The Best Mannequins

The Best Mannequins

Your search for the perfect mannequin ends here. We’ve spent countless hours classifying, researching & testing over 50 mannequin styles and types to bring you the most comprehensive list of the best mannequins you can buy online. Be it for your store, bedroom or closet, be they abstract, realistic, modern or vintage, rest assured that you will find a premium and a budget choice for any combination of styles, materials & functionality you have in mind. We’taken into account all existing styles of mannequins, functions & poses (sitting, standing, flexible etc.), colors & materials so that you can match your choice with the design of your store or room.

With over 50 types of mannequins at the moment, you’ll surely find the perfect one for your needs. We’ll be extending our selections in the near future and keep updating the mannequin categories with new models, but for now you can choose out of the following:

Choose Your Favorite Style, Type & Shape

Discover More Mannequins

Considering that Zen Merchandiser is particularly focused on “The Art of Display”, we haven’t covered some specialty mannequins. Surprisingly, there are even more than the 40 categories we’ve selected above. There are also some mannequins that are made from more “exotic” materials such as natural wood or glass that are very expensive and usually custom made. If you’re looking to discover all the possible styles & types of mannequins, jump to our article below and you’ll come closer to being a mannequin connoisseur.

50+Types of Mannequins

» Types of Mannequins

As much as we love mannequins, we know that mannequins alone won’t solve all your apparel display needs. We’ve expanded our research into all apparel & clothing display solutions to bring you all the possible styles, types, materials & form factors of body forms, racks, hangers, wall mounting systems, slat-wall displays you can combine to bring your clothing store’s visual merchandising strategy to fruition. Between our curated series for mannequins, apparel displays, our curated display ideas galleries and our How To Display series, you’ll be able to create an effective and creative store layout that keeps customers engaged and spending more each time they visit.

Types of Apparel Display

» Types of Apparel Displays

We hope all the effort we put in this curation series helped you find the perfect mannequins and apparel display solutions for your needs. Don’t forget to check out other curated selections on Zen and visit Mannequin Mall – the #1 mannequin store online, with over 1,000 mannequin models to choose from!

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