Nowadays, there is a constant need to create an image for things, an identity that has the main function to captivate the viewers and create a certain attitude towards a particular item. There is this attitude that retailers and store owners try to work on in order to come up with the best strategy of promoting their products. In apparel stores, marketing strategies are meant to attract as many customers as possible and to convert them from simple passers-by in potential customers and then good advocates for the brand.

A lot of money is spent every day with various ways to improve the layout of the places where the products are sold and to optimize the entire “adventure” of shopping. This focus on visual strategies is also seen as a way to counteract to the so-called “online threat”, a more comfortable way to do shopping nowadays.

But actual stores have the main advantage of providing a real interaction with the products, with specialized staff that certainly can help more than anyone else, and, more important, they maintain a genuine experience of shopping alive by allowing customers to be a part in the entire process of merchandising: decide, provide feedback, evaluate expectations, make suggestions, create sense, give credit, or simply being valued for the main purpose of providing a target on which producers carry out investigations for their further products.
Other “threats” that retailers have to deal with are connected with customer behavior and seasonal trends. These shouldn’t seem as problems whatsoever, because the situation may be used in retailers’ own advantage and help them improve the visibility of the brand by crafting creative displays for different types of customers, or any time a fresh look needs to be shown. A serious issue may appear when it comes to actually invest in promoting your products inside the store.

A lot can be done in terms of improving visibility; you may choose to seek professional help from shop fitters or interior decorators, or you can simply research a little, get a sense of topics, ideas, procedures, learn from other’s similar experience and build your own strategies. There are a lot of websites created for this very purpose to helping you achieve the best for your store. Here we’ve gathered some information about the way in which a better choice of cabinets and display cases can help you visually improve your store and boost your sales.
Before allowing you to get a sense of the whole process of choosing, purchasing and installing the display cases in your store, you need to take a closer look at the way in which you can actually improve the layout of your store and of the merchandise. According to the type of products you want to display, you need to provide the best cabinets so that you can valorize your collection properly.

Going back to more practical things, you need to know first that there are a few types of jewelry cabinets / display cases / showcases that you need to take into account and analyze if they fit your store and collection: wall and trophy showcases, tower showcases, pedestals, shadow boxes, museum showcases, cash wraps, countertop showcases, optical showcases, islands and kiosks. If you’re thinking about the actual installation and the time you’ll have to spend until all is set up correctly, you need to know that many of them can be purchased in their actual form, and some are available even with additional lightning.

Key Tips To Choose The Best Displays

Here are some other tips you may need to know when it comes to choosing the best display cases:

  • Try as much as you can to choose showcases that are equipped with pull-out decks for easier jewelry placement, presentation and removal. This will certainly ease your work.
  • The storage in the jewelry case’s cabinets may be with sliding doors or hinged doors. Make sure you pick the right ones, because when you will place the cabinet in a certain area it will have to fit and avoid discomfort.
  • Use glass showcases to not only house merchandise, but also to create an area to interact with customers. Everything that is visible is promoted, and if you want to keep some elements of surprise, you simply put them in a drawer.
  • Make sure that you don’t purchase to high tower showcases! You just need to make sure that an average person would find it comfortable to watch what you’ve displayed.
  • Pedestals are best to be positioned in a central place or somewhere visible and accessible from any direction. Also, try to avoid gathering too many items on this kind of showcases, for they are meant for special products. You may display what’s most precious or expensive item in your store. Pedestals don’t provide too much space for presenting items, and this is the reason for which you may consider purchasing this kind of display cases when you want to emphasize a really precious product.