Submit Your Design To Zen Merchandiser

Opened a new store or maybe just went through a refresh / re-brand / redesign and you want to share? Created an interesting window display or you ended up using some creative visual merchandising techniques to showcase your products?

Well, we’re eager to see what you’ve been up to and our audience is always happy to take a look at creative content. With that in mind, we’re always available for your submissions. But first…

What kind of content can I submit?

Rule of thumb: if it’s related to retail and it’s visually appealing / creative = we’ll most likely publish it, so don’t hesitate to submit in case your design(s) don’t necessarily fit into the categories below. Our readers and viewers are always delighted by new:

  • Store & Storefront Designs

  • Creative Window Displays

  • Creative Concept Store Designs

  • Creative Signage, Lighting & Visual Merchandising Techniques

Can I submit commercial merchandising solutions?

If you want to promote various creative commercial solutions such as modular displays, shelving or pretty much anything that’s interesting, but relevant for most stores and visual merchandisers, we’re open towards your submissions. Just give us some details such as product availability and maybe even pricing so we don’t frustrate our audience with answers like “Ehm, we don’t know where you can get that, contact those people”.

How To Submit

While we plan on integrating a new workflow for submissions in the following months, for the moment all submissions and requests must be sent to george [at] or through the contact page.

If you require credit towards a specific website or page, just let us know and we’ll include the link as long as it’s safe. We know you care about your SEO.