Whether you are searching for ideas to start a business in retail, or you simply need a cheap and simple strategy to display your products, you’re in the right place. A certain expertize is always useful when we try something new or when we’re thinking about some investment in your store, either because you need a change, or just for the sake of coming up with something new and creative.

And because there’s a lot of information to grasp, we’ve gathered it here so that you won’t have to do more research than necessary. We’re dealing here with the best solutions that can help a lot in terms of effectively displaying your products when you don’t plan to invest too much in this matter. It also represents a good solution for little to medium stores, because the alternatives are chosen to help you manage the space you have in the best way possible.

Some of the most utilized alternatives for mannequins are: Articulated Figures, Hangers, Inflatables, Cutout Figures, and Soft-Sculpted Figure. All of them can provide an effective appearance if you consider some of their features as coming in your help. You must use each and any alternative according to its specification so that you won’t get a reversed result. They have the benefit of providing the cheapest solution for any type of store, and also an easier one.

1. Soft-Sculpted Figures

A soft-sculpted figure is a partial representation of the human body, male, female or child, of all colors and for all ages. The skeleton is made up of foam or other similar materials. To ensure an effective display, make sure you choose soft-sculpted figures that avoid clothes slide from them. They can be used especially to display shirts, pullovers, t-shirts, jackets, or even jewelry. They have the benefits of being easy to handle and to install, but you must be careful because some types are fragile.

2. Articulated Artistic Figures

These are life-sized human representations that are made especially from wood or white plastic, and are generally used by artists and designers in the process of drawing when they don’t have a real human body to help them. They can be handled easily by removing joints or tilting them in various positions. They can be used effectively in stores in order to provide a classy style or a traditional look.

3. Good Ol’ Hangers

A hanger can provide a useful device to display merchandise, but it must be handled carefully because it may create the feeling of negligence, looking like something pulled out of stock without any prior attention. Hangers can help you display almost everything, from blouses, scarf to ties and dresses. Another thing: don’t forget about clothes that might slide, and take care of this aspect by choosing the right hanger for the items you want to display.

4. Cutout Figures

Cutout figures can represent a cheap and effective way to display certain items of clothing. If you are talented enough, you can create a similar effect to that of a hanger or even a dress form; if you combine cardboard or any material that can help you so as to create a 3D assembly. Make sure you use a quality material that won’t be cracked by certain heavy items of clothing.

5. Inflatables

Another alternative to mannequins, inflatables can be a solution when you don’t have a big budget to help you display your merchandise. You can use them effectively and get the similar impression you’d get from an actual mannequin if you can find a way to customize them. Make sure you take into account all the circumstances that might go wrong about it. Inflatables are fragile objects and you need to make sure they won’t blow while people touch them. To avoid any unpleasant situations, you can warn customers to avoid a firm touch of them.