Mannequins are one of the most diverse and varied manner of product display; they can be found in a myriad of styles, poses, designs, colors and so on and so forth. They vary from fancy and chic display mannequins to mannequins intended for scholar and professional purposes. They come in a wide range of body types and skin colors in order to create as much representation as possible. They can be stylish, fashionable and they can also be utilized for decorative purposes. Mannequins are undoubtedly one of the widest spread and customary way of displaying products so they should be present in any retail store.

They can feature the entire body or they can just be body parts. They are also made of multiple materials, from foam and Styrofoam to fancier materials such as silver and silicone. Some of them are also supported on metal stands or bars and they can be hung as well. They are ideal for the display of your products in the window case or they can be just as used in the store as means of decoration. Most mannequins are gorgeous and they offer a wonderful look that will attract everyone’s attention towards your items as well.

Some of them have a more abstract vibe while others are more retro and vintage-oriented. Given the huge variety, you will be able to find mannequins to fit all kinds of stores and environments. The mannequins intended for scholar purposes are also very useful and convenient to students for practice and they will definitely prove very efficient in their fields. Mannequins can be found pretty much in any store, displaying all sorts of products. They are incredibly diverse and they will not fail in presenting your items before your customers in an attractive and efficient manner. They are stylish, appealing and they are a true symbol for product display.

Types of Mannequins By Styles

#1 Abstract mannequins are an elegant and attractive kind of mannequins; they have graceful poses and they usually offer a simplistic yet chic and fashionable look. Abstract mannequins generally feature a full body design; they also come in numerous colors, but the most common shades are immaculate one and shiny black. They don’t usually have any facial characteristics; their neutral look also makes them perfect for any kind of environment without clashing with the decoration’s style.

They mainly feature tall and slim figures that strike expressive attitudes; they offer a special kind of style with their lithe and ephemeral like body. Abstract mannequins are a really elegant and charming type of mannequin that will definitely stand out anywhere that you place them.

They are intriguing, alluring and they provide a captivating and very appealing look and vibe to the product that they are meant to display; abstract mannequins are available in both female and male versions.

#2 African American mannequins are a type of mannequin that is darker skinned and it is meant to represent an accurate and correct representation of African Americans.

It is usually colored in various shades of brown, from light brown to darker shades in order to cover as many skin variations colors. Some African American mannequins also feature curly hair wigs for even more accuracy. This kind of mannequin comes in both female and male versions; they have interesting and striking poses as well.

The aim of African American mannequins is to provide more representation in any specialized department store and to therefore appeal to a larger population demographic. They can feature standing or sitting postures; they are also very elegant, graceful and they blend well with any kind of decoration. African American mannequins are the best way to include more representation in your shop and they will surely attract even more customers!

#3 Headless mannequins represent an efficient and more convenient type of mannequin. This kind of mannequin is more than perfect for stores or rooms with limited space, given that they do not feature a head; due to that, these mannequins also don’t feature any facial characteristics, therefore they are neutral and fit for all sorts of display. They obviously aren’t wearing make-up or any wigs as well. Headless mannequins come in both genders too; they feature all kinds of poses.

This type of mannequin is obviously more convenient and easier to handle thanks to their smaller height. Their most common colors are black, white, silver and other neutral shades. Those headless mannequins are highly useful and perfect for smaller shops or crowded window display cases. They are efficient and preferable to less spacious environments or for anyone looking for a more one of a kind and interesting manner of displaying their products.

#4 Realistic mannequins aim for a realistic, obviously, and more accurate representation of the human body. More often than not, they contain very detailed features with highly expressive faces, human-like poses; they generally wear wigs and also make-up.

They offer a more humane vibe to the products they intend to display. Their accuracy to the human body is so precise that they can be easily mistaken for actual people. Realistic mannequins come as well in both female and male versions.

Each detail is given the most careful attention so they resemble human features as much as possible. Realistic mannequins are fascinating and very attractive, so they will definitely catch everyone’s eye.

Characteristics such as skin color (the skin color also varies depending on your needs), texture, lines and shadows provide a very specific depiction of the human body, thus offering an exact and complete image of a real-life model as well.

#5 Mini mannequins stand for a miniature form of the normal sized mannequin. It offers the same accuracy and precise representation like any other regular sized mannequin but on a much smaller scale. Their sizes vary and, depending on your needs, you can find mannequins so small that they can be easily placed on any cabinet, desk, vanity and so on. This type of mannequin is undoubtedly perfect for more crowded window display cases or for stores with a limited space for display or storing.

They can bring about special kind of daintiness, chic and classy vibe; they are cute, adorable, and they make for lovely and entertaining items of decoration as well. This type of mannequin display is usually beautifully intricate and detailed with attractive metalwork, patterns, motifs and so on. They are appealing, dashing and unquestionable fashionable, so they are more than ideal for whatever you intend to display.

#6 Vintage mannequins are a gorgeous, one of a kind and attractive type of mannequins; they provide a beautiful and interesting design and they all feature fashion tendencies of their own time.

They are different from the nowadays modern style mannequins and they are just as suitable as items of decoration, given their unique and interesting aspect. They come in various poses and they are the perfect answer if you intend on going for a more retro and vintage look for your shop or home.

They also come in both male and female body types. Their more special design and look will definitely stand out in any crowd so they will be perfect for catching anyone customer’s, passer’s by or guest’s attention. They are lovely, beautifully crafted and designed and they will surely embellish any environment they are placed in. They are both ideal for the display of any product or simply as mere pieces of decoration.

Types of Mannequins By Audience

7# Child mannequins are a very common spread and useful type of mannequin; they come in multiple sizes, depending on the age intended to be displayed: those mannequins can look like babies, toddlers, kids or even teenagers and they can be obviously found in both genders as well.

They are very important and customary for most stores as they will display any product meant for children use easily and this way the parents will know how it would fit their own child. In addition to all that, children mannequins are even more convenient than adult-sized mannequins as they are naturally smaller and they will take up less space.

They are perfect for being displayed in any window case; they can present your products on their own or they can be part of beautiful and attractive family exhibition sets. Regardless of that, child mannequins are a definite must for any type of specialized store.

#8 Female mannequins are undoubtedly the most customary and typical figure whenever one thinks of a mannequin. They are present in any kind of shop and the industry would definitely not look the same without them. They are surely the most widespread and characteristic mannequins. They contain female bodies and features and they are ideal for all sorts of a display, items of jewelry, fashion and so on. They come in various interesting and attractive poses and also colors and sizes.

They can be used to attract the client’s attention and scattered throughout the entire store or placed in the store’s window display. The use of female mannequins is without a doubt a must for any self-respecting store; they exist in each store, regardless of what they are displaying. Female mannequins are definitely very elegant and they bring about a special and unique kind of grace, thus making them very attractive and appealing.

#9 Male mannequins may not have been as widespread as female mannequins before, but they’ve definitely become just as popular during our time. They are as indispensable as any other type of mannequin and their use has been extending more and more.

They are clearly just as important as female mannequins, for example. They can display any type of product intended for men’s use, from clothes to accessories, watches, hats and so on. They are imposing and they provide an impressive and gallant vibe wherever they are placed.

They can be used as a means of decorating your store as well. They come in multiple body types, shapes, sizes and colors in order to provide a more accurate and correct representation. Male mannequins are becoming increasingly popular and they should be definitely present in any store; they are striking and daunting and they will surely leave a long-lasting impression upon each one of your customers.

#10 Pregnant Mannequins are a special kind of mannequins that are clearly aimed at soon-to-be parents, namely, expecting mothers. Expecting mothers are always in need of new clothes, varying on their pregnancy period and pregnant mannequins certainly are the best and most accurate manner of displaying multiple items that are meant for pregnant women.

Throughout any pregnancy, women need to change various clothes sizes and with the help of pregnant mannequins, this task is going to be much easier. This type of mannequins shows soon to be mothers how the clothes or items they are displaying look on them during various stages of their pregnancy.

They aim to offer a precise and exact look of your products and they also come in multiple stages of pregnancy as well, that is, with bumps of various size and girth. They are undoubtedly necessary for any maternity store and they will prove to be very useful for both client and seller alike!

#11 Plus size mannequins a type of mannequin that is just as necessary and useful as normal sized mannequins. They naturally come in both female and male versions. They are meant to display products like items of clothing in a more accurate and precise way, thus allowing for a good look at your plus-sized products.

They intend to appeal to clients of all body sizes and therefore to provide more representation and to include each client of yours. Plus size mannequins are a perfect way to make people feel more comfortable with their bodies and to also help them catch a better glimpse at how your products are supposed to look on them as well, which is exactly what any other type of mannequin would do.  They are definitely very convenient and a must to have around your store; plus size mannequins are mannequins that are just as helpful as their normal-sized counterparts.

Types of Mannequins By Features

#12 Poseable mannequins are a unique and highly entertaining kind of mannequin. They have become increasingly more popular and it is completely understandable why: they offer interesting and attractive poses, they are easy to maneuver and they will naturally fit in plenty of tighter or more crowded spaces. Stores with a limited amount of space can benefit from the use of poseable mannequins as they are much easier to bend, move around or to accommodate them to your storing and display needs.

Poseable mannequins are meant to display all sorts of products in an innovative, one of a kind and more exciting manner. They will stand out in the crowd with their unique and impressive poses and they will surely make a great job at attracting customers’ interest. They are perfect for your window display case or for the decoration of your store and they will undoubtedly do a great job at displaying your items!

#13 Flexible mannequins are just as useful and entertaining as posable mannequins. They are not made of the same stiff material as the usual mannequins are made of, but of a much more flexible material, thus their name, that will allow them to be much more bendable and you will be able to use them with more ease in order to suit your needs. They are also able to fit in all sorts of heavily crowded cases.

They can provide striking and impressive poses due to their flexibility and they will surely prove to be very entertaining and fascinating. They are equipped with highly bendable knee, elbow, wrist, neck or shoulder joints that allows them to move and to be as pliable as they are. They can put on a really interesting and fascinating show while displaying all of your products in a totally unique and fun manner at the same time!

#14 Inflatable mannequins are an innovative and interesting new kind of mannequin. They are made of a special material that allows them to easily inflate and deflate at your own will. They provide a completely new and entertaining product display and they are surely going to catch everyone’s attention. Thanks to their inflatable nature, they will be much easier to store when you don’t need them or to move around as they are incredibly light and it requires no effort whatsoever to move them around the store.

Their unique texture and look will undoubtedly prove to be very attractive amongst your customers. Using inflatable mannequins is definitely going to bring about a vibe of authenticity and amusement in your store; they are just as useful and convenient as any other type of mannequin yet they are much more efficient when you need to move them or store them as a plus.

#15 Hanging mannequins are usually torso length mannequins without a head that have a hanger hooked onto the neck in order to hang them everywhere you need. Their limited height and weight make them ideal for crowded spaces or stores with a restrained amount of display space. The hook that is attached to their necks makes them much simpler to move, hang, arrange and so on than the other types of mannequins. Those hanging mannequins are highly efficient, time and space consuming as well.

They provide effortless and easy display and storing for all of your products. They obviously come in both female and male version. In addition to all this, you will be able to hang them everywhere around your store and thus create all sorts of interesting and one of a kind displays and exhibition sets! Your store will look truly unique and genuine with the help of those hanging mannequins.

#16 Hair mannequins, as their name goes, are generally head level mannequins or head, neck and shoulder mannequins that are meant to display all sorts of hairstyles, hair colors and so on. They are usually just heads and they are ideal for the display of beautiful and intricate hairstyles in your stores! You can also display any kind of head jewelry or accessories like hats as well!

They will beautifully decorate and embellish the environment of your store. They are perfect for being displayed in the window case of the store so that they will surely catch every passer’s by eye. The hairstyles vary from color, length hair, shape and each one of them is unique and gorgeous in their way. Hair mannequins are a great idea of bringing a new light into your store with the use of enticing and attractive mannequins with intricate and amazing hairstyles!

#17 Tabletop mannequins are a small-sized type of mannequin. As their name goes, they are perfectly suitable for displaying all sorts of products while being placed on any tabletop, dressing table, desk, vanity and so on and so forth. They usually feature the torso up until the neck and occasionally the head as well; tabletop mannequins are generally supported on stands made of beautifully carved wood, interesting metalwork or plastic material.

They can be found in diverse shapes, colors and style and they are wonderful pieces of interior decoration as well! They are ideal for stores with a limited space for display or for exhibiting smaller sized items of clothing or any other product. They are efficient, elegant and also space and time-saving. Tabletop mannequins are a lovely and attractive addition to any store and they will definitely embellish the environment with their beautiful and appealing designs!

#18 Muscular mannequins are mannequins with a more defined muscle mass. They are usually found in sports shop, gyms and other similar places. Their muscle features are much better outlined and they aim to present a much more accurate image of a muscular body type. Muscular mannequins are obviously intended to appeal for gym enthusiasts, body builders and so on.

They also come in both female and male version for more inclusion. They are either just torsos, full body types or headless mannequins. They have well defined arms muscle, chest muscle, leg and thigh muscle and so on.

Muscle mannequins shouldn’t be missing from any self respecting gym shop and they are very efficient and useful. They will display all sorts of your products in a correct and satisfying manner. Their aim is to provide a better and wider representation of all body types and to appeal to its intended public as well.

Types of Mannequins By Most Common Colors

#19 Black mannequins refer to completely pitch black mannequins; they are definitely the most known symbol of product display as they are the most spread color for mannequins. They are very elegant, stylish and classy. They are suitable for any kind of display and they will undoubtedly stand out and attract everyone’s attention. They can be either a glossy and shiny black or a beautiful and elegant matte black; either way, black mannequins are a true token of class, style and grace.

They are very appealing and attractive and they obviously come in both genders’ versions. They can feature entire body types, torsos, heads, and so on and so forth. Black mannequins are perfect for all kinds of environment, decoration and styles as they are a neutral color and they will not clash with your decorative designs. They are undoubtedly customary for any shop as they are the most common and utilized color for product display.

#20 White mannequins are a special and lovely type of mannequin. Their white color offers an immaculate and pure like vibe and they provide a special kind of grace and elegant wherever they are placed. They are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, models and body types. White is a beautifully pure and attractive color that will easily blend in any kind of environment.

It is appealing, graceful and chic. White mannequins are ideal for both modern and futuristic themed stores or for vintage and retro-themed shops. Just like any other type of mannequin, they are found in both female and male version.

Their fair color makes them stand out in any exhibition set and they will definitely catch every passer’s by or customer’s attention. They are a beautiful, attractive and aesthetically pleasing kind of mannequins and they will display your products in a delightful and charming way.

#21 Gold mannequins are a gorgeous and fabulous manner of displaying your products. Their rich color sheds a vibe of opulence and luxury and they will surely appeal to all high-end shops and high end customers. They provide splendor and lavishness and they will undoubtedly embellish any place that they are placed in. They are shiny and glimmering, a genuine token of richness and prosperity.

Any store looking for a more exquisite and beautiful way of presenting their items should go for gold mannequins as they are truly gorgeous, attractive and splendid. They also come in both female and male versions and in all sorts of body parts or just completely full body. They will surely stand out everywhere and attract anyone’s attention, thus making them very efficient and useful at displaying all sorts of products and clothing items. They are lovely, appealing and every client will totally appreciate their lush and sumptuous look!

#22 Chrome mannequins are a fancy and fabulous kind of display mannequin. They give off a chic and elegant vibe, they are shiny, elegant and dazzling. Chrome mannequins are not as popular or as common spread like black and white mannequins but they are just as beautiful and attractive. Naturally, they also come in versions for both female and male.

Their gorgeous, extravagant and one of a kind look will definitely prove to be very attractive amongst customers and they will catch everyone’s eye. They are also perfect if you intend to go for a more retro or even steampunk themed store!

Given that they are less popular, having chrome mannequins in your store is going to be something new, intriguing and innovative for your clients and they will definitely attract more attention and clientele! They are chic, stylish, exquisitely fabulous and they will decorate your shop in a unique manner!

Types of Mannequins By Pose

#23 Sexy Mannequins are meant for a charming and alluring manner of display in specialized shops. They usually are female but they can be found in male versions as well. Sexy mannequins obviously come in multiple enticing poses in order to display your products even more accurately. These are generally found in specifics stores only, such as adult stores, lingerie, underwear and swim wear shops as well.

They have beautiful forms, figures and their aim is to appeal to the customer while also presenting your products as efficiently as possible. They are attractive, appealing and they offer a certain allure and captivating vibe to the store’s environment. If you’re out of ideas when it comes to displaying your items in your stores, sexy mannequins will definitely prove to do a very satisfying and proficient job! They will immediately attract any customer’s attention while beautifully exhibiting all sorts of your products, from bathing suits to sexy lingerie!

#24 Sports Mannequins are a type of mannequin that is also usually found in specialized stores, such as sports store, gym shops or any store promoting outdoor activities. These sports mannequins are very useful as they aim to provide an accurate and correct display of the products of your store, how they should be worn, used, how they look and so on and so forth.

They are meant to rightfully display and exhibit sports equipment, sportswear and any other type of accessories that are intended for sports use.

They will prove to be very helpful and they will also offer a clear and precise idea of how the products, clothes, and items will look on your customers, thus being very attractive and convenient to have in your store. They can be found in both genders and in also various poses and body types as they aim to provide as precise a picture of your items as possible.

Types of Mannequins By Materials

#25 Wooden mannequins are, as their name goes, mannequins made out of wood. They are much more resilient and they bear a special one of a kind vibe as they are carefully and intricately carved out of wood. They are unique in their own way and they offer a much more sophisticated kind of grace and elegance. Most wooden mannequins are also equippe5refd with joints that make them even more useful, convenient and pliable. They are usually light colored and they also have beautiful and interesting wood patterns.

They can feature entire body types, hands, arms, arms and also miniature mannequins. Wooden mannequins are not as common as mannequins made of other materials, which makes them even more special and unique. They are lovely, aesthetic and they will embellish your store with their wonderful and attractive look while efficiently presenting all your items before your customers; they come in both genders as well.

#26 Fabric mannequins are lovely and intricately designed mannequins. They are covered in a beautiful and interesting fabric and they have multiple unique and attractive patterns and motifs. This kind of mannequins usually feature just the torso and they are supported by a beautiful and elegant stand or hanger.

They are truly graceful and they are more than perfect for stores going for a more chic, fashionable look or for high-end shops. They will catch everyone’s attention and they will prove to be very useful for displaying your products. They generally come in white or light colors, thus contrasting with the stand that is usually black.

They are very dainty and therefore very suitable for decorating your store in a beautiful and fashionable way. They are not as popular which makes them even more precious and valuable, making you’re the design of your shop look even more genuine and authentic.

#27 Glass mannequins stand for a type of mannequins that are completely made of glass. They are not as widespread and customary as mannequins made out of other materials, yet they are just as elegant and attractive. Given the nature of their material, glass mannequins are completely see-through, so they will offer a completely new and fascinating manner of display for your products!

They are the perfect way to present your items before your customers thank their one of a kind and innovative look. They can be found in both female and male versions as well. They are definitely the ideal way of attracting your clients’ attention and they will provide a new and interesting method of exhibiting your products in the store’s window display case or throughout the interior or the store as well. They are shiny, glossy, appealing and they will surely stand out everywhere you place them!

#28 Foam mannequins are by far one of the most common and widespread materials that mannequins are made of. They are the standard material for any mannequin and usually all retail stores make use of them. They are light and easy to carry around, affordable, and a symbol for display mannequins. Foam mannequins are the most likely mannequins to be found in any shop; they obviously come in both female and male versions.

They are comfortable easy to maneuver and very convenient when it comes to transporting them or items around your shop or even storing them. Given their widespread use, there are multiple sizes, shapes, colors and styles for foam mannequins. There’s a rather wide range from which you can choose in order to find the one that suits your needs best. Mannequins made out of foam material are undoubtedly very useful, convenient and handy to have in your store.

#29 Silicone mannequins stand for a type of mannequin which is made of a material that highly resembles human skin, thus offering a really accurate and human-like look to your mannequins. Silicone mannequins are ideal if you prefer a more similar look to human models when displaying your items.

Moreover, this way they will provide an even better look at the products they are displaying, given their close similarities to the human body. Silicone mannequins are an efficient and great manner of presenting all sorts of items, from jewelry to pieces of clothing to your customers.

They also come in both genders’ version for more representation as well. They are usually colored closely to the human skin color so you will be able to purchase them from light skin to darker and brown shades. Silicone mannequins aim to provide a clear and precise look of your items and to display them in an attractive way.

#30 Wax mannequins are the perfect and one of the most accurate methods of displaying the items of your store. They bear a great resemblance to human models which makes them ideal for displaying all sorts of products. Their features are as accurately represented as the famous wax museum in London. They provide a more clear and more precise look on how your items would lay out on real people, which makes them even more valuable and useful to have around the store.

They come in both female and male versions and their skin color usually resembles human skin color, from lighter to darker shades of skin types. If you intend on offering a correct and realistic look when displaying your items, then wax mannequins are undoubtedly a great choice; most of them wear wigs or makeup, which makes them even more human-like and therefore more attractive and appealing.

#31 Silver mannequins are a truly astonishing and fabulous kind of mannequins! Their glimmering and glossy look will make everyone notice them and help them stand out in any crowded display case, therefore making the exhibition of your items very much efficient. They are more unusual and less common spread than other types of mannequins yet they are undoubtedly much more one of a kind and they will appeal to everyone who sees them, thus making them a very smart acquisition.

Silver mannequins are gorgeous, exquisite and they shed a completely new kind of elegance and style anywhere they are placed. Their silvery color makes them look even more elegant and any product that is displayed on them is going to literally shine! Silver mannequins are by far the best and most attractive kind of mannequin if you intend to choose a more unconventional and unique look for your retail shop.

Types of Mannequins By Mannequins Parts

#32 Full body mannequins are mannequins that are completely equipped with all body parts. They feature anything from head – which occasionally features hair as well – to the feet. Those kinds of mannequins aim for a complete and thorough display of any sort of products. They can exhibit anything, pieces of jewelry, items of clothing, accessories and so on and so forth.

They are also very useful and they will come in handy whenever you need to display more products in the same place, therefore making them very time and space efficient. They are perfect for displaying your items in the window display case or anywhere around your retail shop. They will be able to accommodate any kind of product, even the heavier and larger ones. They also come in both genders and in multiple colors, shapes, heights and sizes. Full body mannequins are undoubtedly a must have for any retail store.

#33 Mannequin busts are a very customary and well-spread way of displaying all sorts of items. They are most fit for accessories, items of jewelry and many other products. They feature the head to the shoulders or just below the neck. They can be found in most retail shops and they come in both female and male mannequin busts.

They have a wide range of colors and styles, but they are usually white or colored in lighter shades. They are also perfect as simple items of decoration as any bust is sure going to shed an elegant and captivating vibe wherever it is placed. Busts are also very efficient when it comes to saving up space and time so they will prove to be helpful due to that aspect as well. They are beautiful, elegant and attractive and they definitely should not be missing from any self-respecting retail shop!

#34 Mannequin chests stand for mannequin body parts that go down from the neck to the lower chest. They are usually supported on metal or plastic stands of various sizes. Mannequin chests come in both female and male versions. This type of mannequin is very efficient and useful as it does not take too much space so it will be easier to transport, place, store and move around the store.

They can be found in plenty shade colors as well. Mannequin chests are much more suitable for smaller products such as items of jewelry (necklaces), accessories (like scarves, bow ties and ties) and many others. Thanks to their limited size, they will prove to be very convenient to have around the store, especially when you need to display your products in a more limited or crowded space like the window display case, so mannequin chests are going to come in very handy.

#35 Mannequin feet feature the foot from the ankle down to the toes. They are small sized, which makes them ideal if you want to save up space in your store. They are usually either flat feet or they are specially designed in order to accommodate high heels. There are both female mannequin feet and male mannequin feet.

They are made out of various materials such as foam, silicone and so on. They come in all shapes and obviously in plenty colors as well; they can be white, black or they can depict various skin colors.

Mannequin feet are preferable if you intend to exhibit smaller products such as foot jewelry, accessories or any other items of clothing such as socks and so on. Given the size of mannequin feet, they can be accommodated pretty much anywhere without a problem, in every store’s window case without occupying too much valuable space.

#36 Half body mannequins or half mannequins are mannequins that do not feature a head and they usually contain the neck to the lower thighs. They also don’t always feature arms or legs yet they can easily stand upright on their own without any other kind of support, though they can be supported on metal bars or stands as well. They come in both female and male versions and they can be found in plenty of colors and sizes. They are stylish, graceful and perfect for the display of your products in the store’s window case.

They will attract any passer’s by attention, thus proving to be very useful. They can also be used as fancy and unconventional items of decoration in your store as well. Half body mannequins are very popular in retail stores so they are more like a symbol for displaying products, therefore they shouldn’t be missing from any shop!

#37 Mannequin hands are items of display that feature the hand up to the wrist. The hands come vary in style, pose and size; they can feature beautiful and intriguing postures in order to exhibit your products in a more entertaining and unique manner. There are both male mannequin hands and female mannequin hands. They are fit for the display of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, accessories such as watches, cufflinks and even body paint for the fingers! They are graceful, lovely and appealing.

Thanks to their size, they can be accommodated anywhere in your store without taking up too much of your valuable space. Mannequins hands are a beautiful and fabulous manner of displaying your most elegant and fashionable items as they will definitely catch any customer’s attention. They can be placed around the store in order to provide a better and clearer look at your wonderful items as well.

#38 Mannequin legs are a chic and elegant manner of product display; they usually feature the leg from the upper thigh to the toes. There are both and female mannequin legs and they come in a wide range of color. Mannequin legs are intended for the display of leg garments such as stockings, socks, but they can be used for the of ankle bracelets or even kneecaps for sports enthusiasts.

Mannequin legs are a graceful and efficient method of presenting all sorts of your items without wasting too much space. They occupy only a limited amount of space which makes them very handy and convenient to have in your store. Moreover, mannequin legs can be found in plenty of entertaining and interesting poses, which is going to make them even more attractive for your customers. They are definitely ideal for the display of products in your shop’s window display case.

#39 Mannequin arms usually stand for arms from the shoulders to the fingers. Those are very attractive as they can feature all kinds of interesting and fascinating postures; some of them even have joints which makes them even more pliable and easy to maneuver. Mannequin arms are also very useful as they can stand on their own and they do not need additional support.

They come in both female and male versions and they will be found a plenty of colors, from black to white and other skin tones. Mannequins arms are undoubtedly best suited for the display of hand or arm jewelry, elbow caps, watches, or any other kind of accessories. They do not take up too much space which makes them very useful and handy whenever you need to display items in a more crowded or space limited window case. They are chic, fashionable and they will prove to be very efficient.

#40 Mannequin heads are human like heads down to the neck. They are generally supported on a metal or plastic stand and they are very convenient since they don’t occupy that much space, which makes them ideal for retail shops that have a limited display space. These mannequin heads come in a wide variety of colors, from pitch black to silver, white, chrome or human skin tones.

They usually have wigs or they wear make-up as well and some of them even feature real hair. Heads can be used for decorative purposes as well as they are very space efficient; you will be able to both display and decorate your stores with mannequin heads at ease. They are either made of foam or Styrofoam.

They will beautifully present hats, accessories such as sunglasses, make up products, items of jewelry and many other kinds of products. They are a must-have in every store as they are very useful in displaying your items in places with limited space or in overcrowded window cases.

#41 Mannequin torsos can be found as both female mannequin torsos and male mannequin torsos. They contain the neck to the upper thigh. Most of them are supported on a stand and there are also mannequin torsos that feature the head and shoulders as well. This type of display mannequin is widely spread and highly used by all retail shops; it comes in many colors and body types and some of them can even be attached arms or legs. They are usually made out of silicone, foam or styrofoam.

They are suitable for the display of all sorts of products and they are space efficient as well. They can be used to present your items in entire exhibition sets or they can stand on their own as well. Mannequin torsos are definitely a very popular and customary manner of product display and they surely should not be missing from any store.

Mannequin Types By Functionality

#42 Display/ Retail/ Fashion mannequins are probably the most popular and widespread type of mannequins. They are present in any store, regardless of their products, be it jewelry stores, sports shop, watch store, clothing shops and so on and so forth. Thanks to their extensive use, display, retail or fashion mannequins can be found in a huge variety of style, colors, shapes and body types. There is a rather wide range you can choose from when shopping for display mannequins.

They can feature a full body or just various body parts. They are convenient, useful and usually very light which makes them even easier to transport or move around the store. They are the most efficient method of product display and they can be used as decorative pieces as well. Display/ retail/ fashion mannequins are a true symbol for the retail department and they should be present in any self-respecting store!

#43 Dress forms mannequins refer to the mannequins or dummies that are utilized by tailors in fashion design. They are intended for professional use in order to help the fashion designers to create the perfect sizes and shapes for their items of clothing. Most of them have special additional features that are meant to make the tailors’ job easier.

They have various forms and shapes in order to fit the sewing and tailoring needs of every dressmaker. Dress forms mannequins are usually made of heavy duty and sturdy material that can withstand plenty of damage and wear without a problem. Some dress forms even have detachable arms or shoulders that will help the designers dress and undress it much easier. This type of display mannequin may be intended for professional use but they can be utilized as interesting, innovative and unconventional methods of product display in your retail shop just as well!

#44 Ghost Mannequins also refer to invisible mannequins or mannequin photography. This category of mannequins is a completely innovative and fascinating type of display mannequins; their ‘ghost’ like feature enables any retailer or photographer to arrange them in one of a kind and captivating postures and thus to display their items much more efficiently. Ghost mannequins offer a great way of exhibiting your products as they can be placed in the window display case in order to present the most important items before your customers without distracting them with mannequins.

They are made to highlight your products and to put on a show when presenting them to your clients or to any passerby. They come in both female and male versions and they even feature additional characteristics such as removable body parts (necks, legs, arms and so on) which will facilitate the display of your items even more! Ghosts mannequins provide an abstract, beautiful and definitely captivating manner of product display!

#45 Training mannequins stand for cosmetology mannequins or makeup mannequins, hair styling mannequins, mannequins intended for hair braiding or hair cutting. Training mannequins usually are just heads or heads and shoulders. Makeup mannequins are obviously intended for the display of various makeup styles or makeup products. Hairstyling mannequins also feature wigs that can be made out of real hair as well. They provide a beautiful display of the hair styling skills you intended to advertise.

Training mannequins are very useful and convenient for makeup or braiding practice and naturally for presenting such skills and styles. They are a wonderful and efficient method of presenting your products and skills and they also offer a lovely and gorgeous sight to behold. They are ideal for window display cases as they will definitely attract any passer’s by attention! They come in various skin tones and sizes in order for a more accurate display.

#46 Museum mannequins are display mannequins that are intended for a more didactic and scholarly use. They are meant to display various items of clothing, accessories and so on from other ages; they depict all sorts of past fashion styles, lifestyles and so on.

They can exhibit historical figures and important personalities throughout time, scenes from significant moments in history, war scenes, victories and many others. Their aim is to provide an accurate image for both scientific and historical means.

They are very useful in any museum as they offer a clear and more life-like image of our history, thus proving more entertaining and fascinating, especially for younger audiences. They are easy to maneuver, store and display and they come in all sorts of sizes, styles and shapes. There are also both female museum mannequins and male museum mannequins and they can be found in plenty of colors including multiple skin types as well.

#47 Military Mannequins or display mannequins for museums and uniforms collectors are also a type of mannequin that is used in a more didactic and professional way. It is intended for the display of military uniforms, items of accessories. There are more male military mannequins but female military mannequins can be found as well. They are usually bigger sized or sturdier built in order to withhold the weight of all military items.

They come in many colors and even in camouflage colors for a better and more accurate depiction of the use of military equipment. They can be used to display military products in specialized stores or for the portrayal of military reenactments in history museums. They are not as stylish or graceful as fancier display mannequins given their intended use but they are just as useful and efficient in providing the display and depiction of various military and historical themes.

#48 Drawing mannequins refer to smaller sized mannequins that have removable and flexible joints and limbs. They are generally made out of wood and they are supported by metal stands or bars. Most of them are small sized so they can be accommodated on any desk, vanity, table and so on. They are meant to help artists study the details of the human body and to facilitate their artwork.

It is both ideal for beginners and for more advanced artists, it offers a close and clear view of how joins and limbs work, how shadows fall upon the human body and basically provide an accurate look at the human body in multiple poses. There are usually more unisex drawing mannequins but female and male versions can be found as well. Drawing mannequins are a great help for artists but they can be used as beautiful and delicate pieces of decoration as well!

#49 Wig mannequins, or wig head or mannequin head for wigs, are either full body type mannequin with wigs, or simply mannequin heads or busts that are also equipped with wigs. The hair wig can be both natural human hair or synthetic hair.

They can feature wonderfully intricate and styilish hair styles of multiple lengths and hair colors. This kind of mannequins are ideal for beauty stores or hair dresser as they can be used as methods of advertising your products and your abilities!

Wig mannequins can also be utilized as gorgeous and unique ways of decorative items. They come in both female and male versions and there are also wig mannequins for children. They can be found in multiple colors and body types. Wig mannequins are ideal for practice when it comes to braiding hair and styling it so they shouldn’t be missing from any beauty of hair dresser store!

#50 Bedroom mannequins – that are intended decorative mannequins – are a beautiful and innovative way of decorating your environment! Bedroom mannequins are intended for people with a more artistic sense and who want to decorate their home in completely unique and unconventional ways! Given that their are intended for decorative purposes, bedroom mannequins come in a myriad of style, colors, shapes and sizes and also in both male and female versions.

They can be gorgeous and intricate works of metal, steel wire or they can be made out of fabric. Some of them portray lovely dresses or antique or vintage mannequins. You can purchase tabletop sized bedroom mannequins or you can go for the human-sized versions. They can be used as items of decoration in jewelry shops, accessory shops and so on as well. They are fabulous, fashionable and they will beautifully decorate both your home and your retail store.

#51 CPR mannequins are more simple yet definitely useful medical mannequins that are meant to act as human-like dummies for the practice and show of CPR procedures amongst first aid training programs or in med school. Those are not as fancy and stylish as display mannequins given as they are intended for scholar and practical purposes, but they are just as useful and handy.

They are usually either unisex or female or male versions. Their format is pretty standard, they mostly come in human-like skin tones. There are also full body CPR mannequins or just torso and heads and shoulders sized. Considering how their use is meant to help other people practice giving CPR, their mouth is usually gaping. They are definitely indispensable for med school students and nurses. They are also pliant, easy to transport and to carry and some of them also have detachable and flexible limbs.

#52 Dental mannequins are, as their name goes, meant to the use and practice of dental procedures. They are obviously used in the medical field and by soon to be dentists. In addition to that, they can be used as forms of display for dental braces or other kind of prosthetics in specialized stores. They are most useful when it comes to practising for students as they are affordable, easy to maneuver and to carry. They come in multiple shapes so they can fit all sorts of braces and prosthetics.

Dental mannequins stand for a much more efficient use and display of dental equipment and practice. They are also present in dentists’ offices so that the clients can also get a good look at various types of dental products as well. They are generally simple and unsophisticated yet they will prove to be very useful, convenient and helpful for any practising med student or even professional dentists!