When it comes to jewelry organizers, your choices in terms of style, type, shape and size are nearly unlimited! Jewelry organizers are some of the most useful jewelry fixtures since they act in three ways: depending on their design, they can complement window displays and display cases, they can store more jewelry items than other displays and, obviously, they help organize jewelry based on whatever criteria you choose.

With over 20 types of jewelry organizers at the moment, you’ll surely find the perfect one for your needs. We’ve put in the time to find the both the cheapest jewelry organizers and premium jewelry organizers so we can offer choices for everyone’s budget. Besides that, we’ve found some of the most creative and useful jewelry organizers on the web. But enough about that, let’s check them out:

Choose Your Favorite Style, Type & Shape

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Choosing The Right Jewelry Organizer

Before buying a jewelry organizers, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to keep jewelry in clear view or hidden?
  • Do you want to organize jewelry for display purposes or personal use?
  • How many jewelry items do you want to keep close at hand and how many do you want to store?
  • Do you have fine necklaces and bracelets and need to separate most of them to keep them untangled?
  • Do you want a one-solution-fits-all product such as a jewelry armoire or a combination of smaller holders, boxes & organizers?

Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s easier to choose the right jewelry organizers. Even so, jewelry storage and organization can be a big problem for some people, especially when all jewelry boxes are full, storage space is limited or even the room doesn’t allow for many organization possibilities.

That’s why we recommend taking a close look at all the possible jewelry organization products we’ve curated and going through our design gallery where you can find inspiration on how to organize & display your jewelry items effectively.

Discover More Jewelry Organizers

Even though jewelry organizers come in so many forms factors, they might still not be enough. Most times it’s best to combine various jewelry display & organization products to achieve a “Zen” level of organization and display. For example, one might want to use counter-top jewelry holders for various items that are used often, but store most other jewelry pieces in armoires, boxes etc.

As such, we invite you to read our guides on types of jewelry displays, organizers & more to figure out what products fit your needs best, and afterwards check out our curated series to find the best ones.

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Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays

Wait…there’s more!

We’re constantly looking for more creative jewelry display ideas, jewelry display fixtures and adding more jewelry displays to our store so you can make the most out of your precious items. Be sure to checkout our other website sections dedicated to jewelry merchandising:

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