Nowadays, a jewelry display stand can be easily considered a work of art. The possibilities are infinite – we have all the materials we can think of to create whatever we have in mind, all we need is time. However, some displays are that good we see them every day in stores – they are ubiquitous because of the advantages they bring to everybody and upon the world, but they are the most important to the people who are especially trying to sell their pieces of jewelry.

The math is not that complicated: if someone wants to sell his items, he has to make them look good, in order for people to notice them and after that, buy them – this case scenario is available for anyone – this is why we truly need jewelry display stands in our stores. If you are trying to decorate a store and you are not sure about the stands, there are a few models that are considered a “must” and that you can inspire yourself from. They are divided into categories and each one of them has a special name.

By Form

#1. Jewelry Mannequin Stands

Jewelry Mannequin Stands are a fabulous and attractive way of displaying your precious items of jewelry! They vary from hand, bust or mini mannequin forms and they all offer a chic and stylish design.

Their goal is to beautifully present a captivating and appealing look of your jewelry and to enhance their elegance. Those jewelry mannequin stands are meant to attract anyone’s sight and to provide a clear and accurate view to all of your products.

Best suited for advertising various items of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and many more, they aim to entice your eyes and help you show off your jewelry collection in a fashionable and dashing way. Their build is strong and stable and their patterns are a fine example of good taste and finesse, especially created to embellish the way your trinkets are displayed!

#2. Jewelry Tree Stands

Concerning the way this holder is projected and constructed, things are a little bit more complicated, because it does not have that simple rack that can just be rotated – this stand imitates extremely well a real tree, capturing its branches and even its leafs, this is why putting jewelry on it might not be as easy as expected, but on the brighter side, you can put as many pieces of jewelry as you want to.

However, this stand is more sophisticated and it transmits a different vibe – something more modern, more minimal or classier. It usually has a tray beneath, thing that offers more space – you can put things on the branches, but on the tray as well.

What is great about this stand is that is really artistic and creative – when seeing it in a store for the first time, your opinion on the store immediately, you will feel fancier and that you are into a more sophisticated place.

#3. Jewelry T-Bar Stand

This is the jewelry that pops up in everybody’s mind for the first time when they are thinking about a general jewelry stand – it is pretty standard. However, as the time passed, people have modified it: it can be made out of a variety of materials and textiles, with “arms” that are really thick or skinny, really long or short and so on.

Depending on these criteria, the type of jewelry that will be put on the stand will be chosen – for the thick ones we can only put bracelets and necklaces, for the skinny ones we can but rings as well. As it is so simply designer, it can go well in any type of stores – this is the stand to be used when frightened and confused, it is impossible to fail using this. Furthermore, it is strikingly easy to use it – it does not have any hidden mechanism.

#4. Jewelry Stand Hanger

There is more than just one model concerning the “Stand Hanger”, however, the one formed from just a leg and a revolving top is the most common one. The other ones look really much like pieces of furniture that have a little bit of Eastern Europe in them.

All of these models can offer you a lot of space so you can organize your items and their sizes are not usually large – they can be easily be put on shelves or any flat surface. There are no restrictions – large numbers of jewelry can be put in there, something that is opportune for a store because this way the clients will be able to see everything the store has to offer.

#5. Dress Form/Doll Jewelry Stand

This stand is one of the most elegant ones- it is basically a ball gown dress on a lady-like figure design, but has a removable and revolving rack on the top as well.

This form really keeps any kind of jewelry organized and even more than this, it keeps them in the suitable position so people can easily look at them, try them on and eventually put them back.

In addition to this, because of its tiny size, it can be places literally anywhere and still look cute and create a lovely and cozy ambiance – its colors can be chosen accordingly o one’s preferences and taste so it will go well with the rest of the room and the other decorations.

As a matter of fact, many people use it as just a simple decoration for a store (without any jewelry on them) because it is so eye-catching and it brings these advantages – it is known to surely live up the atmosphere

#6. Jewelry Rack Stand

In this category we include any type of stand that has those special „handlers” – they can be made out of anything, for instance, from different pieces of wood, from boxes and even from regular objects we see everyday, this is why they are considered such great DIY projects.

They are a great alternative for a store who, let’s say, at the beginning does not have so much money to buy the stands they would wish for; therefore, they can create their own stands, something that will impress the others because of their unicity. Another great thing is that, if deciding to make a stand, you have all the liberty to create it as you please.

#7. Pedestal Jewelry Stand

This stand mainly consists of a large bowl on a thick leg, usually made out of ceramics. It is great to have this type of stand on a table or on a desk because you make an economy concerning the space, as more space will be left for the rest of the flat surface and in addition to this, because the exposed jewelry is a little higher than the others, they will instantly catch a client’s attention.

It is recommended to use this when having much jewelry that are the same or who look alike very much, as they are not one of a kind. One of the admiring things is that many motifs and paintings can be found on them, something that will help a store.

By Use

#1. Necklace/Pendant Stand

Both these stands were created in order for one single item to be presented and therefore, to be noticed, admired and afterwards, be bought.

The Pendant Stand is basically a really small item (made out of any material) or it can be a pillow, a tray and so on. The Necklace Stand is a board that is standing up – besides the black velvet model; this stand can be made out of any material as well.

What they both have in common is that they were created for only one item to be placed on them, in order for them to stand out of the ordinary and so they can be easily noticed by the others.

It is obvious that if only one item is placed on such a stand, it will unquestionably get out of the ordinary, it will look more elegant and people will feel tempted to buy it – and this marketing strategy is used by many stores because it is assured it works.

#2. Earring Stand

These stands can be extremely diversified, especially talking about the number of pairs we can put on them: there are the stands who were created just for one pair or for much more – using the French hook, it is really simple to have the earrings exposed to the public. Because most earrings are large, it is preferred they are put on such stands that can keep them straight, so they do not get damaged by being folded or touching the surface.

#3. Bracelet Stand

Such holders can have many more “arms”, not just a long one, because it will lose its equilibrium and it will fall – but this thing does not represent a disadvantage, as many beautiful bracelets will be put on it. As mentioned before, a great number of bracelets can be put on it, thing that will create an economy of space and the chance to show them off.
The textile and the material can be freely chosen, so the stand will become a beautiful decoration and it will fit in. For instance, a burlap bracelet holder will be used in a store that maybe sells antique jewelry or in a shop that is found on a beach, but a black velvet one will be used in luxurious stores. Nonetheless, the black one is the preferential choice for someone who might be in doubt and who does not know what type would go along better with the rest of the store.

#4 .Watch Stand

A watch is the item that can be put literally in every existential position on a stand – horizontally, vertically, on a side and so on.

Due to its form and to its strength, with the right stand, it will stay in the exact position, no matter what. The material used to make this stand needs to be truly strong, so it will hold the watches properly.

It is not hard to use a stand like this, however, as the technology evolves, the stands become more and more modern (due to reasons of security and protection, because we all know how expenses pieces of jewelry, especially watches, can be).

#5. Ring Stand

Despite our initial thoughts, that a ring stand might be insignificant and that we might not need it, or that a ring can be put anywhere, this thing is not true. Rings are extremely tiny, therefore hard to handle – they need special holders that will fit their sizes and that will keep them protected so they do not fall or get lost – we all know how easily we can lose tiny things.

Their special holders can be a little bit more expensive, because we can only use them for this, but they pay their money back, as they provide everything one might need. We can all see now how difficult it can get to properly decorate a store so it will look good, but have all the adequate holders as well. Even if it might seem easy at first, holders can be quite tricky because there are many things that need to be taken into consideration, otherwise a whole business can fail.