Nowadays, visual merchandising comes into discussion in almost every business. Even you sell clothes, shoes or jewelry items you cannot be successful if you do not have a good marketing strategy. Taking into consideration the main principles and techniques of visual merchandising can help you make your business run smoothly. Therefore, a partial answer to the question posted in the title has already been given – visual merchandising is important no matter what business you have. Does visual merchandising have a real impact on jewelry stores? Well, we will try to give an answer to this question in this article.

The answer to this question is very simple and also predictable. The way in which a jewelry store owner is displaying his or her products and the way in which he or she promotes it have a major impact on customers and, thus, on sales. Increasing sales and profit margins can be easily done with the right way of displaying jewelry items, an appealing way that can attract people and transform them to possible customers or even faithful clients.

The way in which a customer sees purchasing products is different from the way in which store owner or a merchandising specialist perceives it. Most of the customers believe that when they are going to shopping they are only buying stuff, but what happens in reality, from the seller’s point of view, is different. Customers are not only buying stuff, they are actually purchasing the so-called “experience” of shopping. That is why visual merchandising is so important.

Visual Merchandising Basics

At the beginning of this article we mentioned how important is for someone involved in the retail business to follow the basic principles of visual merchandising. These principles refer mainly to stocking, front-facing and cleaning the display. We will try to explain these three principles applying it to the jewelry business. In terms of stock, every jewelry store owner should be very careful about the jewelry items that may be missing from certain display cases. That’s why is important to check your inventory, make sure that every piece of jewelry is in its place and your sales will not suffer. Front-facing is one of the most poignant principles of visual merchandising.

When we talk about jewelry stores, window displaying is essential. Very few people will enter your jewelry store if you do not show them what you are offering. That is why showing a few of your best jewelry items in an appealing way, using a window display, is crucial for the success of your business. The third important principle, cleaning the display, is common sense and helps your jewelry items look attractive and ready to be bought. What is visual merchandising actually doing is making shopping accessible to customers. When a customer is visually helped to buy a jewelry item, then sales cannot be impacted otherwise than positively.

Visual merchandising in the jewelry business is like all-in in poker

Visual merchandising in the jewelry business is like all-in in poker seems like a bold statement. What we really want to say with this is that visual merchandising is a comprehensive concept that needs to encapsulate a lot of things such as: window display, advertising, store design and also packaging appearance and placement. How can visual merchandising actually do all these things? Well, there is a not so complicated way – by using a constant visual theme that fits all the mentioned contexts. In this way every jewelry store owner can increase awareness of his or her jewelry items in the customer’s mind and, thus, also increase the chances of buying.

We all heard, at least once, that proverb about repetition that sounds like this: “Repetition is the mother of knowledge”. Well, this proverb is true and scientific studies say that repetition is essential in imprinting a message in people’s brain. A consistent visual theme repeated in the window display, advertising, store design, so on and so forth, can create a very persuasive message and help the increasing of sales.

Visual merchandising in the jewelry business is also about innovating

It is important to take into consideration creating a visual theme that can easily get your customers to buy your jewelry items, but do not forget to always have something new in your displays. Do not forget and do not be afraid to innovate, to have an element of novelty within your jewelry displays. Even though your jewelry store is successful at the moment, keeping an element of novelty in your jewelry display will make the usual customers come regularly in your store and maybe attract new ones. New jewelry products should be used in every window display not only to make it more appealing, but also to increase sales. In this way, customers cannot miss the new pieces when they enter the store.

Visual merchandising in the jewelry business has to take into consideration holidays

There is a key-phrase related to visual merchandising and the holiday season – seasonal marketing. Let’s take for example, three well-known holidays: Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Each one has its powerful colors or visual elements that have the force to imprint on people’s mind. The Easter comes with its blue color and cute rabbits, Halloween’s powerful and creepy images are based on the orange color of pumpkins and last but not least, Christmas comes with its home and family atmosphere and a lot of red and white. The fact that people celebrate these holidays since the beginning of their lives, every year, is very important because all the colors and visual elements resonate within their minds.

Therefore, visual merchandising should take advantage of this fact and try to apply the appropriate marketing
strategy according to each holiday season. Taking advantage of the so-called seasonal marketing can help a jewelry store owner, sell his or her pieces of jewelry that usually are hard to sell. Applying the right colors and seasonal visual elements, you can make a jewelry item look more appealing and, therefore, you can increase its chances of selling.