The close-to-final piece in our comprehensive jewelry armoire guide focuses on the various accessories you can purchase to accompany this fantastic piece of decorative furniture.

Most of the armoires available on the market have everything you may need within their spacious drawers and compartments to keep your jewelry neatly organized and safely stored. All these taken into consideration, some armoire models and designs may not include some of the following:

Jewelry Armoire Drawer Dividers

These dividers are crafted from all sorts of materials and vary greatly in dimensions and designs, being able to fit perfectly into any drawer. They can be crafted from cardboard, plastic, wood, metal and so on, but either type is good enough for organizing and storing your precious jewelry. If you want to avoid any kind of damage, we recommend that you find some that have been covered in some type of fabric, if not in velvet, felt, rayon or other softer materials that are specially used for jewelry.

Jewelry Drawer Dividers For Jewelry Armoires

You can either purchase them already crafted to the specifications of your jewelry armoire drawer, or make your own. There are numerous DIY tutorials out there that will meet your organizational requirements.

Jewelry Armoire Tray Inserts

Jewelry Tray Inserts For Jewelry ArmoiresDesigned both for jewelry display cases and for organizing your valuables in drawers, tray inserts are the best option to help you separate and organize jewelry inside your drawers.

They can be compartmented into numerous sections, depending on each manufacturer’s design. The sections can be either squares or rectangles, squares being perfect for jewelry sets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, pendants and so on, while rectangles are more appropriate for bracelets, watches and necklaces. Some even come with both types of sections.

In what color is concerned, the most common you will find are black, gray, white and beige. You can also find trays with various colors, such as purple, green. blue, red and so on, to ensure that they match your armoire, the interior of the drawer or simply to suit your personality.

In general, they are easy to remove, making this an advantage and a time saver when you want to study your jewelry up close and make a the best choice to suit your outfit.

They can be either plain, made from foam or leather which is malleable, flocked plastic, or with a hard construction, such as wood covered in a soft fabric that makes them easy to stack on top of each other, perfect for when the depth of the drawer allows it.

Jewelry Armoire Ring Pads

Ring pads are similar to tray inserts in many ways. They can be crafted from almost the same materials, have the same colors and so on. The main difference between trays and ring pads is that they are specially crafted for this purpose.

The tray has rounded rows, typically made from foam and covered in velvet or other soft materials to ensure that no harm comes to your valuables, in between which you place your beautiful rings.

Rings Pads For Jewelry Armoires

They come in many sizes and can accommodate even the largest ring collections. Another use for ring pads could be that of organizing studded earrings.

Jewelry Pouches & Envelopes

Jewelry Pouches For Jewelry ArmoiresPouches and envelopes have been used for storing jewelry for quite some time, so why not organize your jewelry armoire to the maximum? Both of them are made from fabric that helps prevent scratches, depending on the material used of course. It can be anything from leather, felt, satin, to organza and more.

Colors, designs and closure systems vary greatly so you can find the perfect type of pouch for each jewelry set you own. They are generally cheap and can be bought in bulk. Another variation of pouches would be to use zip lock bags.

Another variation of pouches would be to use zip lock bags, either clear or with beautiful prints, they can also help you organize thoroughly within your jewelry armoire.

Desser Top Units, Jewelry Chests or Jewelry Boxes

While these are not necessarily jewelry armoire accessories, they can help you organize valuables within the armoire, in the case of small or individual jewelry boxes, or provide you even more space, in case you want to expand your collection, in the case of jewelry chests or dresser top units.

Jewelry Boxes For Jewelry Armoires

If you want to know more about dresser top units, read about them in our jewelry armoire types section.

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