come with something new. If you want the passersby to enter your store and not that of your competitors, you should try to be different, but different in a good way. One of the solutions is to set up an interactive window display for your jewelry store. You have to charm the passersby with your jewelry window display. Setting up such a display will make your store not only attractive, but you will get also recognition for having the most creative and, why not, innovative window display in the whole town.

Anyway, an interactive display is a very good and effective idea, but it also comes with some costs. If you want to do it right, you have to invest. The investment is not only for the actual display, but also for the team of professionals who can make your job easier.  Hiring some interactive media designers that know how to do their job can be a very good idea, because they can help you conceptualize and set up the best interactive display for your jewelry store.

Show off your jewelry – tell a story

A piece of jewelry just standing in a display case doesn’t look so appealing. In general, people are attracted to certain colors, shapes and designs. But, there is a thing which they cannot resist – a story. If you are able to arrange or add something to your jewelry items so that it can tell a story, then the game is won. Usually, people do want stories in their lives. They also want to see how a certain piece of jewelry looks on them. Therefore, you can choose whether to arrange your jewelry items in a way that it can tell a story or use the display to show customers how the items will look on them or in their home.

Having mirrors in your store is one of the most effective ideas for making your sales grow. Consider having not just little mirrors, but also one or two of a bigger size, because people want to see how a certain piece of jewelry fits their outfit. There are a lot of people who buy jewelry items as gifts. Therefore, a piece of jewelry presented in a gift box, with some curls of ribbon clung to the box, can make the customer visualize how the gift will look under a Christmas tree or if it is fit for a certain anniversary.

Using mannequin parts is not always a good idea

There are some jewelry stores which use mannequin parts, some of them quite old, to create an original and innovative display. This is not always a good idea, because for the average customer it will not look appealing at all. Old mannequin parts used in a jewelry display can give customers a creepy feeling when they first take a glance at the display. The only way to use these mannequin parts is if the display’s purpose is actually this – to give a creepy feeling. Using this idea for Halloween could be fun and maybe effective. Anyway, every jewelry display should stick to being professional, presentable and appealing.

Don’t forget about grouping

Organizing your jewelry items is a must. How you organize them, it’s your choice. First, your jewelry store should be organized logically – that means in a way in which the customer could easily find what she or he needs. Then, the jewelry items you sell should be grouped on categories like: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, diamond jewelry, so on and so forth. An interesting and, at the same time, effective way to group jewelry is by creating collections. Grouping certain pieces of jewelry and creating collections similar to those of clothes – by season (spring – summer – autumn – winter) could be a great way to attract people’s attention and increase sales. Choosing a theme or creating a story could also be of help when you make a certain collection.

Put your jewelry in a good light

Using the right lighting for your jewelry store could make it successful. The easy and inexpensive way of making use of lights to improve the overall aspect of the store and the one of your products refers to spotlights. If the spotlights are well-placed and can draw attention to the most important pieces of jewelry you have, then the job is done. Such spotlights should be used both within the store and in the display windows.