There are four main types of jewelry armoires, all with different storage capacities, to hold any collection size. They also provide different storage solutions, either set vertically or horizontally helping you save space in your room and of course time. There are hooks for necklaces, cushioned ring holders, compartments and bins for watches and bracelets and notches for earrings.

This jewelry organizing heaven will save you a lot of time simply because all the items in your collection are gathered in one place. You will find the perfect accessories for your outfit, in the morning, effortlessly. No more annoying tangled messes and scattered items!

Our jewelry armoire types guide section will surely help you decide which of these options is the best one for you.

Over The Door Jewelry Armoires

Over The Door Jewelry Armoire TypeThis first type of jewelry armoire comes with large and slim metal hooks that help you hang it over the door, just as the name suggests. Some of the wall-mounted armoires come with this kind of hooks, it’s important to know this fact if you plan on moving things around once in a while.

Armoires save a lot of space by reusing the existing one in such an ingenious way that most people don’t think about it. Imagine how much floor space, drawer space and even wall space you can save, because instead of the armoire you can hang up photos, paintings, posters, decals and anything your heart might desire. Instead of filling your drawers with jewelry, you can repurpose them for other items. So many reasons for which this kind of armoire is absolutely perfect, especially in small spaces.

They are very easy to set up so you won’t have to go through the hassle of drilling holes in your walls, or make more space in a small room. You just have to attach the hooks to the back of the armoire with the aid of the provided screws and a screwdriver, hang it over the door and voila, you are all set.

In general, these over the door jewelry armoires are rectangular in shape, being perfect for any kind of door, be it that of your bedroom, bathroom, closet and so on. Most of them have a single door that comes with a full-length mirror, but they can also have photo frames or even both. These armoires come with a very simple and modern appearance, mostly coming in black, white or espresso but it’s not a rule. You can even find amazing colors such as salmon pink, purple or turquoise, as long as any of these match your tastes, preferences and room design.

In what features are concerned, you can find over the door jewelry armoires that are lockable, lighted, mirrored, with photo frames and amazing interior linings and beautiful knobs.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoires

Zen Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire TypeThis type of armoire is absolutely perfect if you don’t have much floor space to work with in your home. A wall-mounted jewelry is going to look absolutely stunning in any room, simply because it usually comes with a full-length mirror. Some manufacturers provide double doors, one that has the full-length mirror and one that has room for your favorite photographs, while also providing, even more, storage space.

Check your walls before you install the armoire to make sure that the will support the work and weight, even if the armoires themselves are not so heavy. Wall-mounted jewelry armoires come fully assembled so your only concern is installing it in your home.

Besides the incredible storage options that wall mounted jewelry armoires offer, you have a wide range of designs and features to choose from. Rectangular, square or oval, simple, black, white or with beautiful designs, decorative carvings or ornaments, lockable, lighted, photo frames, splendid knobs, all these fantastic options and more to help you organize your jewelry as well as helping you accessorize perfectly.

Floor / Free Standing Jewelry Armoires

Floor / Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Type #1Floor-standing and free-standing armoires refer to the ones that require floor space, standing on the floor of the room you want them in. There are two types we can discuss.

The first type is the classic jewelry armoire that is the absolute best accent furniture piece. It comes with drawers, a mirror inside of the lid, side panels for necklaces and fantastic compartmentalization solutions for your valuable items. One of the most impressive features of this armoire can be the charging station for your devices and gadgets.

They are beautifully crafted in different designs styles to suit any room, no matter how simple or pretentious you require it to be. Take the shape into account as well, they can be rectangular, round, half-round and even hexagonal. Free-standing jewelry armoires have a wide range of colors and finishes, some even being hand painted, along with sublime features that will only add to its beauty and function.

Floor / Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Type #2Among these features, you can consider the fact that a floor-standing jewelry armoire can have, locks to keep your jewelry safe, lights to help illuminate your face so you can accessorize, the charging station mentioned above, secret compartments that keep the most valuable pieces of your collection hidden and safe, and of course gorgeous linings that prevent any kind of damage and ornate drawer pulls.

The second is one of the most popular and bought of all jewelry armoires. It resembles a standing mirror reason for which it is often called a cheval mirror jewelry armoire. They resemble cheval standing mirrors so the name seems to fit it perfectly. The armoires, in certain cases, can be tilted to a degree so you can see yourself fully in the mirror, with just a light push, that is not going to ruin the order you have inside.

Decorative carvings, beautifully sculpted base and legs, a simple and modern look, anything you might want in terms of design. These jewelry armoires will be the perfect addition to any bedroom, walk-in closet, bathroom and so on. Please note, though, that this type of armoire comes exclusively in a rectangular shape.

Features of this kind of armoire include shelves so you can keep some toiletries or other accessories at hand, a rotating base that helps you see yourself from every corner of the room and in different lights, locks for safety, lights, the exquisite full-length mirrors, photo frames, interior drawers, base drawers or compartment and more.

Mirrors have a tendency to create a sense of depth, making spaces look brighter because it reflects natural light and bigger, so, consider this before deciding to buy a floor standing jewelry armoire.

Dresser Top Jewelry Armoires

Dresser Top Jewelry Armoire TypeThe so-called dresser top units are the smallest jewelry armoires. This is the only armoire version that is suitable for transportation, the other types are large and heavy, the only reason for you to move them is if you plan on redecorating.

It represents basically a scaled down version of floor standing and free standing jewelry armoires, not exceeding the a height of 20-30″. They respect the same construction and design principles, having compartmentalized drawers, side doors and a lid that opens to reveal the top section and a mirror or mimicking the structure of cheval armoires.

They can sit comfortably on dressers, desks, vanities, tables or anywhere else you can think of, so you can have easy access to your jewelry collection.

Finishes and colors are not at all limited by this adorable armoire’s size, neither are styles, so you can match your existing furniture easily.

We invite you to browse our expertly selected jewelry armoires and find the one that is perfect for your space, no matter if they are dresser top units or large cheval like ones.

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