The best jewelry display cases can be hard to find, depending on what needs you have in mind. There are hundreds of combinations of jewelry display cases, based on their color, material, shape, size, features, portability etc. Luckily, we’ve put in the time to classify them all and show you the best display case of each category.

From large, glass jewelry display cases and towers used in stores to display an impressive array of jewelry items and precious stones, to small, portable jewelry display cases used to transport your precious items, we’ve gathered the most creative, most useful, the cheapest and some premium jewelry display cases that will impress you and get the job done as well.

Scroll on down to discover our selections with 20 best jewelry display cases ranked and reviewed in each category:

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The Best Countertop Jewelry Display Cases
The Best Jewelry Tower Display Cases
The Best Jewelry Glass Display Cases
The Best Jewelry Display Pedestals
The Best Jewelry Shadow Boxes
The Best Earring Display Cases
The Best Bracelet Display Cases
The Best Watch Display Cases
The Best Necklace Display Cases
The Best Ring Display Cases
The Best Jewelry Carrying Cases
The Best Travel Jewelry Display Cases
The Best Portable Jewelry Display Cases

Choosing The Right Jewelry Display Case

Unfortunately, choosing the right jewelry display case is not an easy task, as they’re somewhat expensive display fixtures that take up most of your store’s space and you have to make the most out of them. In the end, it’s not enough to simply purchase the most beautiful & expensive cases, you also have to focus on building a concept or theme around the jewelry items you want to sell and that concept comes to life with the help of all visual merchandising details: lighting, display fixtures, placement & more.

Before you open up your wallet, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the display case you’re buying fit with the overall store theme / design?
  • What other displays are you mixing in (trays, holders, easels, organizers etc.)?
  • Is your existing lighting sufficient or do you need to buy lighted jewelry display cases?
  • Does the mix of display cases fit properly in your store’s layout or do you need a custom solution?
  • What security considerations do you have in mind? Do you want the most precious items locked or easily accessible?

Discover More Jewelry Display Cases

Even though we’ve covered all variations of jewelry display cases, it’s never a bad idea to read more about your options. We’ve written in-depth articles on the types of jewelry displays, cases, organizers, boxes etc. so you can figure out easily what kind of fixtures you’re going to mix and match to achieve the desired result.

Also, keep in mind that most times display cases are not enough to create effective jewelry displays, you’ll also require other display solutions like organizers, trays etc. Just like with display cases, we’ve covered all the possible display solutions and organized the best options you can buy online.

Styles & Types of Jewelry Display Cases
Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays

Wait…there’s more!

We’re constantly looking for more creative jewelry display ideas, jewelry display fixtures and adding more jewelry displays to our store so you can make the most out of your precious items. Be sure to checkout our other website sections dedicated to jewelry merchandising:

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