Our main goal is to reach to as many clients as possible and, besides the products that are sold which should always be high quality, we have to use different tricks to stay above our competition. Because of the fact that there are so many retailers out there covering such a great variety of merchandise, it is really difficult to be 100% original when it comes to our products, but no worries, I will give you some tips that will be very helpful.

We all know that around holidays everybody spends way more than they usually spend so we, as retailers, can take advantage of this if we know how. The most important thing is making the clients sense the holiday atmosphere that makes them feel and behave in a certain way. We can do that by playing holiday music, using theme colors or, very efficiently, through décor and signs.

What signage should a retail store have on a usual basis?

First of all, the usual ones that help the customers navigate through the shop like the ones for the dressing rooms, for the pay desk, for the men, women or kids zones, etc. Then, there are the signs that promote sales like 1+1 or 50% off, made to stand out and catch people’s eyes.

Finally, there are the signs made for decoration only. They are pretty, smart and designed in such a way that they match the store’s personality and overall looks. Signs are essential for any business and it’s a good strategy to use them as much as possible as they are affordable and efficient. Over 50% of new customers find out about your store through banners and other forms of signage so signs are an excellent investment.

Now, what about holiday signage and how it works?

We established earlier that regular signs are very profitable but let me tell you that holiday signs are a number of times more powerful! Not only they attract new clients, they attract new clients that are willing to spend way more due to the fact that they feel the holiday fever. On the other hand, your usual customers will be aware that your business has something new to offer and they will check it out driven by curiosity.

Studies show that 85% of a business’ customers live within a 5-mile radius so it is really important to reach out to them and let them know about your new holiday sales. You can do that by placing banners around the town, using vehicle or window decals, etc. of course you can and should use these tactics all year long but it is better to enhance them a few times during the holiday season.

It’s more than publicity because it changes the way people see your store and the whole shopping experience in general. It’s a known fact that people shop more around holidays so why not help them connect with their inner spender faster?

What holiday signs should you use?

The vehicle decals and banners are a great way to promote your store so don’t be afraid to use them and make sure that there are enough of them. Another ingenious idea is to use arrows or footsteps glued to the ground that leads people to your shop. The local community should be well aware of the existence of your store. Change them from time to time and use special ornaments during holidays.

Your store must look good both inside and outside so take advantage to the maximum of window decals that present your sales, stickers and other sign-decorations that show the festive air inside and that make people feel welcome.

No one can fail with using funny signs if they are made in a smart manner. You can use puns, jokes or images and glue them to the walls, windows, and mirrors of your store. It is really important to be careful if you use signs like this and don’t offend anyone with them because it won’t help your business in any way.

Your usual signs (the ones that point the dressing rooms, pay desk, zones, exit,…) can be changed during the special seasons to match the holiday vibe. For example, around Christmas, you can make your signs red or green, or just decorate them with musk, lights or even candy cane.

Painted eggs and bunnies stickers could be added to your signs when Easter comes. You can always design special ones just for holidays and I recommend doing this because in the end, it will look more professional. They can be reused every year so it is a one-time investment and these signs are actually affordable.

Where can you buy them from?

The best option would be to go to an advertising company or someone who specializes in the design and get your signs from there. They will be made in a proper manner, save you some time and will give your store a professional, high-quality look.

This way you can avoid childish décor for your store or all sorts of different colors and designs from different years that will pile up. If you wish, however, to make them yourself, spend time to make sure that they add value to your store and are not kitschy.

In the end, it’s clear that signage improves holiday shopping as well as shopping in general. Be smart and use it to introduce your customers in the holiday atmosphere or to lead new customers to your store and making them spend more money. It’s a really affordable method and it would be a pity if you wouldn’t take advantage of it so see what works best for you and your business and don’t wait anymore. Holidays are magical times of the year so let’s make it magical for our stores too!