In the world of selling things or what we call today “marketing” everything sums up to the so-called “game” between the seller and the buyer. So, if you are a seller and you want to win, you have to make your product getting noticed. The same thing applies when we talk about jewelry display cases – either we are inspired and get prospect buyers’ interest or fail in getting noticed and lose them, sending them to the competition.

Every jewelry store owner should know that in order to have a successful business he or she has to know some tips and tricks which can help them to sell their products. One of the most important things a jewelry store owner should consider is choosing the right display cases and setting up properly. Another thing, as important as the earlier mentioned one, is to know some strategies of making jewelry items more visible. How can this be done?

Well, it depends a lot on what kind of jewelries one wants to sell, how does the ideal customer look like, so on and so forth. Anyway, in order to make pieces of jewelry more visible, a jewelry store owner should take into consideration lighting, jewelry design, color and last, but not least, the way in which jewelry items are grouped or organized. This last tip can be very useful and can transform a person from passer-by to possible customer or even faithful client. Even though there is no “right way” of organizing or displaying jewelry items, in this article we will try to present some effective ways of organizing your jewelry items in a display case so that it can be more appealing and make customers take a closer look.

Organize jewelry items in order to sell it

If we take into consideration that the main goal of a jewelry display case is to sell jewelry items, then we have to think about the fact that the displayed items should be a mix of popular pieces of jewelry and other less important ones that a store owner wants to sell. These popular jewelry items that we mentioned have to act like bait for the customer. He should be attracted by the popular jewelry items, which are often pretty expensive, ending buying something cheaper found near the popular ones. Therefore, arranging those pieces of jewelry you really want to sell near the very popular and expensive ones could be a very interesting and good marketing strategy.

The displayed jewelry is the king

One of the essential things a jewelry store owner should always take into consideration is that the jewelry items he or she sells are the most important. Of course that jewelry display cases, showcases, props, jewelry fixtures and other background materials we use are also important, but all of them are just aids used to sell our products. So the displayed jewelry should be always considered the king and should show up against any other things. A good example of how important a jewelry item is in comparison to props and background is the following: think about how a quartz pendant would look on a tiger print silk prop? Well, the answer is simple – it would be almost invisible or very hard to spot. This is why we should be careful how we combine and organize our jewelry items with background materials. If we have pieces of jewelry full of colors than dark colored backgrounds and props are ideal for making it look more eye appealing. Any background that is visually different from the jewelry item will transform that piece of jewelry into a “star” among other displayed items.

Jewelry display – it’s all about personality and style

When we try to group some jewelry items together, we should think about displaying them taking into consideration their so-called “personality”. A good jewelry display should reflect the style and personality of a jewelry line. It is all about similarity and also variety. In displaying such pieces of jewelry we have to use props, textures, fixtures and backgrounds in a creative ways. We can find plenty of ideas in fashion magazines or women’s jewelry catalogs. The main idea is to get inspired from those sources and not copy the ways in which jewelry items are displayed there, because this easy way won’t do us no good.

Professionalism – the key to a good jewelry display

There are plenty of jewelry store owners that are carried away and make very cool settings for displaying their jewelry items. This thing can be very tricky and transform into a huge mistake. Why is that? A very cool setting having all kinds of interesting and innovative props, backgrounds and fixtures could get so spectacular that it can easily steal the jewelry show. Remember that the main role of all these background materials is to make the jewelry items more visible or appealing. The jewelry item is the one to be sold. Therefore, it is important to be professional and combine all these things in a clever way.

Visual tips & tricks

As we mentioned before, the way in which you group or organize jewelry items has to be done so that those items could create some visual interest from the customers. One of the mistakes you want to avoid when you display your pieces of jewelry is the uniformity. In a display case, jewelry items should not be displayed flat on the tabletop. Following this “strategy” won’t help you. Instead, you could think of adding some height variation. Different parts of the display should be positioned at different heights in order to attract the customer’s attention. Also, another important aspect regarding the visual importance is the angle. Trying to position jewelry items at unusual angles may be a very good idea in order to raise customers’ visual interest. We don’t have to forget about setting props, backgrounds, or jewelry fixtures at a diagonal so that we can give some sort of dynamic feeling.