Jewelry armoires come in various furniture styles, that impact a room in different ways. This section is designed to help you form a clear image of how a specific style of jewelry armoire will fit in your home or store. It will also help you know what to look for and match it to your already existing furniture.

Traditional Jewelry Armoires

Traditional Jewelry ArmoireThe traditional style of furniture includes, in fact, some very specific styles, each having different types of motifs, ornaments, legs and so on. William and Mary, Queen Anne, Victorian, Chippendale and basically the ones we consider and view as antique or vintage.

The most distinguishable feature of a traditional jewelry armoire is the legs. They are in general cabriole, meaning that they are curved to resemble an animal’s leg. Also, at the foot and or knee, you have the chance to find a sculpted motif, such as ball-and-claw, leaves and vines, shells, scrolls and others depending on the exact style it identifies with. These motifs suggest that the leg style is a decorated cabriole.

Currently, the traditional furniture style has become a bit more simplified and it tends to mimic the features of the 20th-century styles, but not fully, so they can be more compatible with modern day lifestyles.

Pay attention, though, when choosing a traditional jewelry armoire, think of the furniture you have at home. We urge you to consider this because contemporary styles and traditional ones generally don’t mix too well, making the armoire appear as if it is out of place.

Finishes of this particular style vary, but the most common ones are white, cherry or painted. Rarely you will be able to find traditional armoires with a black or espresso color and finish.

Rustic / Colonial Jewelry Armoires

Rustic Jewelry ArmoireFor jewelry armoires, we discuss more along the lines of colonial style furniture than raw wood shapes and structures that are more representative for the rustic style.

Colonial furniture, in general, has a graceful and refined appearance that has the ability to add a touch of class and elegance to any space. It represents a combination of characteristics taken from the William and Mary, Chippendale and Queen Anne styles. It does, however, tend to be more conservative and less ornate.

As in the case of the traditional styles, colonial jewelry armoires are distinguished by the shapes and motifs of the legs. They can be cabriole, decorated cabriole both of which can have spoon foot, elaborate turning (it has various turnings or twits), round, straight or simple turning(is turned or sculpted at the base or foot). Another feature that gives the colonial style away are the handles, which are generally bat shaped and made from solid or pierced brass, but they can also be carved from wood or have an elongated turned knob appearance.

This furniture style is also fairly pretentious in what the combination with other styles is concerned. It is best to keep it simple and chose a jewelry armoire that goes well with the rest of the furniture.

In what finishes are concerned, the authentic colonial style relies on the natural wood color. For our modern days, this color and finish is not as strict, so you are able to find colonial style jewelry armoires with various colors.

Modern and / or Contemporary

Modern Jewelry ArmoireModern and contemporary furniture design imply a wide range of styles such as art deco, art nouveau, cubism, minimalism, Bauhaus and post-modern. In essence, these styles are not influenced by historical references, regional characteristics, motifs, ornaments or other elements that belong to previous eras.

These styles are defined by the evolution and progress of technology and strive to include it in our homes and lifestyles. Simplicity is key in any modern or contemporary design, not pertaining to any design philosophy. They can blend various styles, trends and design blends from various periods but are modified to suit current tastes and preferences.

The main characteristics of this particular design time frame include clean and straight lines with soft edges and corners, the perfect symmetry that points out machine precision, For jewelry armoires we find that the legs are simple, square or round, unlike previous furniture designs, ornaments and motifs as previously stated are little to non-existent.

Modern and contemporary jewelry armoires have amazing features such as photo frames, full-length mirrors, lights, interior mirrors, All these besides the beautiful colors, finishes and painted designs that suit any tastes, no matter how pretentious or sophisticated they may be.

We have all styles of jewelry armoires, so rest assured that we can help you find the exact jewelry armoire to suit your needs and existing home decor.

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