Baroque Style Jewelry Display Case / CabinetIt is a trend nowadays to use some of the principles that function mainly in different domains of activity and creation, such as arts, in order to improve the aspect and the way in which our endeavor is perceived. Making use of themes, subjects or elements that are surprisingly re-contextualized, may lead to a reconfiguration with interesting results to what we intent to create.

This situation is not a novelty, taking into account the fact that it has been a reality in the world of postmodern art for more than fifty years. Postmodernism didn’t reach an end so far, because the amount of artistic expression that can still be considered postmodern is huge. We’re dealing with these artistic ideas for one good reason: in order to produce appealing displays in your store, you need to be creative, and creativity is one of the basic principles of art. Thus, the entire procedures that we use in order to improve the image of our store may be seen as a form of art, just because we’re always in search of original ways to lure potential customers inside our store.

We’ve picked baroque for its connection to the idea of exuberance and grandeur, some of the characteristics that jewelry “intent” to produce. This term has developed a non-artistic meaning when it is used in other contexts, being perceived as a synonym for opulence, splendor and luxury. This is the reason why we think that following the actual principles and applying the elements that define baroque in its genuine assumption, not only that it will provide a more creative aspect, but it will protect against the possibility of being poorly understood. Not everything that looks opulent and luxurious is considered appealing.

Before giving some suggestions about the way in which you can build your own baroque display cases, or the way you can create this effect inside the cases, let us provide some useful information about what baroque actually means.

First of all, it must be mentioned the fact baroque art was supposed to astonish and to attract the viewers. It made use of high contrasts, exuberant displays and luxury. It simply had to give the impression of richness by the use of fine materials and elegant aspect. Everything was there to see, nothing hidden, nothing too hard to comprehend. Baroque made use of a direct way to communicate to the public the ideas and themes that where exploited.

There are two options that you have in order to build your own baroque display case: you either purchase cabinets that are built in baroque style, or you simply use some tips that can give your case a genuine baroque atmosphere.

  1. Baroque cabinets: there are a lot of cabinets on the market that are built especially for this purpose. The only thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that not everything that seems vintage is baroque. There are modern cabinets that are sculpted, inlaid, or made of fine materials, such as ebony wood or marble that can be easily recognized as baroque.
  2. Create your own baroque aspect inside a display case: just it has been stated before, you can create a baroque view by simply following some simple ideas:
  • Use fine materials to cover the inside of the case, such as silk, velvet, or objects that look luxurious and fit your jewelry collection.
  • Use a proper distribution of light: let the gems sparkle as much as possible.
  • Use some figurines or statuettes inside the case or incorporated in the frame of the cases so that it will give the effect of a genuine sculpted baroque case.
  • Use contrasts of light and dark colors, such as black velvet and intense light. It is well-known that high contrasts, especially black and white / light create a bigger impact than any other combination of colors;

Don’t forget about the mirrors! This item is very familiar in baroque art, from painting and sculpture, and it has to be perceived as a must in all the displays that are meant to be opulent, luxurious and exuberant, especially for jewelry.