The jewelry business seems always spectacular and very profitable, but only jewelry store owners and all the other people really involved in this business know how hard, expensive and time consuming this is. When you hear the phrase “jewelry store” or “jewelry business” do not think only at expensive high-end pieces of jewelry and glamorous stores, but also at how did a jewelry store owner managed to get at this stage. Well, there is all about hard work and dedication – from choosing the space for the store, the right display cases that can fit the store to choosing a theme, perfect jewelry items and the right strategies for making the business a successful one.

In the jewelry business, every little detail matNatural Wood Blocks Jewelry Display Stands / Propsters. Do you think that details like lighting, color, design or other things closely related to visual merchandising do not matter? Well, you are wrong. As we already mentioned, in this sort of business everything matters. Beside other things, one of the most important things that can make from a jewelry business a successful and profitable one is a good visual merchandising strategy. In this article, we will try to present some aspects, techniques, tips and tricks about jewelry visual merchandising and most importantly how you can create an effective window display.

The first thing we need to discuss, before we enter deeply into the main subject, is visual merchandising. What does “visual merchandising” mean? Well, visual merchandising refers to all the elements and factors that create a positive image for your business, thus helping customer raising his or her interest, attention or desire in a specific piece of jewelry. All those elements and factors we already mentioned refer to everything a browser or a possible client sees, both interior and exterior. So, not only the jewelry items, display cases and the ways in which items are displayed are important, but also the overall image of the store. Visual merchandising is about making the store attractive for customers or, in other words, is all about making a very good first impression. In this case, nothing can define visual merchandising better than the well-known proverb: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Attract customers directly from the window display

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The window display is one of the most important things in visual merchandising because that is the first thing people see when they are walking by, before they enter the store. What does that means? Well, it means that a good window display has the capacity to transform the regular passer-by in a possible customer. Therefore, to make your window display to attract customers, you have to put the best you have in it. And we talk not only about high-end jewelry items, but also creativity.

Vintage Book Jewelry Display Idea & PropsChoose a theme and tell a story

The first thing you need to do for creating a good window display is to tell a story. And the easiest thing to tell a story is to come up with a theme. Think about a theme and create a story that fits perfectly to your jewelry collection. It is important to keep in mind that the theme and the story are closely related and you should start a story based on a theme rather than starting with the theme alone. To come up with a theme more easily, you should think about the season you are currently in or, why not, the holiday which will be celebrated during that period – holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, so on and so forth.

Focus on the best point of your display

This is a one of the most important and also one of the hardest steps in creating a good window display. This is the step which has a high rate of failure. Why is that? Because those who run jewelry stores fail to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. In order to do that, a jewelry store owner has to go outside, in front of his or her store and take a good look at the window display. A good look at the window display would make the store owner determine some important factors such as: the center line of the display, the eye-level of the customer and other related stuff like whether some elements could be added or removed. As the subtitle suggests, the most important thing that the jewelry store owner has to do is to determine where the central point of the display should be. Besides its location, the store owner should be able to also determine the size of the so-called “focal point”. This is the point where you can also unleash your creativity and experiment with the arrangement of products (always taking into consideration the chosen focal point), different props and jewelry fixtures, special design, so on and so forth.

Minimal Black & White Square Jewelry Display Stands / BoxesSimplicity can also sell

Some jewelry store owners read off the unleashing of creativity in a way that is bad for merchandising. To unleash your creativity does not mean to create a window display that is stuffed with all pieces of jewelry you have. A very crowded window display will not only fail to draw attention, but will also create a boomerang effect, tiring your customers and determining them not to enter the store anymore. Therefore, keeping the window display simple, but elegant, is the best idea. Remember that what you really want from your window display is to draw customer’s attention to your jewelry items and help them quickly recognize it. If they are really attracted to one item or another, the chances of buying it increase considerably.

Lighting merchandising

Another important factor in creating a good window display and thus a good visual merchandising strategy is lighting. We have to remember that lighting is the easiest way in which we can attract attention and it should be mainly used for window displays. A lot of jewelry store owners and not only use top lighting, creating undesired and unattractive shadows. The most efficient way to use lighting in a window display is from the sides, giving the display that 3D quality that can attract customer for sure.