Whether you have travelled the world, passed all five oceans and seen all seven continents, visited a big part of the world capitals plus some intriguing tropical islands, or you have never stepped foot out of your country, one thing is for sure – you have lived with the constant impression that stores are all the same business when it comes to signs.

It is always the same old sales sign and sometimes even the dressing rooms in clothing stores sport common fonts and sizes. It is not that people are not creative, but that they are rather obedient to certain ethics of the business and never try to embrace not following the standards. That is why we feel like wherever we go we find the same type of stores, even though the brands might differ from one state to another.

Now would be the time to ask ourselves if it is, in fact, important that our store has a certain type of sign. By all means, it is! Of course, you do not necessarily have to go all big with sparkly signs only to catch people’s attention. It is, however, important to know how far you can go with your imagination and to dare to find a sign that is accordingly with the image you are trying to build around your store’s concept.

Out of pure curiosity and because I have seen a few 9gag posts regarding this topic, I decided to take a chance and google the words “funny store signs” and check out the results. To my utter shock, I discovered that not only there is a great variety of articles, Pinterest pins and Tumblr pictures, but most of them are also really fuuny and clever ones.

After browsing through them, I picked out a few that I considered to be the wittiest ones. I believe they are not only a source of inspiration, but the living proof that a catchy store sign can bring customers in your shop and can improve the overall impression that clients have of it. Without further ado, here they are, the few brilliant signs found in stores around the world!

#1. Wallingford Chevron, a small (but hilarious!) gas station in Seattle, that uses the customizable sign of a previous auto-repair shop to bring amusement to the public by putting up puns and dad jokes. If, like me, you cannot get enough of their humor, you can visit their social media (https://www.facebook.com/wallingfordsign/timeline and https://twitter.com/WallingfordSign) and check out the new signs they put up.

#2. Domino’s Pizza, also using a customizable sign to attract clients through funny puns.

#3. This anonymous liquor store that tries to enlighten us with its great logic.

#4. Speaking of liquor stores, I also enjoyed seeing Sav-Mor Liquors’ wonderful solution for a well-spent Valentine’s Day.

#5. Shell demonstrates us that we can make our clients smile a little bit even through the tough times that economy drags us into, by publicly apologising for the higher prices on fuel.

#6. As you may have noticed, liquor stores are the brightest when it comes to advertising and attracting customers. Just like the above-mentioned, B&B Liquors managed to make us all – well, with the exception of those who actually have health problems – laugh. While many support the image of a responsible drinker, B&B Liquors chooses to support the image of a party animal and that itself is daring enough of an act to make clients count on them when it comes to providing alcohol to a party.

#7. And because we must always show an example of how we should definitely not act, here we have the sign a random store put up. Needless to say, as seen in the picture, the parking lot was almost empty. It made me laugh, however, and, to be honest, it would be tempting for me to check out the products, only because of the need to associate the brand’s funny sign with what they really have to offer.

#8. An offer impossible to refuse, given by a grocery store. Who could say no to spinach, let alone a spinach party?

#9. And to match with the previously-mentioned party, here we have the good ol’ drinks under a new name. Another grocery store got sick of the repetitive word “milk” and found a way to spice things up by calling it what it is: “cow juice”.

#10. Half Moon Saloon may have encountered some trouble in finding the right way to advertise their store, so they decided to do what we all do best: improvise. The result makes me think it attracts more clients than a regular sign that shouts out “sales”.

#11. Well this one of Alarm Specialists’ is pretty self-explanatory, with statistics and all: they are indeed specialists.

#12. We must protect our most loved ones and Ballard Veterinary Clinic knows this best.

#13. This grocery store that deeply understands the root of romanticism.

#14.… and please close it before you leave! A good supermarket is one that knows what all sorts of businesses start with: opening the door.

#15. Finally, perhaps from the supermarket mentioned just above, an accurate display of how trying to balance out signs works… or how to emphasize the important stuff – cereal.

Now if this does not convince you of the usefulness of a well-thought sign for your store, I really do not know what would! Of course, this was a list of both right and wrong. We put our trust in you to choose wisely!