You are finally here. After tremendous efforts, money invested, time and energy consumed you are now adding the finishing touches to your business. You have the products, the location and the name but what lacks your store is the image, the brand that you want to promote and attract clients with. And how you can do that? Well, you cannot just stand at the entrance and yell at random people to visit your shop, right? You need a giant sign to do that for you.

We are all aware of the impact of a good sign and its right wording game that can lure people right into your store. But what are the elements that make a good signage content and how can you achieve that? Follow me as I present you a few tips to create the most attractive and ingenious signs for any kind of retail store you own.

#1. Short is sweeter

We live in a society dominated by speed, so all our mentalities revolve around this concept. We are in a hurry every day and our clients make no exception. Make sure that your sign concentrates the main ideas and the message you want to transmit. Do not bore them with long texts about how cool you think your shop is. To be honest they do not care. Be short and sweet and at the same time efficient. They will more than appreciate your intention.

#2. Use clear fonts that are easy to read from distance

It is easier and cheaper than you think to create something that catches the eye without being tacky or overwhelming. While some choose to doodle something on a board you can limit yourself at clean and sharp designs that are easily understandable but which transmit the right thing and get the attention of your customers, leading them to what is really important: your products. Quick reading leads to eventually quick buying.

#3. Make sure you induce a reason for them to buy your stuff

After all why are your customers buying from you? To make a surprise for that special someone? To improve their looks? To make their day sweeter? Then why not tell them yourself? “Surprise her with flowers ” “ Feel like a queen with our beauty products” “Cupcakes from heaven ”.Maybe they do not really need any of these, but after reading your signs they would certainly have second thoughts.

#4. It is all about them

When you address to you customers they need to know from the beginning that this shopping experience is all about them and their needs. So do not hesitate to use words like “you” and “your” as often as possible. They need to already see themselves buying your products when they read the sign. It creates a bond and transmits a stronger message to your clients, the one that their needs matter the most.

#5. Less is more

Sometimes all you need is a single word in order to create impact and attract the attention you want. Concentrating you message in just a few letters is always more efficient than pretentious descriptions and flattering comparisons that do not say anything in fact. Limit yourself to the essential. Avoid the gibber.

#6. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

After you thought, designed and placed your sign, make sure you test its efficiency. And what better way to do that than actually visualize it from the clients’ perspective? If you pass by your store, you need to make sure the sign serves its purpose, meaning it is visible and clear from a far. If it is placed behind the window, make sure it is big enough, or eventually high enough. It needs to stand out no matter the circumstances. Either you are driving, walking, running, it does not matter, it must be observed.

#7. Be fun and imaginative

A boring sign will never attract anyone’s attention because is… well… boring. You need to add a dose of fun and creativity to your business and attract the attention of the public from numerous perspectives. It is not enough to have a big and bright sign, what is says needs to prove more than the quantity available in the store. It should denote quality as well and, why not, a hint of cleverness. Use puns, jokes, word games, anything that give away a bit of amusement and imagination.

What you should never do

Never copy someone else’s ideas or designs, although it is way easier and time-saving. You would be surprise how often companies reinvent their competitors’ signs and messages. Do not promote plagiarism. Think for yourself and come up with your unique brand.

This is all you need to know about the most important aspects of signage and how to use it in your advantage. It might seem hard at the beginning but is actually a really fun part in the process of selling and merchandising. Do not forget to be yourself and promote an accurate image of your products through the signs you create. Imagine the headlines of a newspaper, be bold and shocking. Create a visual impact.